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Issues with my website -- hopefully solved...

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  • Issues with my website -- hopefully solved...

    TL;DR: hopefully by mid-week next week will reliably list everything it should...

    I've heard from a couple of people who've noticed my website is only listing Canadian stations right now, both FM and TV...

    My Internet connection had been getting gradually worse. It worked pretty well when it worked, but every minute or so download speeds would drop to dialup levels or less, or stop altogether. When attempting to download tables from the FCC's CDBS or LMS databases, this would cause the Commission's server to conclude I'd gone away, and close the connection. And if it's closed from the other end, the client software refuses to restart the download from the last received byte. (it starts over from the beginning -- then the connection dies -- then the other end closes the connection -- and you start over again...) Canada was working because the files are a LOT smaller and they're more likely to transfer before the connection goes away.

    I moved a little over a year ago. The Internet modem is upstairs in my girlfriend's den -- my computer is downstairs in mine. Her Internet works great, both via direct connection and via WiFi. My phone & tablet also work fine over WiFi. But my desktop machine doesn't have builtin WiFi. I bought a little IOGear unit through Amazon. It worked pretty well in the beginning but got rather hot. And as the year went on... it got less and less reliable. I finally figured out what the issue was when I realized the same transfer that was running at a few bytes per second on the desktop would run at a few megabytes per second on the tablet.

    So I bought a TPLink "travel router". It's designed to make reliable wifi from a hardwired Ethernet connection in a hotel. But by going into the configuration you can make it work the other way -- turning reliable WiFi into a hardwired connection.

    So far it's working beautifully. I reran the FCC download process this morning, and cannot remember the last time I've seen it finish this quickly. (might have been before I moved...) We'll see if it stays that way, but so far it's promising.

    And if it holds out for two weeks... I'll be buying another one. I have a HD HomeRun in the attic, feeding TV from the antenna up there to TV sets and other devices throughout the house. It's also connected to a way-too-hot IOGear unit -- and it too occasionally goes stupid. Hopefully another travel router will get the HDHR behaving as well. (and maybe let me restart the autoscanner...)

    These things are a whole lot cheaper than hiring an electrician to pull a bunch of CAT6 cable...
    Doug Smith W9WI
    Pleasant View, TN EM66

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    Well, they aren't resolved -- and it looks like I'm going to need to find a different hosting solution.

    Why? Because Comcast

    It seems they've configured our modem to block I have current files on my computer, but when the FTP process kicks in to upload them... it says doesn't exist. Try to access the site with my phone on WiFi -- doesn't exist. Turn off the WiFi so the phone uses Verizon instead of Comcast -- exists. But you can't upload a couple of hundred files with a cellphone.

    Could Comcast fix it? I don't expect to live that long... the Internet connection is in my roommate's name, and she uses it extensively for her photography work. It isn't blocking anything she uses. She's not going to tolerate me risking her connection for "some radio thing". (and you know Comcast's record about breaking item B when you ask them to fix item A)

    Anyway, looks like I'm going to have to take the site down next week & put up a static "stand by" message until/unless I can find some way to host it on a different domain.
    Doug Smith W9WI
    Pleasant View, TN EM66


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      You said it all in one word - Comcast. Understood.



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        Just letting you know, your website's domain has expired as of 11/15/21. I'm unsure of what your plans for the site are but if needed, I'd be more than willing to take over the hosting of the site on my own servers for the future.