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Vicious Birmingham country stations

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  • Vicious Birmingham country stations

    Although not directly related to DXing, I thought this might be interesting/humorous!

    With the widespread tropo in the mid-South this week, I was able to log nearly all major stations in Birmingham, 3 of which are engaged in a heated battle.

    Clear Channel's WDXB "102.5 The Bull" seems to be the most aggressive, who is frequently calling out Cox-owned WZZK by name with a gimmick attaching money to "who plays the most music".

    WZZK appears to be the highest rated of the three, and I didn't hear any attacks from them. But Cox apparently owns another country station in the market (small signal, fairly low ratings) - WNCB "New Country 97.3", who was not called out, but is attacking WDXB regardless, perhaps in defense of co-owned WZZK? Quite peculiar, apparently Cox wanted to use the little station to defend/nip at the heels of WDXB.
    Bryce Foster - K4NBF (formerly KG6VSW)
    Hermitage, TN EM66

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    Sony XDR-F1HD

    Innovanntenna 10 Element FM beam (primary) @35 ft
    Winegard HD-6065 (phase) @25 ft with Bolin Phase Box
    Tennadyne T2 V/UHF log periodic @ 30 ft

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    what a bunch of bull
    Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17