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  • In need of some serious help

    I ma having a bigtime issue with OTA here in SE PA Brookhaven,PA. I am having the issue with some cable taps out back of my house one in which is in my back yard and one that is in my nextdoor neighbors yard where both cable taps are leaking signal Analog Signal. Does anyone have any contacts that work in Comcast so that I can get this resolved and repaired? This is greatly effecting my DX'ing as i am being flooded hard-core with too-much signal to my antenna. Litterally its been getting worse and worse as to where i am picking up analog signals from the taps that are showing up on the Analog cable channel and showing clearer and clearer everyday the leaves are falling out of the tree's about 2 weeks ago it was very weak now its clear enough on channel 2 and 3 that i am able to get a picture and also sound, and channel 2 sorta shows some color.

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    Call the local cable company and Im sure they will take care of it.

    Analog leekage is usually a sign of faulty or failing equipment, which should be fixed anyways. It could also mean that somebody has been or is trying to steal cable. If it really is leaking that bad the customers using those lines are probably getting a bad signal which may be causing them trouble. It could be old RG59 lines with inadequate insulation. If Comcast is anything like Time Warner they will fix the leaky equipment at no charge. Being out in the country the cable runs a long ways from the pole to my house. Time Warner replaced the whole underground length with RG11, the good stuff, for free. Of course their monthly bills are $$$ so...
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