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Amber Alerts & EAS - stupid!

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  • Amber Alerts & EAS - stupid!

    OK, I'm angry... and tired...

    It's clear & calm in Middle Tennessee, and I just had to unplug my weather radio.

    At 2:00am, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued an Amber Alert. A little girl was kidnapped in Cumberland County. Her description was broadcast by radio and TV stations statewide, sent to Tennessee's law enforcement agencies, and posted on lighted highway signs in the state's large cities.

    And, the Emergency Alert System was activated. Triggering weather radios statewide.

    I suppose the TBI wants me to be on the alert, to be ready to notify law enforcement if I see this girl.

    And what are the chances I'm going to see her? It's ***2:00 AM***. It's ***DARK***. For me to see this girl, her kidnappers are going to have to break into my home, bringing her with them. More than 100 miles from where she was kidnapped.

    I think you can safely assume that were that to happen, I'd call 911. It wouldn't be necessary to issue an Amber Alert to get me to do so! I don't demand much in life but I do demand a decent night's sleep - and not to be disturbed for an emergency I can do nothing about.

    When I wake up again later this morning, I'm going to have to reprogram my radio. I think I'll tell it I'm in Alaska. If the Alaska Bureau of Investigation issues an Amber Alert -- and my weather radio picks it up on 162MHz -- I'm very willing to be awakened!
    Doug Smith W9WI
    Pleasant View, TN EM66