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Why Would They Let Both These Stations Use 104.3?

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  • Why Would They Let Both These Stations Use 104.3?

    This one has got me stumped. WFRG predates CFFX, and being a 100kw station roughly 50 miles away it came in pretty good, even inside. But then in 2008 CFFX signed on at 8kw which is also about 50 miles away. Now 104.3 is a mess and neither station comes in that good but oddly its usually CFFX that comes in better. This is because CFFX is more line-of-sight than WFRG is which is edge propagated according to sites Ive looked on for my location. Before 2008, WFRG came in no problem.

    I always wondered, why did the CRTC let CFFX sign on at 104.3 FM. They usually are in touch with the FCC, so why would they let a station sign on transmitting 90 miles from a 100kw station on the same freq? In a pretty rural area, you think they could have chosen a better frequency.

    I dont care about these stations, since i never really listen to them. But it seems that the FCC and CRTC should be trying to eliminate interference. I have WFRY that is basically a clone of WFRG.

    Heres a map of what Im talking about. This map underestimates the real distances these signals travel. It merely displays ideal reception.
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