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    Hi! My name is Lynn. I live with my husband in northern Virginia. I have always been fascinated by DXing- SW, AM, FM, TV

    SW- I have played with SW a few times. The first time, I didn't know what I was doing! The second time, I had just moved right near Reagan national airport, which really messed with things. I gave up! Two summers ago, I did a little more with SW before I got married and moved to our current place. I picked up Radio Croatia and Radio New Zealand.

    AM- I always knew AM radio could travel far. I DXed one time to keep me occupied when I was driving home around 10 pm. (On the Maryland side of DC) I picked up Bloomberg radio from NY and a West Virginia station. One and a half years later, on a long car ride, I DXed beginning on 695 in Towson, Maryland, during the early evening in November. I *remember* picking up Ohio, Missouri, and Toronto.

    I like to AM DX w/o any special equipment. In the house near Reagan airport, I picked up Ohio, Missouri, Harrisburg PA, Atlanta, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, and *maybe* Michigan. In hubby's car, a 1998 Buick, we have listened to Chicago WGN whilst driving south on I-95, northern Maryland section.

    TV- Never considered DXing with TV. When hubby and I were first married, we were using a plain antenna on our TV. One night in July, we picked up a station from Virginia Beach and one from Richmond. We were so impressed. (Both stations vanished the next day and never returned. Never had any successful DX after that.)

    FM- Also kind of happened upon it unintentionally. My dad and I once had a conversation about FM stations travelling decent sized distances. Well, one time I was driving to NJ from VA. I was on 295 (B-W Parkway), about to take the exit for 895. I remember picking up NJ 101.5 FM on the correct frequency! I was shocked and enthralled. A few days later, I was driving I-95 N in southern Maine at night. Picked up a Connecticut classic rock station. (I thought.... interesting....)

    GEM- (These are gems for me, maybe not really that fantastic.) In early Aug 2005, I was vacationing in Sydney, Nova Scotia. I had just seen a live band performance at the water front. I got in my car to head back to the hotel. I got the idea to DX on AM, as I was quite far from my usual DX location of northern VA. Well, I wasn't impressed at first. I remember hearing the station ID for "Virgin" radio. Thought it was nothing. Well, just a couple days ago, I finally realize that I had pulled in a station from London, UK. Again, I was only using a plain old radio that was installed in my 2004 VW.

    I have to DX on a budget. We have cable modem at home, so I can listen to soooo many stations online. I have a clock radio with one of those dangly wire antenas. We exposed a bit of the wire to a copper wire, then ran the copper wire across the window. DXed a bit, but got nothing. We are moving to Alexandria in July, so I'll focus on DXing then.

    I am looking for a portable radio for AM and FM DXing. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. If you could provide a link to the product, that would be awesome, too!

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    Welcome to the forums Lynn! I'm nearby; I live in Woodbridge, VA, and have been DXing for ten years. Check out my website linked below for my DX logs and other things! One of these days you might pick up an FM station from 1000 miles away. It happens very frequent in the summer! I had South Dakota and Iowa FM stations in last week. I have audio clips on my site of FM stations received here in VA from up to 1500 miles away.
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      DXing on a budget

      thanks for the welcome! I will def check out your webpage.

      Last night, I took the time to DX with my "budget" set up of the clock radio with the "dangly" antenna attached to copper wire.

      And it was quite successful, for a "budget" DX. Around 9:00PM, I started checking the AM dials. I had WRVA from Richmond, VA sounding quite good. I became impatient and tried for others. I got that Montreal station I've received before. It lasted for maybe 3 mintues. I continued to check the dial.

      1010 WINS NYC (very faint)
      WCBS NYC (even fainter, had to struggle to get the station ID)
      aprox 1110-ish, Charlotte, NC (faint, but heard an entire commercial re: 4th of July celebration, got the ID, checked location on internet)

      Weird thing on FM. Approx 7:55 PM, in between WBIG 100.3 and DC101 I picked up a PBS broadcast. I checked the TV, it was the same program as that on WETA ch. 26. "Underneath" the PBS broadcast was another PBS-sounding broadcast- discussing the late Beatrice Arthur and her show, Maude. What happened? Did I pick up WETA on the FM dial? (All of our NPR stations are low band, and WETA's radio *only* plays classical. Unless I missed something.) Any clues as to what station was "underneath"?


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        My guess is you were in a place where WETA's analog TV signal was very strong, and that your radio was picking up WETA's audio directly, even though it is not designed to receive UHF TV audio.

        WETA TV audio is (by the time you read this, WAS!) FM at 547.74 (Channel 26, minus offset).

        Your radio was likely tuned to about 100.99 Mhz.
        This put the local oscillator in your radio at 111.69 Mhz.
        The fifth harmonic of your local oscillator was 558.44 Mhz.
        This mixed with the audio signal of WETA at 547.74 Mhz.
        Which mixed in the mixer section of your receiver to 10.7 MHz, and carried through the IF chain to be detected and amplified just like an FM station (though not as loud, since analog TV audio has/had less deviation than FM radio)
        Comparing Sporadic-E skip to skip on the AM and shortwave bands is like comparing apples and oranges.

        Comparing tropo to skip is like comparing apples and bacon cheeseburgers.


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          Hello, Lynn, and welcome.

          I know WETA-FM airs the audio from NewsHour from 7 to 8PM nightly parallel to their TV broadcast. It could have been overload from WETA-FM itself, which has a very strong signal from its tower in Arlington. Here in DC, I get WAMU-FM all over the dial on cheaper radios.

          I can't explain the two broadcasts, though. Maybe it was All Things Considered on WAMU, which would be on at that time, and you picked it up via a similar overloading situation.

          On the subject of cheap radios and budget DX, check out the "ULR" section at -- these little radios are cheap and readily available, and are great at catching DX on AM. I've had a lot of fun with my Sony SRF-59 ($15!) even in noisy DC.


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            Okay, tonight, I did not pull in WETA ON 100.9. But there was a classical music station coming in. I have heard this station before, but no IDs. I thought we didn't have any classical music stations, except WETA 90.9 and the one from Baltimore, also in the low band.

            Turns out my alarm clock ain't a slouch! Tonight, around 9 pm, I pulled in 1010 WINS with a good signal. (Improving everyday!) Best was pulling in Toronto, ON. Pulled in the nostalgia station in the 700s somewhere. Never did that in this apartment!!!!

            Will check out the link you provided, thanks!


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              yay, new stations!

              Very good night for me and my little clock radio! AM DXing between 9:45- 10:00 pm EST.

              1. Station advertising Elizabethtown NationWide Office- PA station (checked with google)

              2. WJR Detroit "The Voice of the Great Lakes" very good reception, talked about traffic, weather, fire works celebration

              3. WLS Chicago

              4. Heard the call "KSY" for a second. Googled KSY am. Brought up a KSYL for Alexandria, LA and WKSY for Columbia City, Indiana. WKSY is FM, according to the site I used. Any ideas???

              5. Another puzzler- picked up a faint Canadian station. Knew they were Canadian b/c weather was given in Celsius. Managed to pull some letters- KMN. I googled KMN and got Rimouski, QC. It's gotta be QC! Although I would think they'd be broadcasting in French. Any other ideas???

              (Usual suspects of WINS, Montreal station, Philly stations)