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  • Hi, it is I

    Hello WTFDAers---

    I am Christopher Dunne in south Florida. After 15 years outta WTFDA, I decided to get back in the swing again.

    Mr. Bugaj helped me onto this site, and now time to pay the dues.

    Anyway, those who know/knew me from 15 years back know that I love being in a place where e-skip yields many different countries, and tropo can go to Cuba, Bahamas & beyond (actually my first positive Id'd Mexican FM was on tropo in 1991).

    Anyway, as a DXer, I am not in favor of IBOC at all, FM or AM. Bruce Elving modified a nice FM stereo unit for me in 1991, which I still use. But what good is it, when all the 1st adjacents are blocked?

    Also DTV. Thanks to that, my lovely ch 13 for tropo is gone now. Actually all I have for DX on VHF is channels 3 & 11 !! And 3 is used as DTV in Key West, altho' it is no bother here.

    So....most of my DXing now is on the road. I go to the Keys for Cuba TV reception, and Everglades City (on the way to Naples) for good e-skip on FM & TV. Haven't gone to either place since July or Aug 2006, but I have an itching to try again.

    I have WinTV now for DTV (FWIW), but it is also my source for video grabs. Thanks to WinTV, I made over 200 TV DX photos, past & present. Feel free to e-mail me to ask for some...when I have the time, I'll send some...I am at

    Looking fwd to the season.