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OT: Identifying instrumentals

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  • OT: Identifying instrumentals


    Internet has everything one can think of.....except one thing that I am trying to get help on.

    Does anyone know a site, or a person, that can identify songs NOT by lyrics, but by melody alone? I know at least 3 songs buzzing in my head, that I'd like to know the titles of, but I believe that they were only known as instrumentals.

    I once knew a guy in Canada who helped me with one song, but for some reason we went our separate ways.

    Also, the website , of which I registered, really isn't any help for me at all. Many members are possibly in their teens or 20s, and at least 2 of the songs must be over 40 years old. In fact, one of them I don't think I have heard since 1970 or so, but radio used to play it. Another I only hear on Spanish stations.

    Can anybody help me on this? PM me please....


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    helping with songs

    Hi Chris:

    If you haven't discovered the titles of those songs yet, you might get help from any number of radio people. We have ridiculous amounts of songs rolling around in our heads from years of playing them.

    There are three or four of us at work who would love to take a try at those melodies in your head! And as a Bert Kaempfert fan, I say, "Bring on the instrumentals!"



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      Funny---as you are a Kampfaert fan, until last Christmas, there were actually *4* songs in my head. One was identified, thanx to reading another board. It was for me an unID Christmas tune that one never hears anymore. Turned out to be "Jingo Jango" by Kampfaert!