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  • Chicago stations off

    A number of Chicago stations are off the air after heavy rains flooded the basement of the Willis (Sears) Tower. The stations' transmitting equipment is fine -- but the electrical substation is in the basement -- and there is no electricity in the building.

    At this time the websites of WBBM-2 and WTTW-11 confirm the stations are off the air. (and have been since early Monday morning!) RabbitEars is reporting additional stations off:
    • WYCC-20 (shares on WTTW transmitter)
    • WCPX-38
    • WJYS-62
      • and low-powers:
    • WRJK-22
    • WWME-23
    • WEDE-34
    • WESV-40
    • WMEU-48
    I would imagine many Chicago DXers had fond (and unfulfilled) analog-era dreams of Channel 2 being off for four days at the peak of skip season

    There are also numerous FM stations up there but most have backup transmitters on the John Hancock Center and are presumably still on the air. The exceptions, best I can tell:
    • WFMT-98.7
    • W236CF-95.1 (// WLEY-107.9 HD2)
    • W264BF-100.7 (// WHLP-89.9 Indiana)
    Doug Smith W9WI
    Pleasant View, TN EM66