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  • ATSC-M/H Standard

    I am wondering what plans people here have for any devices in the future that will use the forthcoming ATSC-M/H standard. I miss being able to listen to NTSC audio on an Auto Talk converter n my pick-up truck. I think it will be pretty neat to be able to watch or even just be able to listen to digital TV on a laptop/netbook computer, portable DVD player, GPS, or PMP (portable media player). I know that there has been discussion of cell phones/smart phones having this capability, but I am more interested in the other devices having ATSC-M/H. Does anybody have any idea on what the likely range will be on these devices? Many of us have some idea on what the range is now with current ATSC, but in many cases we are using directional antennas. In the mobile environment it well may be different. I suspect that we will see prototype devices at CES 2010. I have read a few things about the testing being conducted in some cities, but I haven't been able to get any great detail.

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    I am not savvy at all on this.....

    An older brother of mine recently asked me if there will be a battery-powered device that will again carry TV audio post-DTV-conversion, so he can listen to his favorite shows at work (ostensibly)

    Any updates on such gadgets would be appreciated. I, as a DXer, won't miss analog from my location, a gateway to Latin America....but.....I certainly understand our predicament, should a hurricane or other disaster strike, and wipe out electricity. I believe our radio stations here have vowed to take up that slack, should something come.

    One such AM station is bragging how they will be reliable in such an emergency....trouble is, they were off the air A LOT during one of the last storms.