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A story on...Haitian pirates in New York

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  • A story on...Haitian pirates in New York

    Stumbled across this PRI item yesterday:

    "For Haitian radio stations seeking a place on New York’s airwaves — the options are borrow or steal"

    There's a short text piece and a 15-minute audio clip, but it's probably worth it if you get Haitian pirates. It explains a bit of Haiti's radio culture, too.
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    The Reference Section features the HD Radio map, list of Article 90 reserved band clears, and more.

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    I didn't listen to the clip, but skimmed over the article.

    The article "in and of itself" (a favorite phrase in mainstream media) was totally biased. Seriously, can anybody tell me with a straight face that Haiti is better off post-1986? I didn't think so.

    As to pirate radio....Everybody overlooks the obvious problem with unregulated FM radio---possible interference to aircraft! About 15 years ago we had a pirate (I don't think that it was a Haitian one) that had to be raided, because air traffic was having issues. I would sure hate to be in a plane where an air traffic controller cannot communicate, and my plane go down in flames.

    Not only subcarriers (the article must mean SCA), but now there are HD2's, 3's, and 4's----not fun for the DXer, but legal nonetheless. Also one HUGE addition now:

    Internet radio.

    So there *are* options for the Haitian community; we have two fulltime AM stations serving them here....but of course AM is ignored now for the most part.

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