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What was the farthest analog TV station you were able receive on a daily basis ?

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  • What was the farthest analog TV station you were able receive on a daily basis ?

    What was the farthest TV station you were able receive on a daily basis during the analog era? How far was it? What kind of set up did you have? Thanks

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    I could consistently catch WQXI/WXIA-11 Atlanta daily. This was back in the 70s, 45' tower, Channel Master 3617. It was a bit over 200 miles. It was usually very snowy, with audio fading in and out, but the video was almost always in. My location was not conducive to good reception. In fact, we called it "the crack in the earth". But that station was a given. Ah, the good ole days, before digital "all or nothing" reception, and the dreaded HOAs...


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      I guess that depends on one's definition of "regular basis" but probably WPSD-6 Paducah at about 150 miles. (large unID all-channel antenna at about 15 feet)

      I did better on FM, until a powerful translator occupied my open channel 94.9. SP9 at eight feet. Sitting on the channel during the summer, Pine Bluff, Arkansas would be in about a third of the time at 320 miles. On hot, calm evenings sitting on that channel would deliver either Kansas City, Des Moines, or the station back home in Madison (Baraboo) within a few minutes. All three on the order of 400 miles. With no propagation whatsoever, Mt. Carmel Illinois would be in at about 150.
      Doug Smith W9WI
      Pleasant View, TN EM66


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        In the NTSC era, I always received WTWS-26 (later WHPX) from New London at about 60 miles away. It helps to have a shoreline path from my QTH in Fairfield. I got it in clear as a bell with my Channel Master Crossfire 3679. It's been on my roof for 20 years. Unfortunately, it got whacked in a storm this spring, so I've decided to replace it before winter comes. It was a great antenna.


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          Analog WAVE 3 from Louisville KY had phenomenal coverage. I used to pick them up on a portable TV with just a whip antenna with a reliable Grade B signal. (Dozen car miles from Cinci). After the digital switch, not a peep of them at all :-(