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Memorable Retro FM DX 1992 (2 parts)

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  • Memorable Retro FM DX 1992 (2 parts)

    Well it has been nearly 25 years since I received this, and I am not sure if I ever uploaded any of it; but those of you who were in WTFDA in 1992 may remember.

    (Part I)

    (Part II)


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    Do you know what the power and or height is for some of these? Was it from a yagi or the whip on the radio? Amazing catches from that distance!


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      I should have stated. Used Antennacraft FM6 (including ch 2 WKAQ) yagi, but indeed on the way home from work was Spanish on 88.1 on car radio....was thinking "PR? Naaaaaah!" but pointing the yagi toward PR, there it was!

      104.5 Nassau was strong that night as well. FM in Bahamas in 1992 was severely limited. Maybe one other station on FM in the whole country.

      Both PR's are 50,000 watts. No idea at that time the DR's. 100.3 Jamaica was 1 kW, others maybe 5 kW. Cuba 95.1 was no more than 1 kW then. 93.5 Cuba around 8 kW, strongest in all Cuba then.

      I lost a bit of sleep those nights.