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Recommendations for "sensitive" portable color TV?

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  • Recommendations for "sensitive" portable color TV?


    Well I seem to notice good as my DX has been, I think my TV could be better, for some reason. I could be wrong....

    Yesterday, was getting ch 6 Global in Canada on 87.7 on my JVC receiver (Sony being too selective), while trying to view ch 6 at the same time (separate TV & FM antennas).....the 87.7 was fairly crisp, but ch 6 was practically all snow.

    Is there a portable color TV to recommend that can remedy this? Somehow ch 6 is the pitz!! Outside of a few 6's I snapped from Everglades City 2 years ago, I cannot seem to grab anything lately.

    Even a used one if I could snap one up on eBay may help. Otherwise, my Funai will have to do on trips. (Now that there's electricity at my new hideout, any TV oughta do!)