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    There does not seem to be any more appropriate category on this forum unless it`s in the members-only area and I do not need this to be restricted -- Glenn

    ** OKLAHOMA. We enjoy lunching occasionally at Enid`s best Chinese
    fast-food, Jiang Yuan, but have to forego listening to KOSU on our
    portables, since it`s on the north side of a strip mall, apparently
    inside a Faraday cage with very little FM reception possible.
    Nevertheless on July 17 circa 1830 UT I tuned around to see what I
    could get, like maybe Kansas stations to the north, and was surprised
    to find on 89.1, instead of KMUW, CNN audio! And then three more cable
    channel audios with plenty of commercials in the non-comm band: 88.1
    Cartoon Net (? from the sound of it), 88.5 Fox News, 89.7 TLC
    (fighting some signal from semi-local KJTH 100 kW from ``Ponca
    City``). Jiang Yuan also has a TV screen in the corner, maybe from a
    satellite service, and suspect this includes various audio feeds on
    the FM band for some reason (I didn`t search further up past 94 MHz,
    but no others noted below there.) I could still hear CNN etc., outside
    the restaurant for a couple stores down the line, and doubt a caradio
    RF setup would be sending on more than one frequency. I know, these
    are unDXable by anyone further from Jiang Yuan than that, but I wonder
    if others with satellite TV also get TV channel audio radiating on the
    FM band as a bonus? We`ll see if this is repeatable on our next visit
    to Jiang Yuan, which means what? Google translate is confused.

    Re my getting four cable TV channel audios on the FM band while at
    Jiang Yuan restaurant in Enid, Steve Luce, Houston TX replies:

    ``Glenn, regarding your reception of TV audio in the FM band at a
    shopping center: Is there some sort of fitness club nearby? Many such
    places have multiple TV's in the exercise area for members to watch
    while working out. Rather than a cacophony of multiple audio sources
    coming from many speakers, each TV is connected to a Part 15 FM
    transmitter (on a unique frequency) so members can listen through
    headphones/ear buds on their personal FM receivers such as an iPod
    Nano. I've heard such transmissions while in a parking lot near a
    fitness place, and have read reports of others with the same
    experience. Other businesses with multiple TV's might do the same

    By George, Steve, I think you`ve got it. JY is at 2201 W. Willow and
    there is a Finer Physiques at 2305 W. Willow, really in the same
    continuous strip mall despite the 104 difference in numbering. Such a
    setup probably means not necessarily the same cable audio would stay
    on the same frequencies, depending on desires of the exercisers (Glenn

    ** OKLAHOMA. July 24 circa 2000 UT I pay another visit to the strip
    mall in Enid with the Jiang Yuan restaurant where I was hearing cable
    TV channel audio on the FM band. In fact, right next door to it is:
    Finer Physiques, a gym (the address numbers are all wrong in the
    directory), so I tune around on the G8 just outside the front door.
    This time I pick up: KWTV on both 88.1 and 89.1 with traffic accident
    report in OKC; Fox News on both 88.3 and 88.5, since someone addressed
    a `Shepard` (I am dimly aware they employ such an anchor as I never
    watch it intentionally, just as put-down clips on MSNBC or Comedy
    Central); and unID on 89.7 with QRM from the real FM station. So just
    as Steve Luce suggested, individual clients while exercising are
    listening to whatever channel they want on their mobile devices via
    part 15 FM transmitters, even happening to double up, and no CNN fans
    at the moment (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    ** OKLAHOMA. RF 31 & 32, August 4 at 1450 UT, I find that KXOK-LD
    Enid, ``TVOK`` audio modulation has miraculously appeared via both my
    Zenith set-top-box DTV converters. I have not rescanned or done
    anything to get the sound back; I did mention this problem to the
    contract engineer in charge a couple weeks ago, who then assured me
    the sound was OK, but he may have made some transmission change now to
    get it back to me. Wait --- recheck at 1604 UT, sound is gone again
    except for some hum, variable! Maybe working on it?

    Still *nothing* but the same few infomercials for exercising, comedy
    roasts; and still nothing but silent color bars on 31.2 and 31.3 altho
    labeled M-FOX and Azteca. Contract for those expired with change of
    ownership. What a sorry excuse for a TV station (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

    ** OKLAHOMA. Checking out the off-and-on audio of `TV-OK`, KXOK-LD, RF 31 and 32 in Enid, morning of August 6, I find it`s coming thru on left channel only. No, it`s not my patch cords from the DTV converter to the VCR to the monitor; checked those and reversed them, still left only. It had occurred to me that the lack of any audio for months might have been due to out-of-phase stereo channels somewhere along the line, like in the transmission if not my reception, but unseems the case; besides, when that happens with radio stations, you still hear some audio trying to break thru.

    Which raises the question about DTV standards and stereo audio: are all channels automatically bi-channeled, whether they provide true stereo separation from the input outset, or not? There is no stereo `pilot` to be seen. Or can they transmit in true single-channel mono if preferred (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    ** OKLAHOMA. KOSU, the split-personality Hyde-&-Jekyll outlet, once a proud public radio station, now tries so hard to be hip, with:
    I admit to being partial to the smart part.

    Deal with The Spy a biyear ago led to Classical music being banned from the main signal as a result, but demoted to HD2 (I think). On I can`t find anything about their IBOC, but there is a link to Classical 24,
    This is still branded as KOSU, automatically IDing at 1602 UT Aug 12 (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


    KWTV-39 OKC featured on the 10 pm news July 28 this story about its
    tower about to be dismantled (not demolished). But they never say
    *why* they no longer use it. Presumably a shorter tower has been up
    for some time and thought sufficient, altho DTV coverage ought to
    benefit as much if not more than analog from extreme height.

    With video and corresponding audio:


    Posted: Jul 29, 2014 2:49 AM GST Updated: Jul 29, 2014 2:49 AM GST
    By Kelly Ogle, News 9 - bio | email

    The tower stands at more than 1,572 feet tall, around 300 feet higher
    than the Empire State Building, making it at one time the world's
    tallest manmade structure.

    By the fall of 1954, we reached the widest coverage of any station in
    the southwest with the view from the top reaching a 60-mile horizon.

    OKLAHOMA CITY - Many people may not know, or if they did, have since
    forgotten, but the broadcast tower at KWTV News 9 once held a pretty
    impressive world record.

    When Channel 9 first signed on the air in December of 1953, it
    transmitted from a short temporary tower in northeast Oklahoma City.

    "We were using a tower that belonged to KOMA Radio," said former KWTV
    General Manager, Jack DeLier. DeLier said not for long though, as
    owner John Griffin had bigger plans. "The higher the tower, the more
    viewers we got," DeLier said. So up they went, and so did I, to see
    firsthand just how massive the tower is.

    The tower stands at more than 1,572 feet tall, around 300 feet higher
    than the Empire State Building, making it at one time the world's
    tallest manmade structure. So tall In fact, Griffin decided against
    the call letters KOMA and instead chose KWTV, standing for “world's
    tallest video”.

    By the fall of 1954, we reached the widest coverage of any station in
    the southwest with the view from the top reaching a 60-mile horizon.

    "It was real big deal," DeLier said. "We had a grand dedication,
    Johnny Carson was the master of ceremonies, and Vera Ellen who was a
    film actress and dancer at that time, climbed up on the elevator to
    the 1,300 foot level and danced on the platform."

    The tower cost $650,000 to build back then, that would be just over
    $3M today. And here are some other facts worth noting: 100,000 pounds
    of bolts were used in constructing the tower with an overall weight of
    one million pounds, 28,690 feet of cable was used, 770 gallons of
    paint is needed for just one coat and 14,400 watts of power is needed
    to light it up. It also has a one man electric elevator for workers to
    use for antenna and tower maintenance.

    "It was kind of overly designed," said Jack Mills, KWTV's Director of
    Engineering. "They never built a structure that tall before and so
    they had to come up with unique measures of doing it."

    And at that time, unique programming. The network didn't sign on each
    day until 6:30 p.m., so stations were tasked with filling the
    airwaves, mostly with syndicated and local programs.

    "Lola Hall was the first weather girl," DeLier recalls. "We had a
    local live show on Saturday morning called Miss Fran from Storyland.
    Gaylon Stacy came on later, he had an afternoon show.

    From black and white to now high definition, the tower has served us
    well, but now it's time for it to come down. Mills is now tasked with
    taking down this iconic structure.

    "The process will be basically a reverse process of installation,"
    Mills said. "They'll put a gym pull on the tower which will be a small
    section of tower that they can dismantle pieces and lower it down. I
    feel privileged to take down the tower."

    And I feel privileged to be one of the last people to travel up this
    towering piece of broadcast and Oklahoma history before it's laid to

    Now, this doesn't mean News 9 is going off the air. The TV business
    has changed and we simply don't use the tower anymore. That’s why we
    are having the KWTV tower taken down. We've hired a company that
    specializes in removing broadcast towers to come in and take it down
    piece by piece this fall. Once it's down, a scrap metal company will
    take it to be recycled (via Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

    But they never explain *why* they no longer use it; maybe on a shorter
    tower now considered sufficient, altho with DTV, height is still very
    important (Glenn Hauser, WTFDA via DXLD)

    They're actually a bit higher on a different (but VERY close) tower.
    It's shared with a number of other stations including:

    KETA-13 [13]
    KFOR-4 [27]
    KOCM-46 [46]
    KOPX-62 [50]
    KSBI-52 [23]
    KXOC-LP 41

    and FM stations on 94.7, 96.1, 101.9, and 102.7, a translator on 90.5,
    and an application for another translator on 98.5.

    KETA is listed as moving from the tower that's being dismantled. They
    don't have a license to cover yet, but if the licensed tower will no
    longer exist in a few days I suppose they must be using the new one
    under program test authority! == (Doug Smith W9WI, Pleasant View, TN
    EM66, WORLD OF RADIO 1732, ibid.)

    > They'll put a *??gym pull* on the tower ?" I believe that should be
    "gin pole" oops! (Wally Bloss - the G Mail Account, A Human, ibid.)

    August 5, 2014, by KFOR-TV, Updated at 11:37am, August 6, 2014

    KFOR NewsChannel 4 & KAUT Freedom 43 TV are pleased to announce plans
    to break ground on the construction of a new, state-of-the-art
    weather, news and digital information center in Oklahoma City,
    Oklahoma. The announcement was made during a staff appreciation
    luncheon Tuesday afternoon at the KFOR studios. Ground breaking and
    construction is tentatively set for January 2015.

    “This is a direct response to the new demands of our viewers and
    online readers. Our goal is to design the new KFOR-TV/KAUT-TV
    headquarters with an eye to the future.

    It’s about a culture of innovation to make this a great place to work
    and to serve this wonderful community in the digital age,” said Wes
    Milbourn, President and General Manager of KFOR NewsChannel 4 and KAUT
    Freedom 43 TV.

    The announcement comes as KFOR, Oklahoma’s first television station,
    celebrates its 65th anniversary. The current building has served the
    community for most of that time and has a proud history. KFOR
    (formerly WKY, KTVY) was the first station in the country to broadcast
    a tornado warning and the first color station in Oklahoma. The legacy
    of ‘firsts’ will continue as the station plans the most advanced
    information center in the state.

    Click here for a look at the 65th anniversary of this legacy station.

    “The new 4 Warn Storm Center will be designed from the ground up and
    stand as the centerpiece of the entire news operation. We’ll have the
    newest technology and the studios will be constructed utilizing the
    highest safety standards to withstand extreme severe weather so our
    team can deliver life-saving information on all digital platforms,
    without interruption, ” said Carlton Houston, News Director of KFOR
    NewsChannel 4 and KAUT Freedom 43 TV.

    The size and scope of the project are still in the early planning
    stages. The next steps include architectural design and surveyors who
    will be visiting the KFOR/KAUT 10-acre property at 444 E. Britton Road
    in the coming days.

    KFOR NewsChannel 4/ KAUT Freedom 43 are owned by Tribune Media. It is
    one of the country’s leading multimedia companies, operating
    businesses in broadcasting, publishing, and interactive. The company
    owns or operates 42 television stations, WGN America on national
    cable, the national multicast networks Antenna TV and THIS TV, Tribune
    Studios and Chicago’s WGN-AM.

    [including gallery of 11 images, 2:26 video] (via DXLD)

    ** U S A. I have a bone to pick with certain documentaries shown on PBS, such as POV --- I`m trying to watch the one about a Sichuan earthquake; besides convenient time-shifting, when a show is in a foreign language with captions, I always try to tape it as I may need to back up or freeze-frame to read the captions. Otherwise, undivided attention is required with eyes constantly on the screen. But this one turns out to have captions so tiny that I cannot or can barely make them out! Don`t the docu producers realize that many will be attempting to watch on a small TV screen? Furthermore, closed-captioning in the usual font makes no attempt to reproduce the English version legibly. Freeze-framing further reduces the resolution. If they were legible, it would still be a challenge to read them at the speed they flash by. Besides the tiny font, legibility is further hindered by the constantly shifting background --- if it`s dark, the lite letters are more legible; there is no black background along with the open captions. Not everyone has a huge HD TV on the wall! Furthermore, the constant OETA bug in the corner sometimes interferes with the tiny open English captions (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

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    Oklahoma Broadcasting News August 15-October 9, 2014
    [note: this does not cover MW/AM, material already posted elsewhere]

    ** OKLAHOMA. 89.3, Aug 15 at 0154 UT, no signal from KIEL Loyal OK,
    the new station which came on a few months ago. For quite some time
    I`ve not noticed it, tuning around on caradio, and now on PL-880
    deliberately seeking it at elevation and various antenna positions,
    unfulfilled. What happened? (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    KIEL, 89.3, Loyal OK, remains off the air. The following may or may
    not have anything to do with it:

    FCC FM Query`s correspondence folder for it has this:

    ``July 9, 2014
    Marlene H. Dortch, Secretary
    Federal Communications Commission
    445 12th Street, SW.; Room TWD-204
    Washington, D.C. 20554
    Re: BPED-20130701ACU (174679)
    Loyal, OK
    JUL -92014


    Dear Ms. Dortch: On behalf of New Life Mission ("NLM"), Licensee of
    Radio Station KIEL-FM at Loyal, Oklahoma, we hereby submit the
    attached letter from NLM's President surrendering Construction Permit
    BPED-20130701ACU for cancellation by the Commission.

    Please be advised that NLM will remain the Licensee of KIEL-FM,
    operating pursuant to FCC License BLED-20130617AAF.

    If any questions arise concerning this submission, please contact the
    undersigned counsel. Sincerely, Cary S. Tepper``

    And then the letter from KIEL:

    ``Dear Ms. Dortch: On behalf of New Life Mission ('NLM"), Licensee of
    Radio Station KIEL FM at Loyal, Oklahoma, we hereby surrender
    Construction Permit BPED-2013070 IACLJ for cancellation by the

    Please be advised that NLM will remain the Licensee of KJEL-FM,
    operating pursuant to FCC License BLED.-20130617AAF.

    NLM has not been paid nor promised to be paid any consideration
    whatsoever for the dismissal of Construction Permit BPED-20130701ACU.
    The foregoing statements are true and are made under the penalty of

    Rodney Heinrich
    New Life Mission
    RR 1,Box37
    Okeene, OK 73763-9717
    Dated 7/2/14``

    Excerpts from the attached surrendered CP:

    ``A relative field strength of 1.0 on the composite radiation pattern
    herein authorized corresponds to the following effective radiated
    75 kilowatts.
    Principal minima and their associated field strength limits:
    240 degrees True: 2.50 kilowatts``

    ``Special operating conditions or restrictions:

    10. Pursuant to 47 CFR Sections 73.7002(c) and 73.7005(b) the
    permittee/licensee is required to construct and operate for a period
    of four years of on-air operations technical facilities substantially
    as proposed and shall not downgrade service to the area on which the
    preference was based.

    11. Pursuant to 47 CFR Section 73.7005(a) the permittee/licensee shall
    be subject to a holding period. From the grant of the construction
    permit and continuing until the facility has achieved four years of
    on-air operations, the permittee/licensee proposing to assign or
    transfer the construction permit/license to another party will be
    required to demonstrate the following two factors: that the proposed
    buyer would qualify for at least the same number of points as the
    assignor or transferor originally received; and that consideration
    received and/or promised does not exceed the assignor's or transferors
    legitimate and prudent expenses as defined therein.``

    However, the license in effect for KIEL is NON-direxional with a hefty
    75 kW. The CP for a null at 240 degrees possibly would have been to
    protect 89.1 KYCU in Clinton OK, altho it is a bit further south than
    that. But it was not necessary for KIEL to operate at 75 kW in other
    direxions, since it is already licensed as ND with 75 kW. So the
    reasons for the CP and then its cancellation remain clear as mud.
    Anyhow, it`s off the air for some reason (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX
    LISTENING DIGEST) But back on Aug 22, despite 89.1 Enid translator

    ** OKLAHOMA. Stations Broadcasting at Low Power to Complete Antenna
    Repair --- By Frank Christel What's New? 10:29 am Wed August 20, 2014

    View Slideshow 1 of 4

    Listen online with the "Listen Live" box at the top of this page, the
    play buttons in our "Now Playing" guide to the right, or with NPR's
    iPhone app, iPad app, or Android app. Questions? Concerns? Email us at

    [reverse chrono order:]

    Fri, 8/22/14 • 7:48 pm: Everything seems to be back to normal. For a
    while, that is. Our day-and-a-half long internet disruption was
    restored, permitting our web and smartphone streams to once again be
    broadcast. Both stations are back on-the-air at full power until
    Monday morning when, if the tower winch is operational, we'll finish
    hoisting antenna elements #5-8. Once in place, we'll fine-tune the
    refurbished main antenna. When that's finished, we'll switch from our
    backup to main and hopefully enjoy many years of continuous and
    trouble free service to you.

    Fri, 8/22/14 • 5:14 pm: Public Radio 89.5 KWGS and Classical 88.7 KWTU
    are back on at FULL power for the remainder of this weekend. While the
    winds were cooperating, the winch used to hoist the antenna elements
    wasn't. After elements 1-4 were mounted, a part within the winch gave
    out which will need to be replaced over the weekend. Coincidentally,
    The University of Tulsa's connection to the internet failed, shutting
    down our alternate broadcast Listen Live web and smartphone internet
    streams, in addition to station telephones. Both University and
    station staff are working on this right now.

    Fri, 8/22/14 • 2:06 pm: Public Radio 89.5 KWGS and Classical 88.7 KWTU
    are still at LOW power. Antenna elements 1 through 4 are mounted on
    the tower. Just four more to go. It's August-sun hot on the tower.
    Fortunately, winds are cooperating.

    Fri, 8/22/14 • 9:19 am: Public Radio 89.5 KWGS and Classical 88.7 KWTU
    are again at LOW power. A hot day today and hopefully one with light
    enough winds to permit the hoisting of all eight antenna elements.
    They'll be rejoined into the eight-element backup antenna at the 1000'
    level on the tower.

    Thu, 8/21/14 • 2:14 pm: Public Radio 89.5 KWGS and Classical 88.7 KWTU
    are back on at FULL power. Work will resume tomorrow (Friday) morning.
    Weather permitting, it's hoped that all eight antenna elements can be
    hoisted onto the tower and then fine tuning of the antenna can begin.

    Thu, 8/21/14 • 9:40 am: Public Radio 89.5 KWGS and Classical 88.7 KWTU
    are again broadcasting at low power. Tuning is underway for Classical
    88.7's auxiliary antenna, so KWTU's signal will periodically pop off-
    and on-the-air this morning to safely accommodate this procedure. The
    main antenna is being rigged to be hoisted in sections onto the tower
    to the 1000' level and then carefully interleaved into the backup

    Wed, 8/20/14 • 3:47 pm: Public Radio 89.5 KWGS and Classical 88.7 KWTU
    are now back on the air at FULL power until tomorrow (Thursday)
    morning. The low-power auxiliary antenna was mounted and a pressure
    leak on the backup antenna was repaired. Both stations will once again
    reduce power sometime after sunrise tomorrow to allow climbers to
    begin hoisting the refurbished main antenna.

    Wed, 8/20/14 • 10:08 am: Public Radio 89.5 KWGS and Classical 88.7
    KWTU are broadcasting at low power until this evening. Our intrepid
    tower crew is temporarily mounting an auxiliary antenna to allow work
    to be completed on our main antenna, portions of which burned out in
    2012 (see "Related Content", below.) Since then and now, the antenna
    manufacturer went bankrupt, but is now back in business. The rebuilt
    main half of our antenna, which has been on the ground waiting to be
    hoisted onto the tower, will (weather permitting) be joined to our
    backup antenna.

    For the remainder of the week, both stations will broadcast at lower
    power to protect workers on the tower. Listeners outside of the Tulsa
    metro area may not be able to receive these low-power signals.

    Related content:

    What's New?
    Stations Off-Air Due to Antenna Problem
    [What`s Old: starts with ``Thu 9/20``, which must have been in 2012y]

    What's New?
    Stations Off-Air for Antenna Re-installation

    What's New?
    Stations Off-Air to Exchange Broadcast Antennas
    (PRT via DXLD)

    Would that all stations were so diligent in keeping listeners informed
    about procedures underway! (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    ** OKLAHOMA. 89.1, Aug 22 at 0500 UT, surprise, the Enid translator of
    the Oasis Network (KYND 90.5 Broken Arrow), is back on its original
    frequency, after a few months shifted to 88.9; good quality stereo
    signal. Yes, FCC FM Query now shows K205FW on 88.9 but with a CP for
    89.1, already obviously reactivated. What it does not explain is why
    the back-and-forth? So I guess: maybe had to move to 88.9 in order to
    protect new 89.3 KIEL in Loyal OK, but which is now off, altho still
    licensed (we discuss that case in DXLD 14-34). KMUW public radio in
    Wichita is again blocked here on 89.1.

    Will this translator be able to regain its former callsign K206CA? Who
    cares? We first noted that 89.1 was off April 19 this year, moved to
    88.9. As of June 23, the callsign officially changed from K206CA to
    K205FW, as translator calls must contain the proper channel number,
    and then the suffix letters are assigned sequentially (Glenn Hauser,

    ** OKLAHOMA. 89.3, Aug 22 at 2053 UT on caradio I find that KIEL,
    Loyal OK is back on the air after missing for a week or more: playing
    `Ode to Joy` on piano as part of a medley; 2100 UT ID. At sweet spots
    in Enid, KIEL makes it OK past our translator back on 89.1 instead of
    88.9, so never mind my theory that these stations were avoiding each
    other (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    ** OKLAHOMA. When tropo is up I still scan the entire UHF dial
    occasionally, looking for analog signals, and I`m surprised to find
    one, Aug 30 at 1428 UT on channel 48 --- it`s Spanish from direxion of
    OKC, obviously 15 kW KOCY-LP; infomercials for,
    hotshapers; 1430 Estrella TV ID, more infomercials; fading down by
    1448 UT. Had not seen any trace of this one for many months and had
    assumed it converted to DTV with reduced range. Maybe its NTSC had
    really been off the air, but now back? Last time I logged it was Nov
    29, 2013, as in DXLD 13-49; at least tentatively with some NTSC video
    detectable on 48. Still has CP for DTV, per

    So I look for other OKC area LPTVs: RF 46, KOCM Norman, Daystar is
    semi-decoding, which it usually does not, at 1452 UT after 48 has
    faded down. Also BAD signal on 36 could be KUOK-CD; nothing on 17, 19,
    21, 31-blocked, 41, 45, 54 (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    ** OKLAHOMA. 91.7, Sept 9 at 2010 UT tune-in to KOSU for NPR All
    Things Considered, open carrier/dead air! Finally cuts on without
    apology at 2018 UT. Losing modulation is one problem: another is no
    one at the station paying attention to the output to bring it right
    back. Such outages happen periodically at KOSU. Crazy/smart, indeed
    (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    ** OKLAHOMA. 100.7, Sept 13 at 1930 UT, notice that this Ponca City
    station really rounds itself excessively to ``101 Country KPNC``

    ** OKLAHOMA. KSBI-TV ``52`` OKC, now on RF 23 instead of 51 {not 50 as
    in original report; I keep mixing this up with KOPX ``62`` still on RF
    50}, continues to pretend it has a translator in Enid during legal IDs
    such as this one snapped on August 20:
    I don`t know about the one in Ponca City, but KSBI has been listed
    also with several other translators around the state and as far as
    Wichita KS, which they never ID. The Enid analog 45 has been gone for
    many years, and yet to reappear as DTV tho still licensed and CP`d

    [Later:] Did it again: in last report about KSBI-TV, now on RF 23, not
    being translated on K45EJ in Enid, I referred to its previous RF
    channel in OKC as 50 --- but it was 51, while KOPX Ion remains on RF
    50. BTW, FCC TV Query shows KOPX still has no CP for a lower channel;
    better get with it! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    ** OKLAHOMA. RF 31 & RF 32, Sept 29 at 1510 UT, ``TV-OK``, KXOK-LD
    Enid, has crashed, now nothing but black and silence on its main
    channel and its intercity relay channel. It could go on like this for
    days, weeks, or even months with nobody noticing or caring. Anyhow
    it`s an improvement over the few boring infomercials they were playing
    over and over and over, no real programming, altho Zap2It and TV Guide
    still think it`s with RetroTV, abandoned long ago. Meanwhile, 31-2
    continues with color bars, PSIP labeled M-FOX, and 31-3 with same
    labeled Azteca, which has also been the case for many months. Recheck
    24 hours later, Sept 30 at 1450 past 1640 UT: still the same.

    RF 31 & RF 32, by Oct 1, TV-OK = KXOK-LD Enid has resumed
    ``programming`` of nothing but infomercials instead of black screen,
    but still no audio over the air except surging hums and buzzes,
    checked at 1640 UT (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    ** INTERNATIONAL VACUUM [and non]. The evening of Sept 29 (UT Sept
    30), viewers of cable channels in Enid via Suddenlink (to which our
    city fathers in their wisdom granted a cable monopoly) were seeing
    constant crawlers on Viacom channels, that ``Tonight Suddenlink will
    drop this channel and 23 more. Call Suddenlink immediately at 877-794-
    2724 or visit for more info.``

    Viacom makes a pretty good case against Suddenlink, which they say is
    highly profitable, but refuses even to negotiate; and one sports
    channel costs them as much as the 24 Viacom channels, even under the
    great new deal Viacom is offering.

    Apparently these notices were imposed by Viacom, so I wonder if they
    have a way of limiting them to Suddenlink systems, or they also are
    visible via all other cable monopolies?

    Yet local midnight (0500 UT) comes and goes and nothing happens, as
    the warnings continue. Now ``tonight`` means 24 hours later? That
    would make sense, as Sept 30 is the end of month and end of quarter,
    not Sept 29.

    As far as I am concerned, 23 Viacom channels are expendable, the
    exception being Comedy Central. I happen to know that in Canada, `The
    Daily Show` and `The Colbert Report` (altho in in the middle of the
    night) air on free-to-air TV, the CTV Network --- lucky for borderites
    where the signals can bleed over without blockage --- so are they also
    available streaming or ondemand online? Yes! for 7 days, TDS is, if
    not TCR:
    So I try it, but as I also feared, it`s blocked, available only
    dentro-Canada. If worst comes to worst, must look into the proxy
    server option. (Of course the huge majority of Canadians even get
    their FTA broadcast TV via cable, tho they don`t have to.)

    [Later:] Suddenlink went and did it, at 0500 UT Oct 1 deleting all the
    Viacom channels as seen here in Enid and presumably everywhere. ``This
    channel will be right back`` it says on some of the channels, yeah
    right. I won`t bore you with the channel numbers as applicable here
    only, but replacing Comedy Central is FXX; replacing NIK is Sprout. We
    also now get UP, and Pivot, and Blaze and OWN. I think these have been
    moved in (or duplicated) from higher tiers where hardly anyone watched
    them. Some of the deleted channels are still not replaced, with
    multiple copies of QVC filling them! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING

    ** INTERNATIONAL INTERNET & VACUUM [and non]. I`m afraid there`s more to report about Suddenlink vs Viacom: while I was able to watch the Oct 1 `Colbert Report` on the Comedy Central website, when I tried to do the same with `The Daily Show`, it was blocked with a 1-minute display of a notice from Viacom blaming this blockage on Suddenlink. Apparently only the latest show is/was available this way, so one would need to keep up with them.

    However, I think Viacom must have done it themselves on own website (even tho our only way to get it is also via Suddenlink): it`s in Viacom`s interest to block it there too in order to encourage SL customers to keep pressure on SL to bring back all their channels on cable.

    However, at least for now, one could still watch both shows in segment-by-segment portions. Introductory ads on the segments, and thruout the full eps are unavoidable except by muting, but that`s understandable. One frequently appearing is Ron Reagan for the Freedom From Religion Foundation which rarely appears on the `air`. My daring to mention that quickly on WOR did not go over well with WTWW. Such were the limits of my editorial freedom.

    BTW, the Chamber of Commerce has scheduled a ribbon-cutting to inaugurate Suddenlink`s new office in Enid, Oct 3 at 1900 UT. I wonder if there will be protest demonstrations? The controversy has received front-page local press coverage in the Eagle.

    It turned out that the R/C was really at 12:00 noon, 17 UT, not 2:00 pm CDT as in The Eagle! So it was all over when we got there, except for some leftover refreshments and drawing for a TV; the peona I spoke to about Viacom was noncommital (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    ** OKLAHOMA. Oct 2 on the road to and from Woodward, I am checking 95.9 which I can`t get in Enid due to distance and 95.7 KXLS. 95.9 is supposed to be transferring from KCCU Lawton to KUCO Edmond. By Bouse Junxion, US 281 at US 412, 95.9 is making it at 1730 UT with classical music --- sounds pro, like Classical 24 syndicated --- but annoying IADs once a minute = intermittent audio dropouts for a split second.

    It`s almost like clockwork, at 10-13 seconds past every minute! Once however, the dropout lasted more like 15 seconds. After 1800 UT into public radio talk shows, Hear & Now, etc. This is still KZCU, a satellite of, as IDed later, KCCU, not of KUCO. So I wonder if the deal is off? KUCO had mentioned to me months ago that KCCU was having such problems getting its feed into Woodward, which was one reason they were willing to dispose of it. KZCU is 6 kW H&V at 100 meters HAAT.

    Woodward also benefits from 88.1 KWOU, a satellite of KGOU at OU in Norman, which with 23.5 kW at 224 meters has considerably greater coverage, but little Woodward has two *local* public radio signals, not just translators, while much bigger Enid has *NONE*, not even a translator.

    But got to do something about those IADs! A few hours later they were still happening every minute at 10-13 seconds past. Also sometimes with clunking sounds like you get from a webfeed with inadequate buffering. You`d think a minor adjustment could have fixed that long ago. When both were in `All Things Considered`, KWOU was running about one second behind KZCU. On the way back, by the Gloss Mountains west of Orienta & Fairview, KZCU 95.9 was losing out to KXLS 95.7 `Lahoma`; while 88.1 KWOU makes it, barely, to the western edge of Enid (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    ** OKLAHOMA. Heard from Brad Ferguson of KUCO about the 95.9 in Woodward: can`t work on fixing the dropouts until transfer from KCCU as KZCU is closed, expected October 16; so there is hope. Woodward will also benefit from more program variety as KUCO is mostly classical, not with NPR, no duplicating All Things Considered et al., with KWOU 88.1 (Glenn Hauser, Enid, Oct 3, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


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      Oklahoma FM-TV Broadcasting News, DX, June-July 2015

      ** OKLAHOMA. Richard, Wonder if you have continued to hear KRDR? [new
      105.7 east of Alva]. I still haven`t heard a trace of it inside Enid,
      even with a bit of tropo enhancement, so wonder if it has stayed on
      the air since you first reported it [June 19] 73, (Glenn to Richard N
      Allen, between Billings and Perry OK, June 29, via DXLD)

      No. I only heard audio from KRDR that one time; however there is a
      signal (no audio) blocking reception of KROU. I have a feeling KRDR
      was testing when I heard them (Richard. Sent from my iPad, ibid.)

      Glenn: I spoke too soon. This morning I'm hearing KROU (Richard, Sent
      from my iPad, 1131 UT June 30, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

      ** OKLAHOMA. Something strange has happened with OETA signals. Ever
      since it reverted to RF channel 13 following the temporary DTV
      transition on RF 32 (which was blocked in Enid by KXOK!), I have not
      been able to get a usable signal, first with my C-490 all-channel
      antenna and then with another one for channel 7 up, permanently aimed
      toward OKC. All the OKC UHF full-power stations come thru fine on
      either, and usually KOCO-7, but not OETA --- continual breakups in
      video and audio. I can get 13.1 OETA, 13.2 OKLA via cable, but the
      other two channels are available only over the air.

      Yet when I try again on the 7+ antenna, UT Thursday June 25 at 0300,
      now they are in solid, not breaking up --- well, almost --- occasional
      IADs, but bearable if not during music. This means I can axually watch
      and hear one of the few programs on 13.3 Create, which looks appealing
      on the schedule (mismanaged that evening showing identical programming
      on 13.1 and 13.2), `Music Voyager` --- Afro-Colombian Grooves, from

      What has changed? Trees all the way across Enid and surely all the way
      to OKC are at their DTV-signal-absorbing leafiest, and my 7+ antenna,
      tho higher than the C-490, is not very high atop the roof. I have done
      nothing at this end to change anything, so has OETA incrementally
      increased their ERP in this direxion? They sure need to, or give us a
      translator, here on the fringe of coverage from OKC. Reception has
      continued to be OK the following 48 hours, and hope it keeps up. Or
      maybe something in the area causing multipath self-QRM has moved? But
      on the C-490, OETA is still breaking up. Simultaneously comparing the
      signal meter on the two STBs to two TVs, the C-490 is still showing
      much weaker while the 7+ reads right at the lower edge of Good. The
      other subchannel, 13.4, is PBS KIDS, useless as far as I am concerned.
      And 13.1 is full of kidvid all day weekdays (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX
      LISTENING DIGEST) Anyhow, OETA x 4 OTA is holding up 90% of time (gh)

      ** OKLAHOMA. 90.1, KUCO, Edmond-OKC, our only classical music station,
      is fringe in Enid, can`t get a noise-free signal especially if desire
      stereo (and one does!!); often QRMed by Radio Kansas, KHCC Hutchinson
      from the other side. Thus we are forced to rely on KUCO webcast. For
      past week or two it`s been down a lot, and now we find that Real Audio
      has been abandoned for some kind of flash player. Previously, RA was
      working just fine, not broken, so why get rid of it? The Flash thing
      doesn`t want to play, and when it does has dropouts, unusable! I may
      be forced to find other stations` webcasts of some of my favorite
      programs and favourite programmes on KUCO, such as `The Score`, cinema
      music. I complained to manager Brad Ferguson, explaining the problem:

      ``Brad, Since your signal into Enid is fringe, we can`t get it noise-
      free, and certainly not if we want stereo, which we definitely do.

      Thus the only alternative is streaming. It appears you have quit Real
      Player, now for Flash, only??

      I`m trying to listen on Flash, after several attempts to start it (and
      finding that you have to keep the home page up and not click on any
      other links from it), but it keeps dropping out. Not enjoyable.

      Real Player worked just fine, and furthermore had the great advantage
      of being able to pause it, even tho it`s a live stream. I don`t know
      of any other players which do this.

      It`s also annoying that there is no visual indication with the flash
      whether it is playing or not, nor any way to adjust it.

      Please bring back the Real alternative. Or preferably find a way to
      get a translator/satellite FM going in Enid. Regards, Glenn Hauser``

      and got this reply:

      ``Hi Glen, UCO has dropped Real Player and Windows Media. In their
      place, they are using Kaltura which you will find on the web page in
      the upper left hand corner where the other players were. Kaltura is
      supposed to work on every e-device. Brad`` (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX

      ** OKLAHOMA. 94.3, July 13 at 1834, 2051 and 2240 UT chex, KLGB-LP
      Enid is dead air again! At least I don`t hear co-sited KVBN-LP audio
      in the background this time, or anything else. Standard remark about
      what should be done with dead-air stations. Resurrected at 2247 UT
      with announcement and hymn (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

      ** OKLAHOMA. 105.7, July 11 at 1446 UT, ESPN Radio is new here; seems
      they spend about half the time promoting various ESPN radio and TV
      networks, BORING! But then, any sportstalk whatsoever is boring to me.
      No local ID heard at hourtop, still going at 1509 UT. Can get it only
      by sidetuning to 105.73 or so on the PL-880 to avoid local 105.5
      translator. This is the new KRDR in Alva OK, which came on one day in
      June relaying 98.3 from Kiowa KS, and then off again. Perhaps this is
      its final relay, to stay?

      Tnx to Richard N Allen between Billings and Perry OK, who tipped me
      about that, and this morning about this, first at 1409 UT July 11:

      ``Glenn: I'm hearing ESPN Radio on 105.7. The station does not ID, but
      there have been ads for the Joplin area, and a couple of
      "" announcements. I'm wondering if it's KRDR? Signal is
      covering up KROU. Richard. Sent from my iPad``

      And followed up at 1432 UT: ``Glenn: I just found KSHQ, "ESPN 100.7",
      Deerfield MO, is owned by Media One. They also purchased the CP for
      KRDR from Patrick Parker. So that probably answers my question!
      Richard. Sent from my iPad`` (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

      ** OKLAHOMA [and non]. NHK news at 11 am Monday opened by giving the
      time in Tokyo as 7 pm === that means this was 6 hours old! Their

      Shows Newsline almost every hour on the hour, including at 1600 UT ==
      11 am CDT, so why not pick up the live/current one? News!

      It`s always neat that they include OKC in their weather, so obviously
      they know the edition OETA airs is going out in Oklahoma, so is that
      why you have to run a 5 am news show at 11 am??

      Note: I am not suggesting you air it at 5 am as I would never see it
      then. Regards, Glenn Hauser, Enid (July 13 to OETA/OKLA, via DXLD)

      As usual no reply and probably no action --- another possibility is
      that Newsline almost every hour is NHK itself repeating the 1000 UT
      edition several times, the last one they do each day? (gh, ibid.)

      ** U S A. 90.1, July 13 at 1405 UT, I find that KHCC Hutchinson KS,
      Radio Kansas has captured the frequency from KUCO OK, as tropo from
      the north is up. In a pledge break, they are explaining how `Prairie
      Home Companion` renewal is going to cost them $19 K, and is it worth
      it, even with `Writer`s Almanac` thrown in? What say you, listeners?
      Seems Garrison Keillor is semi-retiring and next season will bring
      fewer new PHCs.

      Tropo enhancement from the north remains at local mean noon, 1833 UT
      July 13, as on caradio I`m getting ``Q-92`` on 92.3 and other
      Wichitans solid (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

      ** OKLAHOMA. 88.3, July 17 at 1559 UT, ID only for KEAR, 88.1,
      Sacramento, which is the feeder {via satellite} for Fámily Radio
      translators around the country. So now the one in Enid, K202BY, has
      been reactivated. It had been missing since at least Feb 15, opening
      up a good sporadic-E DX frequency, and I hoped it was gone for good.
      Now repaired, with $tereo signal and usual FR programming. Fortunately
      it`s weak enough not to impede 88.1 KWOU Woodward`s attempts to
      fringereach Enid {on some receivers, others problematic} (Glenn

      ** OKLAHOMA. While checking for Es FM DX from Mexico, no dice, I do
      note a couple of OK items:

      89.3, July 21 at 1659-1700 UT, ID for 3 Angels Broadcasting Network
      [Adventist] but cut off for local ID: ``Loyal to God and Country,
      KIEL, Loyal OK, 89.3``, then cut back to network just as roughly
      (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

      ** OKLAHOMA. 104.5, KZZW Mooreland (Woodward market) is stunting. Due
      to T-storm I am relegated to safely bandscanning FM on portable PL-880
      rather than SW with longwire, July 21 at 0532 UT encountering synth
      male voice with countdowns and aphorisms. There are two countdowns in
      a row as little as 6 seconds apart, such as ``Z minus 3 days, 15
      hours, 27 minutes, 54 seconds`` which means Zero-hour will be Friday
      July 24 at 2100 UT. Fifteen is pronounced ``fifteem``.

      In between every second countdown an aphorism is inserted, some silly,
      occasionally profound, or hilarious, and often unreadable due to poor
      dixion of the robot. Some are timeless; some are local; Barney the
      flight attendant/waiter occasionally appears. Examples, not
      necessarily verbatim thru my scribbling:

      ``We are bringing this [s?]lag to the Tri-State area, and Oakwood [and
      Canton, and other towns]``
      ``OK, Lambert(?), enough of this In-Balance stuff; it`s time to get
      ``We have 100,000 watts of awesome and we`re not afraid to use it``
      ``Boom --- ready or not, here comes the voice from the south``
      ``Billy Jean is not my lover``
      ``This is the second softest thing I`ve ever felt``
      ``There`s more than one way to look at a problem, and they may all be
      ``Coffee, tea or milk?``
      ``She`s breaking up, captain; she can`t take much more``
      ``We have a really big shoe tonight; a really big shoe``
      ``The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or one``
      ``Remember, computers cannot think for themselves; they are just like
      everyone else in your office``
      ``I`ve got the right shoes, the right dress; I don`t know why you
      don`t love me`` Etc., etc., etc.!

      By 1553 UT recheck, there are *three* countdowns in a row between
      aphorisms instead of two --- giving us a little more time to copy
      them. KZZW IDs are frequently integrated, occasionally mentioning it`s
      on Facebook, Twitter: 1045KZZW. There is some repetition of non-local
      aphorisms if you listen long enough, but seems always mixed in with
      new material. Length of the aphorisms varies widely, but countdowns
      resume to the second.

      Except, comparing to WWV around 1300 UT, I calculate that KZZW is
      running about 9 seconds slow. This reminds me a lot of what WKY 930
      was doing a few years ago as it was transitioning to La Indomable
      format. I wonder who produces this stunting countdown stuff. The new
      KZZW`s original format, as I have reported, was ``In-Balance`` music,
      i.e. an audacious mixture of hymns and short popular classics, never
      identified by title. Earlier on July 20 afternoon I was still hearing
      them playing ``Hallelujah Chorus`` as I tuned across.

      Quibbles: KZZW is licensed for only 60 kW ERP. Reception here some 90
      miles away is as usual marginal, but is getting a bit of morning tropo
      boost. Depending on whip antenna orientation, there can be QRM from
      the 250-watt KRXO translator in closer OKC, and on the DX-398 even
      mixing produced between KOFM 103.1 plus KCRC 1.39 MHz = 104.49 MHz
      with KOFM audio --- these stations are *not* at the same site, rather

      104.5, July 21 at 1703 UT, tropo is still up and now favoring Tulsa
      over Woodward or OKC: capturing frequency is KMYZ Pryor, ``The Edge``.

      KZZW faded out for a while at 1417, but got a big boost for a few
      Doppler-wobbly seconds at 1422 via airplane scatter; thank you, Vance
      jets which must fly right over populated Enid and crash only
      occasionally (and I suspect jet fuel exhaust fallout accounts for too
      much grimy dust accumulation) (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WORLD OF RADIO

      ** OKLAHOMA. RF32, July 21 around 0200 UT, WQOS306, Enid is off the
      air. Had been on as recently as July 20. It`s the ``TV-OK`` intercity
      relay from Enid to Lamont for an alleged channel 35 translator. Main
      channel of KXOK-LD, RF-31 had been off the air for many months, but
      the ``relay`` kept running automatically? with nothing but
      infomercials, usually without audio, on 31.1, PSIP as M-Fox and
      TVAzteca but really nothing but color bars on 31.2 and 31.3. Clueless
      Suddenlink cable in Enid, headend a block away from TV-OK on the
      Broadway Tower, kept and keeps wasting cable channel 15 with ``! Weak
      Signal`` instead of simply picking up the 32 RF, lacking 31 --- but
      useless programming anyway. Now what?

      [non] RF31, July 21 around 1500 UT, despite antenna aimed at OKC,
      longtime lack of local KXOK-LD, and some tropo enhancement from the
      north bring in the Wichita Univisión affiliate, with some breakups
      during novela. PSIP only as Univisi but it`s really megawatt KDCU-DT,
      Derby KS, which lists as remapping to 46.1 --- no, it
      doesn`t; and with a 46.2, UniMAS --- no, there isn`t (Glenn Hauser,

      ** OKLAHOMA. 104.5, July 23 morning we continued to hear the countdown from KZZW Mooreland/Woodward stunting toward a new Unbalanced format. One stunt robotic announcement between countdowns was simply ``8675309`` which sounds suspiciously like a phone number, but I haven`t tried it. With some tropo assist, signal held up until approx. I-35 on our US 412 way to Tulsa, with increasing CCI from KRXO OKC translator to the side, and ultimately overtaken by 104.5 KMYZ Pryor/Tulsa. We weren`t back in range in time to hear the much-anticipated Z minus 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds projected for approx. 2100 UT July 24, but then were hearing current rock hits, apparently, and 0230 UT July 25 ID as ``Your party station, 104-5 KZZW``, which we now may safely avoid after all the excitement (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

      Here's one I know the answer to. This was a pop song from 1981 by the group Tommy Tutone. A one hit wonder.
      Best, (Wally Leisering, Decatur, GA, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

      ** OKLAHOMA. 105.7, July 23 at 1424 UT, open carrier/dead air from new KRCR Alva, still so at 1435, enough to mostly block reception of KROU, 105.7 Spencer, the relay of OU`s KGOU where we were formerly able to hear it on road east of Enid, as well as south (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

      ** OKLAHOMA. 107.5, all during our July 23-24 visit to Tulsa, NO signal from KOSN Ketchum-Tulsa, the full-power relay of KOSU, and consequently neither the translator dependent on it closer to Tulsa on 107.3. This allowed Wichita to poke thru on 107.3. However, KOSU direct is more or less audible in the Tulsa fringe on 91.7; and so is 90.1 KUCO Edmond/OKC for classical music: both are fortunate to have clear frequencies into Tulsa where they could well be blocked at ~100 miles away. Then found this on the KOSU website:

      ``UPDATE: Tulsa 107.5 FM Signal Outage
      Share Tweet E-mail 0 Comments Print By KOSU News

      UPDATE (July 24 at 2:10 p.m. [CDT = 1910 UT]): Our engineers are ordering the parts necessary to repair the tower. We don't yet have an estimated time for the signal to be back live. When we do, we will update this post. Thank you for your patience. [italix]

      [original undated item:] We are currently experiencing technical difficulties in the Tulsa, northeast Oklahoma, and surrounding listening area. If you tune in to 107.5 FM or 107.3 FM, then you will probably notice radio silence.

      Our engineers are on the scene with specialized technicians, working to get the issue resolved and programming back on the air.

      This is an evolving situation, so we will keep you posted on all that transpires. In the meantime, you can listen to our streaming service here on or on iTunes Radio.

      Thank you for being patient and for your support of KOSU``

      On the way to Tulsa I was surprised to hear how well the ``powerful`` new 250-watt KOSU 94.9 translator in Ponca City was coming in on a stretch of US 412, altho unnecessary compared to 91.7 source (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


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        I`m afraid there has been more OBN since last post, but rather than delay some new stuff because of that, here it is:

        ** OKLAHOMA. NOTE: in Enid and much of western Oklahoma, an ice storm is building up. As of 1745 UT Nov 27 here, trees and powerlines are icing up, and it`s windy. This is supposed to continue another 24 hours, so we may well lose power, no telling for how long. At least we have gas heating, and lots of batteries, but may be out of contact for a while. OG&E Systemwatch shows growing power outages in the Enid area but not yet Enid itself:
        (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

        NOTE: Still no power loss at WOR HQ; as of 0030 UT Nov 28, OG&E shows 486 customers without power in Enid, double the figure of a few hours earlier. But the temp has fallen to 28, which means less freezing rain even if precipitating. Our trees are heavy-laden but not breaking yet (gh)

        ** OKLAHOMA. The long-predicted ice storm has indeed hit us in most of western Oklahoma, causing various anomalies among broadcasters November 28 noted as follows, all times UT:

        At 1645 I notice that KTBO ``14``, RF-15, Trinity, OKC, is black and silent --- all 5 subchannels on the air at Good level, but nothing being transmitted. STL problem? Power off at studio, not transmitter? Suddenlink Cable ch 3 in Enid displays the last image transmitted on main channel instead of black: woman playing a guitar to a puppet. This freeze-frame stays up all day and evening, still there at 0600 UT Nov 29!

        KOCB ``34`` RF 33, I notice now has the new Comet network on 34-3. SF movie of humans vs tentacles at 0540 UT Nov 29, `Species`.

        1910 UT during opera, KUCO 90.1 Edmond/OKC dumps off the air, and remains off all afternoon/evening. At first I thought they were back on with dead carrier, but that turned out to be produced by the R75 when on radiating at 90.0 MHz, too close to the YB-400 I was checking for FM. KUCO website says nothing about being off the air; and the webcast is also down. I hope it`s only a power outage (rampant across OKC metro), not ice damage to antenna, etc.

        From 1919 UT an FM bandscan on the PL-880, looking for signals missing that are normally present:

        88.3, K202BY, Enid Family Radio translator
        89.3, KIEL Loyal [tho not always audible anyway; really 75 kW?]
        90.1, KUCO Edmond/OKC
        90.3, KHEV Fairview [already marginal]
        92.1, KAMG-LP Enid
        94.3, KLGB-LP Enid [but 99.9. KVBN-LP, same site and tower stays on!
        Some other weak gospel huxter is heard; seems same as on 95.1
        KQCV, so Bott network? Kansas?]
        97.5, KPAK Alva
        99.7, KANH Mustang [instead, Spanish from Kansas]
        103.1, KOFM Enid [briefly, back on a few minutes later]

        On MW in the daytime at 1932 UT, the only station found to be missing is 1460 KZUE, not surprising as El Reno is very hard hit by power outages.

        1640, later at 0151 UT Nov 29, KZLS Enid-OKC is dead air, but for constant big hum; maybe due to icing/power outage somewhere, but it doesn`t take that much for this station to lose modulation/program feed. Wish they`d turn the transmitter off too. I can hear WTNI etc., under it.

        At 2330 UT I notice that Cable 6 in Enid, KOCM, Daystar is black and silent like KTBO ``14``, RF 15, and then find the same on KOCM`s original RF 46, still same at 0537 UT Nov 29, i.e. on but transmitting nothing; couldn`t happen to two more useless stations. Its on-air signal here is usually barely Good, often breaking up into video art. Too bad Suddenlink didn`t capture a frame of that to show for the next multi-hours, just black.

        96.9, KQOB, Enid-OKC, Nov 29 at 0202 and 0509 recheck is OFF, unlike earlier; from its remote site west of Crescent midway.

        105.7, KRDR Alva, must be off, since at 0218 Nov 29 I am not hearing any stupid sports talk, but Latin/jazz music, matching the schedule of KROU de KGOU, `Global Jazz Wire` at 8-10 pm CT Sats. On the PL-880 I have to off-tune it to 105.73 to avoid local 105.5 translator still on. Tried to // it to 88.1 whence KWOU Woodward is sometimes audible but site says ``KWOU in Woodward is on reduced power because of ice on antenna.`` KGOU++ have plenty of streaming options:

        The situation at WOR HQ: a few quick power glitches, not enough to reset clox, and no loss of power --- yet. Several thousand customers in Enid are down, and almost 80K in the OG&E service area covering only part of OK.

        Our trees have taken a beating, with many broken limbs and branches from heavy ice layers. Some of them have fallen on our main longwire, which hasn`t broken yet, but will be easy to repair once the debris is cleared. So far I think the C-490 TV antenna larger elements have not broken off like happened to its predecessor a few years ago. Additional icing may occur until noon Sunday (Glenn Hauser, Enid, Nov 28-29, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

        ** OKLAHOMA [and non]. Follow-up to outage report, as of morning of Nov 29, UT:

        530, Nov 29 at 1332 UT, `K530AM`, Vance AFB is off again, and I believe was also yesterday for the ice storm. So much for it being of any use in an emergency situation!

        1460, KZUE El Reno is still off, but I can detect two JBA carriers at 1710 UT, one surely 11 kW KCLE Burleson-Cleburne-Fort Worth TX, the other perhaps 1 kW ND KKOY Chanute KS.

        BTW, a TV ad for an Indian casino tells us that Reno means reindeer, certainly until today an odd name for anyplace in OK, or NV. My Spanish dixionary confirms that from English to Spanish but not from Spanish to English.

        96.9, KQOB missing last night is back on as of 1608 UT.

        RF 15, KTBO ``14`` as of 1600 UT, has also come to life after blackout all day yesterday. RF 46, KOCM is still on at Bad level, but black

        Circa 1725 UT FM bandscan, referencing yesterday`s obs: Still off: 88.3, 90.1 (but KHCC Radio Kansas unimpeded also classical), 90.3, 92.1 (KAMG-LP, or is it? seems to be a weak noisy carrier), 94.3, 97.5 (KPAK, but weak music probably Tulsa), 99.7 (still Spanish from Kansas instead), 105.7 (KROU still audible, not KRDR).

        Newly off: 90.5 KGVV Goltry; 95.7, KXLS Lahoma/Enid

        Like KWOU 88.1 Woodward, some stations are on but at reduced power due to icing, notably local Enid 103.1 KOFM, ID at 1726, but *much* weaker e.g. than ex-KOFM 104.1 OKC. 93.7 KSPI & 105.1 KOSB Stillwater/Perry also seem weakened, and at first thought they were off.

        Still nothing on KUCO homepage about being off, and the streaming is still off too as of 1745 UT Nov 29. I inquired of Kimberly Powell who replied at 1758:

        ``Hi Glenn, we're back on the air since earlier this morning but at very low power and in analog only. I've emailed our UCO IT liaison that he can now get the online stream back. We should be back at a higher power tomorrow once things thaw a bit. I'm hoping Julio will go online remotely and re-establish our online stream today. Thank you for your patience! Kimberly Powell, Director of Programming, Production & Syndication`` (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

        ** OKLAHOMA. Our AC power has remained on except for a split-second glitch, enough to stop the clox and restart the computer, at 2038 UT Nov 29. {Yet there has been a lengthy outage, darkness right across the street --- whew!} Governess Fallin has declared all 77 counties disaster areas, eligiblizing us for some of that dirty Federal money.

        Ice crashes upon our roof continued sporadically until Monday noon. Trees do not overhang the roof so must have been coming off TV antennas, some of them abandoned but still up. By 1700 UT Nov 30, ice on the trees and lines has all melted, as temps have been higher above freezing overnight than originally expected.

        Further updates on anomalies caused by the ice storm, as of afternoon Sunday Nov 29, all times UT:

        At 2007, RF 23 is OFF! That`s KSBI-TV ``52``, now the full-power substation of KWTV 39 ``9``. Must be too much icing on the antenna. Suddenlink cable 16 in Enid displays a freeze-frame for hours & hours. (if Suddenlink is getting this like other OKC stations by fibre optic feed, rather than off the UHF air, why should it matter if RF 23 is off??) It missed most of prime time, but back on by 0345 UT Nov 30.

        90.1, KUCO Edmond/OKC is again audible by 2100 UT Nov 29, seems up to full power already, or almost.

        November 30 chex:

        At 1723 UT, KXLS 95.7 is still off as are 88.3 Enid FR translator, and KLGB-LP 94.3.

        At 1724, KQOB 96.9 is on air but dead air, RDS as
        CLASSIC / ROCK / 96.9 / KQOB. Same at 1833 recheck.

        At 1833 FM bandscan, on PL-880, find a number of OKC stations which were on thru the worst of the ice storm are now off (or weakened):

        88.3, K202BY, Enid still off
        90.5, KGVV, Goltry still off
        92.1, KAMG-LP, Enid now on but dead air (always mono)
        92.5, KOMA, OKC is OFF!
        94.3, KLGB-LP, Enid still off
        94.7, KBRU, OKC, weak
        95.7, KXLS, Lahoma-Enid, still off
        96.9, KQOB, Enid-Crescent-OKC, on but dead air as above with RDS
        97.5, KPAK, Alva, still off
        98.1, WWLS, The Village (OKC) now OFF
        98.9, KYIS, OKC, now OFF
        99.7, KNAH, Mustang-OKC, back ON with C&W
        100.5, KATT, OKC, now OFF
        101.9, KTST, OKC, on but weak
        102.7, KJYO, OKC, on but weak
        105.7, KRDR, Alva, still off (but can`t hear KROU; could be off too?)
        107.1, KNID, North Enid, now OFF

        AM check at 1842 UT Nov 30:
        530, ``K530AM``, Vance AFB is back on with generic PSA rotations
        1140, KRMP, OKC is now OFF
        1460, KZUE, El Reno, still off (I think: some weak signals there)
        All other AMs in The Metro are on, except 1220 KTLV and 1400 KREF are always too weak or blocked to tell from here.
        1640, KZLS, Enid-Hennessey-OKC, dead air with hum as usual
        (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

        ** OKLAHOMA. Further updates to the ice storm outage reports, Nov 30:

        In the check of OKC-area AM stations, I neglected to note that
        1460, KZUE, El Reno, was still off
        1220, KTLV, and 1400, KREF, are not normally audible here so can`t say about them one way or the other
        1640, KZLS, still on but dead air at 2212, and still at 0205 Dec 1

        Nov 30 after 2050 UT:
        92.5, KOMA is back ON
        93.7, KSPI is on and seems full strength now
        94.7, KBRU is on
        95.7, KXLS is on but dead air
        96.9, KQOB is on but still dead air
        98.1, WWLS is back on, but not 98.9 KYIS
        100.5, KATT is off at 2056, and still off at 2211
        101.9, KTST is on but weak
        102.7, KJYO is on but weak
        103.1, KOFM Enid, on but dead air
        107.1, KNID North Enid, on but dead air
        (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

        ** OKLAHOMA [and non]. Further obs of ice-storm related outages, afternoon of Dec 1, all times UT:

        At 2055, 94.3 has CCI, so local KLGB-LP is NOT on; 2057 playing Super Tramp, 2100 ID as Classic Rock, KXOO (double-O), Elk City. It`s 12/12 kW H/V, and 143/143 m HAAT. Yes, area tropo is a bit up with humidity increase during melting. Maybe KLGB was not really on earlier when I thought it was.

        At 2105, 1140 KRMP OKC must be still off; getting a SAH, and maybe an open carrier, hard to tell on caradio. Skywave is already coming in a couple hours+ before sunset.

        1640, KZLS Enid-Hennessey-OKC is still dead air except for hum. Ditto Dec 2 at 0700 UT and 1155 UT chex, and the hum is really big. Finally Dec 3 around 1330 UT it`s back to local talk programming.

        1460, KZUE El Reno seems back, on at least something in Spanish with CCI. Doesn`t take much skywave to overcome KZUE here

        FM bandscan starting at 2100 UT Dec 1:
        88.3, K202BY, Enid, still off
        90.3, KHEV Fairview, now on with dead air; 490 watts; had been off?
        92.1, KAMG-LP Enid, still dead air
        94.7, KBRU? Something weak
        95.5, KWEY Clinton must be the one as ``The Cat``, and ``The Coyote``, YL DJ and C&W; 18.5/18.5 kW, 252/252m. Normally blocked by 95.7 KXLS, which is still DA
        96.9, KQOB still dead air
        98.1, WWLS-FM is off
        98.9, KYIS is on
        100.5, KATT is on
        101.9, KTST is on
        102.7, KJYO is on
        103.1, KOFM Enid is on
        104.1, KMGL is still on, now all-Xmas music, yuk
        107.1, KNID Enid is still dead air

        Another bandscan morning of Dec 2 at 1455-1501 UT on the PL-880:
        1460, Spanish music, so KZUE is on
        1640, KZLS, still nothing but hum

        88.3, K202BY Enid still off
        89.1, K206CA Enid is now off; had stayed on thru the ice storm earlier; translating KNYD Oasis 90.5 (really from 88.1 KMSI)
        92.1, KAMG-LP Enid still Spanish dead air
        94.3, KLGB-LP Enid still off; instead hearing Bott station from Hutchinson KS, i.e. really 100/100 kW KVCW Kingman KS closer to here
        95.7, KXLS Lahoma/Enid still dead air
        96.9, KQOB Enid/Crescent/OKC, back to normal finally
        97.5, KPAK Alva, rock music, presumably this back on
        98.1, WWLS-FM, The Village, on but weak
        98.9, KYIS, OKC, on and strong
        99.7, hearing Spanish only, so 50/50 kW KHLT Belle Plaine (Wichita) KS; and is KNAH Hank FM, Mustang OK off again? Under normal conditions the two can fight over the frequency here, but tropo may give KS edge
        100.5, KATT OKC is normal
        101.9, KTST OKC is still weak
        102.7, KJYO OKC is still weak
        104.1, KMGL OKC is OK, still Xmas music, yuk
        107.1, KNID North Enid still dead air

        A few more chex Dec 2 on caradio:
        1460, at 1745 UT, ``La Tremenda, la potencia sin competencia``, super hype --- yes no one can compete with their pennywhistle 500 watt daytime power. Approaching noon, there is still a SAH, probably skywave from The Metroplex. Then call letter ID pronounced in Spanish, KZUE, but I still haven`t heard how they pronounce ``El Reno``. Ads for nearby town Yukon.

        107.1 and 95.7 North Enid/Lahoma are still dead air at 1750 UT, and 94.3 KLGB-LP is still off

        One more bandscan midday Dec 3, from 1814 UT:

        88.3, K202BA, Enid still off; weak gospel probably Wichita
        89.1, K206CA, Enid still off, but discussion of Jesus statue, so not KMUW? No, it is public radio in Wichita, KMUW, pledge drive at 1820
        92.1, KAMG-LP, Enid, still dead air in Spanish
        94.3, KLGB-LP, Enid, still off, but algo discussion, probably KVCW KS
        95.7, KXLS, Lahoma-Enid, STILL DA, one of our main commercial stations
        96.1, KXXY, OKC, weak. Until now had stayed strong
        98.1, WWLS-FM, The Village/OKC, weak
        98.9, KYIS, OKC, strong
        99.7, KNAH, Mustang, still off? Only hearing Spanish KHLT KS
        100.5, KATT, OKC strong
        101.9, KTST, OKC still weak
        102.7, KJYO, OKC still weak
        104.1, KMGL, OKC, still strong, Xmas music, yuk
        105.7, KRDR, Alva, presumed, finally back on with dead air
        107.1, KNID, North Enid, finally on and modulating

        AM check at 1822 UT Dec 3, one dekaminute before local mean noon:
        1140, KRMP OKC, is finally back on, soul music
        1460, KZUE El Reno, remains on, Spanish
        1640, KZLS Enid-Hennessey-OKC, tho normal earlier, back to dead air
        (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

        ** OKLAHOMA. At 2010 UT Nov 29, in doing a complete TV bandscan on the Zenith DTV STB for ice-storm anomalies, I encounter a near-local quality signal on RF 17, with slight fading on the signal meter. It might have been 1000 kW KDOR-TV, TBN in Bartlesville, but there is no sign of tropo from anywhere including the Tulsa area. (My rotor is still frozen so no DFing.)

        All is black and there is no PSIP ID info, but there are 6 subchannels, displaying as 17-1 thru 17-6. NO SIGNAL comes on after a bit, tho there certainly IS SIGNAL! Continues the same thru Monday morning. Nov 30 at 1545 check. Signal is now very strong and steady. Audio has a slight noise level if volume turned up rather than total digital silence.

        This has got to be the digital translator long licensed to Enid per FCC info, K17JN-D. It belongs to Clarion Broadcasting Group, which also has one other station in OK, KCYH-LD, channel 41 in Ardmore. Clarion bought a whole bunch of these all over the country a few years ago from another company. K17JN-D original site was between Goltry and Hillsdale NW of Enid, 0.5 kW with a direxional pattern aiming at Enid.

        Correspondence file includes ``resumption of operations`` as of Feb 9, 2015, after having shut April 11, 2014. But it has NOT been on the air, and never seen before, altho it may have fired up briefly to make it official. Certainly misleading, and as far as I am concerned, a lie on the FCC form threatening prosecution for doing that.

        K17JN-D also has a CP for 15 kW from a different site just west of Enid, slightly NE of the intersexion of US 412 and State Hwy 132. This pattern is almost circular, and easily covers Enid and beyond. Surely this what I am seeing now. It might have been on for a day or two before I noticed it, but starting up during an ice storm when other stations are knocked off is certainly contrarian! If this keep up, I can say goodbye to any DX on 17, and won`t be able to see TBN from Bartlesville, Boo Hoo.

        It will be interesting to find out what programming Clarion is going to put on its six channels --- how about home shopping? TBN? has no info on what`s on their Ardmore outlet. Altho K17JN-D will never be seen by anyone in OKC other than a DXer, files it like other invisible Enid low-powers under the OKC market, still as Off The Air, with no further info on content. The pattern here is direxional northeast:
        altho the FCC Bing map shows it almost non-direxional

        However, rabbitears does have KCYH with 8 subchannels, 5 videos from 3ABN (Adventist) and three ``radio`` channels.
        So that`s what we have to look forward to (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

        ** OKLAHOMA. 1650, Dec 2 at 0700 UT, gospel music: must be a format change somewhere; 1155 UT recheck, it`s gospel rock, 1200 ID as some FM and KFSW Fort Smith! So KYHN has finally changed call and format from ``Arklahoma`s Talk Radio``. The FCC officially changed call from KYHN to KFSW at beginning of November, but all month long they kept IDing as KYHN.

        Paul Walker says the FM is translator K254AM on 98.7, ``Life 98.7``, contemporary Christian music. So I look up FCC info on that: Licensee is Educational Media Foundation, which is really a huge nationwide gospel-huxter network. CoL Fort Smith AR, rebroadcasting KKRI 88.1 which is 1 watt! horizontal, 17 kW vertical in Pocola OK, also EMF. That in turn retransmits KLRD, which is apparently the EMF flagship in Yucaipa CA on 90.1. I assume all that is now at least partially outdated.

        So has EMF bought the 1650 facility, or has the different KYHN licensee bought or rented the translator, which appears to be slightly on the AR side of the border, south of Ft Smith, but barely reaching that city, and not reaching further Van Buren with its 60 dbu contour (and not reaching Sallisaw OK at all, the true location of 1650).

        I am chagrined that most DXers appear to insist that 1650 KFSW/KYHN is an Arkansas station for counting purposes, not an Oklahoman, even tho there is no doubt whatsoever that its signal emanates from Oklahoma. (But don`t let such minor technical details get in your way.)

        Meanwhile, RIP ``Arklahoma`s Talk Radio`` whose website is still up as of Dec 2:

        The /about page still says:

        ``At KYHN it is our desire to both entertain and inform. We like to say, "We're conservative, but we're not mad about it". While most of our programs and hosts hold conservative values and principles we have purposely moved away from those hosts who desire to scream & holler and who want to be controversial. We believe we are a radio station that reflects the majority of voices and thoughts of our listeners in Eastern Oklahoma and Western Arkansas. We have chosen to carry programs that are more intellectual and thought provoking rather than those of anger and conspiracy. [HA! Including Alex Jones! --- gh]

        We have also made a conscience [sic] choice of offering a variety of programs ranging from business and financial programs to talk shows. We have programs from technical computer experts to lawyers, from garden shows to real estate, from call in shows to local news broadcasts. We don't want the same three guys saying the same thing every day. We want to be a different option on your radio`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 1802, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

        KFSW and K254AM, ex KYHN is owned by G2 Media Group, and they are the ones programming the contemporary Christian format. A transfer of control for the translator was granted September 22nd, 2015 from EMF to G2 Media; and it was with that filing of the sale that also included the change in primary stations from an EMF station to then KYHN, now called KFSW. Also the owners of KXMX 105.1 Muldrow, OK. The studios for KXMX and KFSW are in Sallisaw, OK (Paul Walker, Camden AR, mwdx yg via DXLD)


        • #5
          Catching up over several months:

          ** OKLAHOMA. Hi Karen, In case you haven`t heard, when KWOU [88.1
          Woodward] has been audible yesterday and today, it`s marred by audio
          interruptions once or twice a minute, but highly variable. There`s a
          ringing sound and a few seconds silence before resuming, rather like
          internet buffering. Is that how you are feeding it? Regards, (Glenn
          Hauser, Enid, Aug 28, to KGOU GM Karen Holp, via DXLD) For example
          logged at 1332 & 1334 UT Aug 28, buffering bangs (gh)

          Re 88.1, KWOU Woodward audio problems: received a prompt reply even
          tho it was after-hours on a Friday, 2236 UT Aug 28 from Patrick
          Roberts, Chief Engineer at mother station KGOU Norman:

          ``Hi Glen[n]. Thanks for the info. It seems that there is some
          internet link disturbance that's crept up recently in the OU network.
          We feed it over Tieline IP codecs. To help mask the problem, I've
          changed the profile on the Tieline encoder headed that way, adding
          100% Forward Error Correction (basically sending the audio packets
          twice slightly delayed). That seems to have stopped the drop-out
          problem, at least at 5:30 (lots of people might have gone home at OU,
          lessening the problem naturally; we shall see). We normally have a
          very good path up to there, effectively on fiber most of the way
          through the same service provider. If it acts up again, I can switch
          out to our cellular modem for a while. I'll try to keep an eye on it
          for the next few days. Thanks! PR`` (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING

          ** OKLAHOMA. 90.1, Aug 28 at 2105 UT, KUCO classical music, Debussy`s
          ``Images`` is extremely rudely interrupted by an Amber Alert --- but
          it`s so noisy it can`t be understood. (Later, on the news, it was a 2-
          year old boy abducted by his father yesterday at an OKC Walmart,

          A few minutes later, KUCO announcer acted as if nothing had happened
          ruining the music (and my seminap) --- maybe he couldn`t tell? There
          has got to be a better way to do this. Of course I am not opposing the
          idea of Amber Alerts for missing children, but like EAS tests which
          aren`t immediately urgent, these should be *managed* NOT to block out
          programming in progress, and furthermore, done with decent modulation.
          Why is that so difficult? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

          ** OKLAHOMA. 96.9 KQOB and 98.1 WWLS-FM, Sunday Sept 27 at 1205 UT are
          both carrying `Sunday Morning Magazine` in English, breaking music and
          sports formats; first guest discussing Oklahoma tax matters, as also
          on 930 WKY and 640 KWPN. With one radio handy, can`t check whether
          synchronized, but probably all separate playouts. However, not on 98.9
          or 100.5, while 104.9 not checked but low power and not necessarily
          audible here. As I noted last week, these are commonly-owned cluster
          RADIO LICENSE HOLDING CBC, LLC; except KQOB is still licensed to
          Champlin Broadcasting, Enid (and it was built specifically to get into
          OKC with site halfway between, west of Crescent); but this program
          reveals it`s LMA`d to RLHCBCLLC. FCC Query info does not readily
          display LMA deals, tho maybe they can be dug out somewhere. LMA =
          local management agreement? I.e. station leased out to another
          company. Or does FCC consider that merely about programming, which
          they stay out of? (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


          Oops. Sent from my iPhone (Dennis Gibson, ABDX via DXLD) Viz.:

          In Featured News by Wireless Estimator September 23, 2015

          UPDATE: Sept. 25, 2015 – Dale Bolton, High Plains Public Radio’s
          director of programming and operations, said today that he has been
          informed that an American Tower Corporation representative had called
          another individual within his organization on Friday afternoon prior
          to taking the KGUY tower down the following morning for safety
          reasons. However, Bolton said, ”They were unable to get to Guymon to
          do the work, so the station was still on the air when it fell.”

          Radio station KGUY 91.3 FM’s listeners out of Guymon, Okla. might have
          been waiting last weekend for the consuming crescendo of Tchaikovsky’s
          1812 Overture or another epic ending of a music piece from the High
          Plains Public Radio-owned classical music station, but were instead
          treated to deafening silence after a tower crew hired by American
          Tower Corporation cut the broadcaster’s tower down without notifying
          them, perhaps timed perfectly by the tower techs for it to pancake
          upon the earth at the end of Siegfrieds’s funeral march blasting from
          their crew cab.


          High Plains Public Radio director of programming and operations Dale
          Bolton said KGUY started receiving calls from loyal listeners that the
          station had stopped broadcasting, and then the usual equipment checks
          were made to assess why the station was off the air.

          “We were later notified by American Tower that they had cut the tower
          down over the weekend because a crew had tried to make repairs to the
          unsafe tower and couldn’t,” Bolton said.

          Bolton said he had previously noticed that the tower appeared to be
          crooked and stood at “an odd angle.” He believes it could have
          possibly been a problem with the guy wires.

          Although Bolton said the tower should be decommissioned if it was a
          danger to workers and others in the guyed tower’s proximity, he
          thought that “It would have been nice if we were able to give our
          listeners notice.”

          “Unfortunately, the tower hit our satellite dish and building,” Bolton
          said when the crew cut the guy wires and let the 418-foot tower fall
          across an open field.

          American Tower acquired the tower last year as part of their
          acquisition of Global Tower Partners’ structures for $3.3 billion.

          The unmaintained structure, with KGUY as its only tenant, was
          purchased by Global Tower in 2004 from Titan Towers which built it in
          1982, according to FCC records.

          Bolton said American Tower was assisting them in providing an
          alternative location to broadcast from.

          “They have a site maybe two miles from here,” Bolton said.

          High Plains Public Radio operates a network of 21 FM stations
          providing public radio service to 78 counties across five states of
          the High Plains region.

          American Tower did not return requests by Wireless Estimator for
          additional information (via WORLD OF RADIO 1793, DXLD)

          KGUY 91.5, one of the stations I reported on my trip a few days
          earlier, heard while passing thru Guymon (Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

          ** OKLAHOMA. 96.5, ``Exitos 96.5`` is getting a lot of promotion on
          OKC`s Estrella TV, KOCY ``48`` via RF 29 KTUZ, which I sometimes let
          run muted on a spare screen to display the busty girls they so favor
          (¿ojobombones?). (BTW, previously this subchannel`s aspect ratio could
          be changed, but now it cannot, despite needing to compensate at times
          for squeezing or stretching.)

          96.5 in OKC is of course a mere 120-watt translator, K243BJ, licensed
          to Tyler Media, which means it`s supposed to be relaying some other
          station, even an AM one, but no such station is mentioned in its TV
          promotion, so is it being illegally originally programmed? I suppose
          they could get away with that if it`s officially duplicating some IBOC
          channel from a real FM station not worth mentioning (Glenn Hauser,
          Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

          [late November and early December news about ice storm outages, et al.,
          already posted -- skipping ahead to:]

          UNIDENTIFIED. 106.9, Dec 5 at 2110 UT, tuning around on caradio parked
          at a restaurant in northern Enid, I find a signal adjacent to local
          107.1 KNID, which is strong enough not to be bothered by ACI, rock
          music; 2112 ID as ``106.9 KNRL``. As I drive away, KNID strengthens
          from a nully area and I no longer hear 106.9. Will look it up later.

          Well, after searching thru the FCC and WTFDA databases, I can`t find
          any KNRL on FM or AM, nor any similar sounding call on 106.9. I was
          pretty sure of it, but the N might have been an M, and the L might
          have been an O --- Still nothing in those combinations.

          Would have expected it not to be beyond KS or OK, as no sign of tropo
          DX in mid-afternoon; sporadic E? Was not fading while I had it, and
          nothing unusual noted on lower FM frequencies, altho there was an
          opening on 6m across western USA when checked at 2238 UT. That brings
          me back to a listed KRNO (not KNRO), 35 kW at Incline Village, Nevada!
          That`s between Carson City and Reno, certainly possible by Es. Must
          check 106.9 further for signs of this again or anything else (Glenn
          Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

          ** OKLAHOMA [and non]. FM bandscan on caradio at kitefield, almost two
          weeks after the icestorm, all times UT Dec 10:

          88.3, K202BY Enid still off at 1842; bits of KOSR Stillwater relay of
          KOSU with `Fresh Air`

          95.7, KXLS Lahoma/Enid with BKB game at odd time Thu 1843 UT; Eagle
          and Star-Spencer teams mentioned

          97.9, at 1844, Bing with ``White Xmas`` -- presumably KRBB Wichita; is
          it all-Xmas-all-the-time?

          98.1, WWLS, Moore/OKC, still very QRP, but on with ad for Firelake
          Casino, Shawnee at 1845

          99.7, still not hearing KANH Mustang, only Spanish from Wichita

          100.9, Garden City ad in English; guess it`s KGBL Lakin 100 kW, listed
          by WTFDA as Spanish

          105.7, KRDR Alva back on with silly sports talk, at 1848
          (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

          ** OKLAHOMA [non]. 94.3, Dec 11 at 1900 UT, USA Radio News, full-
          quieting local quality signal, then news from ``the state capitol,
          Topeka``, so it`s still no local Okie, but KVCW, Kingman KS,
          overriding the microwatts (if really on now) from Enid`s KLGB-LP. FM
          from Kansas may be getting a slight tropo boost this warm midday.
          Kingman is 141 km = 87 miles away (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING

          Unless they are broadcasting from the legislative building, which I
          doubt, what you meant to say was "the state capital, Topeka". Pardon
          my penchant for proofreading, but I know you're a stickler for
          accuracy! Best, (Saul Broudy (W3WHK), Philadelphia, PA, DX LISTENING
          DIGEST) O yeah, I really knew that (gh)

          94.3, Dec 10 at 1820 UT, I am driving right by the KLGB-LP building
          and tower in northern Enid, and am hearing some gospel rock; parked
          right by the tower, nothing but that. Yet a block away it`s KVCW
          Kingman KS capturing the frequency with its 100 kW, gospel-huxter
          talk. By 1830 UT at the kite field a little further away, it`s nothing
          but KVCW with south-Central Kansas weather, tho the KLGB antenna is
          still in sight. When I was below it, looked OK, no broken elements,

          After lunch I am going by KLGB again and am about to pull in but don`t
          need to, as on the street at 1956 UT there`s a KLGB ID along with
          commercial for Coldwell Banker realty in Enid ``supporting`` it. So
          KLGB-LP *IS* on the air and maybe always was, but this must be
          milliwatts, if not microwatts, range of a block or so. By comparison
          its co-station, KVBN-LP 99.9 is a blasting powerhouse, both limited to
          100 watts (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

          ** OKLAHOMA. Without doing another full FM bandscan, I can report that
          as of 1915 UT December 14, the following Enid stations are still off
          following the Nov 28-29 icestorm:
          88.3, K202BY, Family Radio
          94.3, KLGB-LP
          This gives me an excuse to refer to a photo of the icestorm aftermath:
          my main longwire antenna for SW, sagging but never broken, unlike the
          poor tree next to it:

          (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

          ** OKLAHOMA. 105.7, Dec 11 at 1858 UT, series of ESPN promos, dead air
          during ID hole at 1859:50 UT to 1900:00 UT, on to `Sports Center`;
          obviously from KRDR Alva which now blox KROU Spencer, when it`s on.
          When first on the air a few months ago, KRDR was relaying parent
          station in Joplin MO, including local ads from there, instead of ESPN
          direct. They still don`t have their act together at the most basic
          level (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

          ** OKLAHOMA. 106.9, Dec 11 at 1950 UT on caradio in central Enid, I`m
          trying again to ID a weak station here next to local 107.1 KNID ---
          lo-fi phoner talk, then ad for financial service, 832-1906 in Cordell
          --- so that makes it KTIJ, 100/100 kW, 299/299 m, Elk City, which is
          20 miles WNW of Cordell, and ID as ``107 the ---`` algo, which per
          WTFDA FM Database is ``106.9 The Zone`` but not as in end-zone, since
          format is CHR, not SBG. Distance to E.C. is 176 km = only 109 miles
          (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) see UNIDENTIFIED

          UNIDENTIFIED. 106.9, Dec 10 at 1824 UT, I park near the same spot
          where I was hearing a ``KRNO`` or something similar a few days ago.
          Once again there is something in between 106.7 KTUZ Spanish, and local
          107.1 KNID, fades in and out a bit, rock music, but not as strong as
          last time. Helps that KNID is in dead air for several minutes at a
          time! Also from the nearby kite field at 1849 UT, rock music, 1851
          dramatic bit plugging some podcast; 1853 modulation from KNID resumes.

          Looking at the FCC listings, the nearest full-power 106.9s are 100
          kWs: KTIJ in Elk City OK, and KHTT in Muskogee OK. In KS: KGBL Larned,
          KTPK Topeka. WTFDA Database says KGBL is CHR Hits, KTPK is Country
          Legends; both Okies are Top 40 CHR. Now for any call letter or slogan
          ID to match rather than what I was hearing before.

          Still tuned to 106.9 as I pull into a Chinese restaurant, an open
          carrier takes over the frequency, no doubt from Finer Physiques gym
          next door, available for someone on an exercise machine to monitor
          some TV channel. As I lunch and listen on the G8, find that 89.7 is
          active with Brooke Baldwin on CNN, despite having to override a semi-
          local real station, KJTH The House, Ponca City. Also same soap opera
          on 88.1 and 88.5, but not synchronized. Which Part 15 gym transmitters
          are active and what`s on them, of course, can change at the whim of

          Searching on her name to be sure which network that was, among top
          hits is a discussion of her alleged measurements. Must we be so crude?
          On departure I am gifted with a nice bamboo roll-up 2016 calendar from
          Jiang Yuan restaurant. Google translate comes up with River Source for
          that, lacking anything but toneless romanization to input. But I
          digressed (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

          ** OKLAHOMA. Quick check on caradio of the signals previously impaired
          by the late-November ice-storm, Dec 17 at 2147 UT:
          88.3, K202BY, Family Radio, Enid is still off
          94.3, KLGB-LP, Enid is finally back to full power all over Enid, not
          just audible within one block of site; gospel music seems harder-rock
          now than it used to be, still sponsored by Enid Coldwell Banker Realty
          98.1, WWLS-FM, The Village, finally back to full power, sports talk
          99.7, KNAH, Mustang, is back on and/or full power, fighting over
          channel with country music vs Kansas Spanish
          100.5, KATT OKC; 101.9, KTST OKC; 102.7, KJYO OKC --- all sound like
          full power now (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

          ** OKLAHOMA. K17JN-D, RF 17, Enid, continues to regale us with six
          channels at once of Three Angels Broadcasting Network, 3ABN, Seventh
          Day Adventism --- and other than someone running across it when
          rescanning for DTV channels, I bet I`m the only one in Enid who knows
          about this, due to absolutely no publicity in local media. I`ve had a
          closer look at some of the lower-right bugs, hard to decipher due to
          font on SD at least, to make out what the PSIP sub-IDs stand for, and

          17-2, 3ABN-PR means Proclaim!
          17-3, 3ABN-DD means Dare to Dream

          Per they have several more networks than the
          six we get; can`t K17JN-D squeeze them in too? About::

          ``3ABN is not owned, operated or funded by any church, denomination or
          organization, so people from all cultures and backgrounds appreciate
          3ABN programming. Many of 3ABN’s employees and volunteers are members
          of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.`` History:

          Three Angels Broadcasting Network began in the early morning hours of
          November 15, 1984 when Danny Shelton, a carpenter from Southern
          Illinois, was kept awake by troubling thoughts. . .

          HQ is in West Frankfort, Illinois.

          This station remains the *only* local TV signal in this city of 50K,
          otherwise forced to rely on fringe signals from OKC, requiring outdoor
          antennas and even then some of them breaking up insufficiently.

          Some other CPs or APPs are on file with FCC for Enid, and maybe like
          this one, will eventually activate one day, tho we anticipate nothing
          better than yet more gospel huxters or home shopping. None of the
          following have ever been glimpsed even tho ``licensed``! FCC TV Query

          K19IR-D OK ENID LD LIC
          Licensee: EICB-TV EAST, LLC, For 0.5 kW, but CP for 15 kW, like K17JN,
          but at different site

          And a NEW app for 1000 kW! on channel 21:
          which sounds like another gospel-huxter front

          Three more from one company:
          Licensed for 3 kW, CP for 10 kW

          K45EJ has three entries, but all are DK45EJ meaning deleted, at least
          for now; APPs and CPs from Griffin TV, i.e. KWTV-39, on behalf of its
          substation KSBI-23. This was an analog translator of KSBI 52 under
          previous ownership but really off the air for many years!

          KXOK-LD 31 is also still on the FCC books altho has been defunct for
          more than a year (Glenn Hauser, Enid, Dec 13, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

          ** OKLAHOMA. Xmas eve, UT Dec 25, our annual pilgrimage to Enid`s Xmas
          spectaculars: the light show surrounding a house at the south-side
          intersexion of Pheasant Run and Club House Drive, on the extreme west
          side of town, says tune to 97.7, playing a good selexion of pop Xmas
          music in stereo, starting with Mannheim Steamroller as we drive up
          circa 0300 UT. Part 15 is OK right here, but losing it before we exit
          to the nearest artery a couple blox away, Garland.

          Then to the NE corner of Oak and Oakwood, that fenced-off oil well
          lot, which every Xmas puts up ``Singing Christmas Trees`` a less
          elaborate light show, this one with a few Chipmunx tunes on 89.5, in
          degraded modulation at 0320 UT Dec 25. Also short Part-15 range (Glenn
          Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

          ** OKLAHOMA [and non]. ANOTHER ice storm has hit us. In Enid, anyway,
          it`s not as bad as the Thanksgiving one. Icy limbs but all the leaves
          are gone now, and the weakest were already broken. But there are still
          a lot of power lines down elsewhere so time for another FM bandscan on
          the PL-880 to see what`s abnormal (in addition to 800 KQCV OKC
          missing, separate log). Dec 28 at 1352+ UT:

          88.3, K202BY Enid, Family Radio, OFF since last storm, never back
          88.5, KZTH Piedmont, continuous hi pitched tone, and barely audible
          lo pitched tone at same time! Yet parent station 89.7 KJTH is OK
          89.1, K206CA Enid, Oasis, had been on, but now OFF
          89.3, KIEL Loyal, seems also off, tho not always audible
          90.3, KHEV Fairview probably off, tho not always audible
          90.5, KGVV Goltry OFF
          93.7, KSPI Stillwater seems off; no, at 1434 UT on but weak
          95.7, KXLS Lahoma/Enid, OFF
          96.9, KQOB Enid/Crescent/OKC, OFF

          [this allows another ``Bob``, on 97.1 to be audible: at 1420 UT, after
          Wichita weather, ``97-1 Bob FM, where Bob plays everything`` such as
          country-rock to follow: KIBB 18.5/18.5 kW Haven KS --- NW of Wichita,
          toward Hutchinson, not to be confused with South Haven on OK border]

          99.7, KNAH Mustang, OFF
          104.1, KMGL OKC is on, and finally no more Xmas music
          105.1, KOSB Perry, OFF
          105.5, K288FX, North Enid, on but only NOISE, evidently open feed from
          primary, which is KYLV 88.9, but I thought it was OK. Back to normal
          105.7, KRDR Alva OFF, so KROU Spencer is again audible carefully
          107.1, KNID North Enid OFF

          Later check starting at 1740 UT for anything different:
          88.5, KZTH is OFF, no more intoning
          88.9, KYLV is apparently on but weak (see 105.5 above)

          After 1811 UT, on more selective caradio,
          90.9, KOKF Edmond, Air One is OFF; normally merges with same on 91.1
          KKRD Enid, still on
          97.5, KPAK Alva, is OFF
          106.7, KTUZ Okarche is OFF; Spanish, had been on earlier today

          800, KQCV OKC is still off
          1280, KSOK Arkansas City KS, just across the border, is the only other
          notable absence on midday groundwave
          1640, KZLS Enid-Hennessey-OKC is dead air again

          On cable TV, KOCM, Suddenlink 6 and 106 is missing – just black, no
          error message. Antenna is still getting a signal on RF 46, tho bad ---
          this one is always marginal (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

          FM bandscan on caradio, Dec 30 at 1955 UT finds several stations still
          absent following Dec 26-27 icestorm:

          88.3, K202BY, Enid, Family Radio still off (since November icestorm)
          89.1, K206CA, Enid, Oasis, still off
          90.5, KGVV, Goltry, off
          93.7, KSPI, Stillwater off? Weak signal with C&W, probably something
          else, maybe a mix
          95.7, KXLS, Lahoma/Enid, still off
          98.1, WWLS, The Village, apparently off again
          106.7, KTUZ, Okarche, off, no Spanish
          107.1, KNID, North Enid, still off
          (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

          ** OKLAHOMA. 91.7, Dec 31 at 1702-1721 UT, KOSU provides us with 19
          minutes of dead air instead of NPR news and Hear & Now (Glenn Hauser,
          Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

          ** OKLAHOMA. 92.1, Jan 4 at 0010 UT check on caradio (and many other
          times), KAMG-LP Enid is extremely distorted and bleeding into 92.3
          during usual praise music in Spanish. Something`s very wrong with the
          satellator input and/or output (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

          ** OKLAHOMA. 95.7, Dec 31 at 1902 UT on caradio in western Enid, I am
          getting a weak signal with Oklahoma news --- could local KXLS Lahoma
          really be on with exciter-power only? No: ONN goes to ABC news at
          1903, and at 1905 weather on KKAJ from the Channel 12 KXII Weather
          Center, i.e. Ardmore. KKAJ-FM is 50 kW, 140 m in Davis OK, ``Texoma
          Country`` listed slogan. 221 km = 138 miles city to city. It does have
          some CCI, possibly Es as I have just got WRAU Maryland on 88.3; or
          another weak OK or KS outlet (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

          ** OKLAHOMA. 96.9, Jan 2 at 2123 UT, I`m listening to KQOB, Enid-
          Crescent-OKC for a few minutes of tolerable rock, to an ID as ``Fun
          96-9 FM``, so no more Bob. WTFDA Database already has new name, so
          maybe flipped some time ago? Maybe call should change to, say, KQUF?
          (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

          ** OKLAHOMA. Post icestorm FM Bandscan 22 hours later than last one,
          Dec 31 at 1755 UT, this time on the hand-held PL-880:

          88.3, K202BY, Enid, Family Radio, still off
          89.1, K206CA, Enid, Oasis back on talking about Tulsa ministries
          90.5, KBVV, Goltry, still off
          93.7, KSPI, Stillwater, off
          95.7, KXLS, Lahoma/Enid, still off
          98.1, WWLS-FM, The Village, is on but low power, e.g. much weaker
          than 98.9, KYIS
          99.7, KNAH, Mustang, unheard, nor Wichita Spanish in 99.9 LPFM ACI
          100.5, KATT, OKC, off; had been on yesterday
          101.1, algo weak, Stillwater or Woodward missing?
          105.7, KRDR, Alva on, but once again failing to ID in the 10 seconds
          before 1800:00 UT provided by ESPN
          106.7, KTUZ, Okarche, back on in Spanish
          107.1, KNID, North Enid, still off

          More anomaly chex, almost a week past the latest ice storm power
          outages: On caradio, Jan 1 circa 2345 UT:

          90.5, KGVV Goltry is finally back on, // 88.7 KLVV
          95.7, KXLS Lahoma/Enid finally back on, axually earlier today
          98.1, WWLS-FM is still very weak
          100.5, KATT is weak, ``Rock 100.5, The Cat``
          107.1, KNID North Enid finally back on. I guess the Enid-area stations
          were off because of powerlines down at remote sites west of city; and
          they are not important enough to merit any backup generation

          Jan 2 circa 1830 UT midday on caradio:

          98.1, WWLS-FM is finally up to very good full-power signal. At 2125,
          98.1 WWLS is still VG, and seems to have been running sports
          documentaries all day; but 101.9 KTST and 102.7 KJYO OKCs are weak
          again (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

          ** OKLAHOMA. RF 17, K17JN-D Enid, the 3ABN 6-channel translator, has
          lost #3, now black and unlabeled, tho the signal meter shows it`s
          still there, unoccupied, as on various chex Jan 2. It had been called
          DD = Dare to Dream. This is via the old Zenith STB. On my Sanyo TV
          with antenna plugged into it directly, no 17-3 either, and furthermore
          17-5, AFTV is without audio, ``unsupported audio CODEC`` error message
          --- and only on that subchannel, but it`s OK on the STB. Strange are
          the ways of DTV. Suddenlink cable in Enid still ignores K17JN-D, our
          only ``local`` TV ``stations`` (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING

          AVAILABILITY === Posted: Wednesday, January 6, 2016 4:15 am
          By Emily Summars Staff Writer by Emily Summars Area Reporter

          Area televisions may have fewer channels, or none at all, if a Federal
          Communications Commission bandwidth auction takes place this year.

          Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters CEO and President Vance Harrison
          described the auction as building a highway. A highway that means
          fewer channels for consumers, Harrison said.

          The FCC wants to buy TV station bandwidth because it is the best,
          Harrison said.

          The FCC is allowing TV stations to voluntarily sell or share bandwidth
          with another station in an effort to reduce bandwidth usage. Extra
          bandwidth would then be sold by the FCC to companies like AT&T,
          Verizon, Google and other companies that may or may not be interested.

          The issue for northwest Oklahoma is that many station signals are
          rebroadcast through a translator.

          The average station signal travels up to 75 miles, therefore channels
          like KFOR 4, KOCO 5, KWTV 9 and OETA, are sent through a translator to
          reach areas of western Oklahoma, Harrison said.

          “These translators are not a part of this compensation and this plan
          for moving all these people around,” Harrison said. “My guess is in
          Oklahoma, about one-tenth of Oklahoma could potentially be in jeopardy
          if the issue of translators is not figured out.”

          Mark Norman, OETA vice president of technology, said in areas like
          Alva, Woodward and Buffalo, no translator means no TV signal.

          OETA has 14 translators located throughout the state and about half of
          OETA’s translators could be at risk, Norman said.

          “The commission has also said if there is no need for that spectrum,
          like Channel 48 in Buffalo, then they would leave it on air until
          someone wants to buy it. It’s a real mess to be honest. There are so
          many unknowns about this whole situation.”

          Harrison said the FCC would sell stations and bandwidth but the
          percentage of those willing to participate is unknown and the FCC is
          not sharing how many are interested.

          The result: there will be fewer channels but how fewer remains the
          question, Harrison said.

          Charlie Meisch, FCC incentive auction task force spokesman, said the
          auction is scheduled to begin March 29. The FCC is in the application
          window for broadcasters to contact the FCC about an initial bid

          The voluntary auction was authorized by Congress in 2012, Meisch said.

          “Over-the-air broadcast TV is still very important,” Meisch said. “We
          also know companies are demanding more bandwidth for wireless
          activity. Rather than repurpose the spectrum ourself, Congress said
          let’s look at licensees, like broadcast licensees, and relinquishing
          spectrum for a portion of the proceeds.”

          Norman said the bandwidth to be bought by the FCC and then sold to
          corporate companies have been owned by Americans since the beginning.

          “Every seven years we file for a license but we don’t own it,” he
          said. “Now they (FCC) are looking at taking those licensees away, but
          when they sell them the government no longer has control of that
          frequency. It will be owned by corporations and then they can charge
          more money for it. Once the government sells it off, it’s gone.”

          Meisch said if a station chooses to participate, it may sell its
          license with the intention of going off air or with the intention of
          sharing a channel with another station in the area. Stations also may
          host a channel share, he said.

          “The technology exists for broadcasters to put out multiple streams
          over the air on a single channel, and some stations are doing that on
          their own,” he said. “You could split up the bandwidth for two
          different stations on the same station.”

          Norman said OETA will not participate in the auction because it
          currently is using all of its bandwidth.

          Meisch said stations that choose not to participate could be moved.

          “We are obligated by law, by Congress, that if a station doesn’t want
          to participate, or participates but doesn’t win (a bid), we must
          assign them a new TV channel that preserves the same population and
          geographic coverage area that they have today,” he said. “If you are a
          station and you serve a certain square mileage, you lose nothing once
          this is over.”

          Harrison said that could be an issue for western Oklahoma.

          Harrison said the auction, and station availability, will happen

          “The value of your TV station is more determined by the city of your
          license than your ratings,” Harrison said. “They don’t want the signal
          for what you’ve done in the past; they want it for the broadband

          Meisch said station changes depend on how many participate and which
          stations participate, because some bandwidth is more valuable than

          FCC is not required by Congress to protect translators, Meisch said,
          but the commission has taken several steps to mitigate the impact to

          “We (FCC) just adopted rules to allow for the low-power and translator
          stations to enter into sharing agreements that full-power guys can
          enter into,” he said. “That helps ease some of the channel crunch in a
          sense because you have two stations sharing the same frequency would
          be able to continue operations in an environment where they may have
          lost a channel they were on.”

          Norman said FCC grossly underestimated the importance of translators.
          If translators disappear, Norman said a lot of people would have to
          pay for TV via satellite.

          “You need to tell your congressman that you do not want translators to
          go off the air,” he said. “They are an important part of getting TV,
          and if people don’t know that, there will be a lot of people
          disenfranchised. FCC really underestimated translators and what they
          do. Translators are free. If they take translators in the Panhandle,
          half of the state would lose OETA.”

          Harrison said ultimately the auction will mean fewer stations and less
          access in an attempt to increase bandwidth.

          “Television stations sit on some pretty valuable broadband and that’s
          the broadband they (FCC and corporate companies) want,” Harrison said.

          For information, go to

          (Enid News & Eagle Jan 6 via gh, DXLD)

          ** OKLAHOMA. Small display ad in recent OKC Spanish language free
          newspaper (making it sporadically to newsstands in Enid) says ``La
          mejor programación en Oklahoma City MUNDOMAX 45.1`` -- That would be
          KOHC-CD, RF 45 and virtual 45, which I never see in Enid (if I get
          anything on 45, it`s KSNW ``3`` full power Wichita off the back), but
 shows KOHC inhabited by Azteca America on 45.1, and
          MundoMax on 45.2 (plus blanx on 45.3 and 45.4).

          The MundoMax network is in lots of markets, mostly low powers:

          even including Enid`s KXOK-LD, as 31-2 on RF 31, despite that having
          been off the air for over a year! For many months it was running color
          bars and PSIP as Mundo Fox. Rabbitears files this under market 50 OKC,
          not that anyone but possibly an astute DXer in OKC could ever possibly
          see KXOD-LD, IF it were even on the air!

          Is MundoMax just a name change from MundoFox? Apparently: Under the
          Max network list above, weblink still shows as
          but clicking on that gets forwarded to
          So is it still a Fox subsidiary? I don`t see any reference to Fox on
          the homepage. And what became of Azteca América --- did it flip to
          45.2 on KOHC-CD at least? Any OTA viewer inside OKC could tell us
          (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

          ** OKLAHOMA [and non]. 94.3, Jan 7 at 2044 UT, KLGB-LP Enid is off
          again, allowing thru a weak talking gospel huxter, presumably 100 kW
          Bott KVCW Kingman KS near Wichita. No excuse for this now such as
          widespread power outages, nor even the recent ``swarm`` of 4+ fracking
          earthquakes in this area (which I did not even feel).

          Still no KLGB-LP Jan 8 at 1626 check. Now it is truly 0.0/0.0 kW H&V
          as listed in the WTFDA DB --- but it could still be on with exciter
          power or less, as we discovered before by driving right up to the
          tower on North Van Buren. Its co-station on same tower, KVBN 99.9,
          continues unabated (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Was back on
          in a day or two, unnoticed just when (gh)

          ** OKLAHOMA [and non]. 89.1, Jan 18 circa 2030 UT on caradio, I notice
          that local Oasis translator K206CA is off again, for no discernible
          reason – no more ice storms, tornados, major earthquaxes or power
          outages. Still off at 1926 UT check Jan 19.

          This audiblizes the clashing fringe public radio stations, KMUW
          Wichita KS and KYCU Clinton OK. As I drive around, it`s a tossup which
          one will capture, but it`s nice to have access to PR alternatives,
          which of course if I had a rotatable home direxional antenna would be
          selectable. Parked on the north side of a Jumbo grocery building on
          the north side of Enid, I figure it`s KMUW with Hear & Now, but 2059
          UT Jan 18, multi-station ID starts with homebase KCCU Lawton and ends
          with KYCU Clinton-Western Oklahoma; no KMUW at this spot. Also:

          88.3, K202BY, Family Radio translator, is still off
          92.1, KAMG-LP, is STILL out of whack with heavy distortion and
          bleeding into 92.2-92.3. No one in charge of this satellator?
          94.3, KLGB-LP has been back on since shortly after I last noted it
          off (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

          ** OKLAHOMA. 90.1, Jan 18 at 0613 UT, listening to a suite from
          ``Carmen`` on KUCO, carrying the WCPE classical music service from NC
          --- suddenly the audio crashes into a big distorted ripple and slows
          down, including the following announcement, altho the pitch of the
          voice and the music does not seem to have lowered. VERY strange, an
          uplink or downlink problem? Still so past 0631+ but back to normal by
          last check 0717. I was afraid it would be that way all night on
          automation (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


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            As best as I can tell, DTV America primarily sits on CPs, probably sells them to interested parties to start a station, rather than managing stations themselves.


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              DTV America's website lists 14 stations, all listed with the FCC as licensed (so if they're telling the truth all of them have operated at least briefly). They carry ten different networks on various subchannels. (there are between two and four subchannels on each station) 13 of the 14 stations carry DrTV and seven carry Estrella. My bet is that DTV America is operating the stations but leasing their airtime to various networks.

              They have 224 authorizations in 73 different communities. (most communities have more than one channel, usually but not always at the same site) In previous filing windows it's been common to apply for as many channels as are technically feasible in the hopes that at least one can be granted - the rest are sold if possible or allowed to expire if not.

              It would seem to make business sense to sell the CPs but at this point I'm not seeing much evidence that's what they're doing.
              Doug Smith W9WI
              Pleasant View, TN EM66


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                Some recent Dec-Jan items from DX Listening Digest; a number of earlier 2019 items I have not posted here, but can be found by searching on Oklahoma at the DXLD index

                ** OKLAHOMA. 89.5-WBFM, Dec 17 circa 0145 UT, Enid`s Singing Xmas
                Trees are back, in a fenced-off oilwell lot at the NE corner of West
                Oak and North Oakwood. It`s a flashing lights and sound show, with
                secular carols (Chipmunx again this year?) via a part 15 transmitter
                barely reaching beyond one block, but adequate if you park right
                outside the fence. Whoever is behind this, year after year is unknown.
                Right across Oak are a row of houses, and I can`t help but wonder what
                those inhabitants think of all the commotion, including visitors like
                me pulling into their driveways to turn around from a dead end (Glenn
                Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

                ** OKLAHOMA. 95.1 WBFM Part 15 is this year`s frequency for Enid`s
                other Xmas sound & light show at a residence in the Pheasant Run
                addition on the western edge of the city, as witnessed circa 0130 UT
                Dec 26; certainly a better selexion of music, e.g. Mannheim
                Steamroller, than the Singing Xmas Trees on 89.5 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
                LISTENING DIGEST)

                ** OKLAHOMA. The Enid market has two new FM stations run by Chisholm
                Trail Broadcasting, and they are licensed to the next two towns down
                the Trail.

                106.3, Dec 13 at 1940 UT, ``The new 106-3, The Wolf, Certified True
                Country`` and variations on that non-ID. Dec 14 at 1602 legal ID
                ``KWOF, Waukomis-Enid, the new 106-3, The Wolf, True Country``, etc.
                This implies that country on parent station 107.1 KNID North Enid is
                *not* ``true``!

                FCC map shows the tower is axually in Waukomis, 36-12-59 N, 97-54-54
                W, just west of speedtrap US 81, 6 kW ERP H&V at 100 meters HAAT; and
                the 60 dbu contour reaches only unto mid-Enid, but it`s a local-
                quality signal here, blocking a possible FM DX frequency. Original
                call KWEO probably never made it on air, until they decided how to
                brand this thing.

                97.7, Dec 14 at 1551 UT, ``New classic rock station in town, kicks-ass
                97-7, The Hawk``, etc. 1600 UT ``Soaring over Hennessey and Enid, 97-7
                KHRK, The Hawk``. Original call for this was KHEO, probably never made
                it to air. This is only 3.9 kW H&V at 100 m HAAT, 36-12-59 N, 97-54-54
                W --- guess what, exactly the same coordinates as KWOF Waukomis! 60
                dbu contour barely covers Enid, but local quality signal here.
                Goodbye, any DX on 97.7.

                Not sure exactly how long these have been on air, as there has been
                absolutely no local publicity/advertising/newspaper coverage about
                them. I expect all are automated out of the KCRC/KNID CTB building on
                Willow in Enid next to the three 1390 towers in a row. Listening to
                both the better part of an hour, *no* commercials heard, just music
                and promotional non-IDs at every break (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX
                LISTENING DIGEST)

                ** OKLAHOMA. 6m Es map show DX contacts between here and FL over SE/NW
                paths with estimated MUF into the 100s, so another try for some FMDX,
                Jan 5 at 1630 UT: nothing heard; tropo is up making ACI and CCI worse
                than dead conditions, something on every channel or adjacent splat.

                To keep this from being a total waste of time, I check the RDS on the
                DX-398 of our two new Enid market stations, which are static and as to
                be expected, from KHRK and KWOF:
                97.7 THE_HAWK, 106.3 THE_WOLF (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

                ** OKLAHOMA. I`m overdue for a complete bandscan of the local FM
                scene, so undertake it on caradio from a parking lot on the west edge
                of Enid, Jan 31 from 2013 UT, noting some significant items:

                88.3, K202BY, Enid, Fámily Radio translator is still on with dead air
                after many months, altho I have not kept mentioning it. They later got
                an STA to be off the air, not realizing the difference! Nothing in
                WTFDA FM Database about it being off, or programming silence, or STA.

                92.1, KAMG-LP Enid remains off the air for many months. It`s still in
                the WTFDA FM Database with no notation that it`s silent. I am hearing
                something else weakly, one of the three others Okies on frequency.

                93.1, K226BR Enid remains off the air for *years*; it was last
                translating 93.9 KIMY until it broke. Still in WTFDADB as if it exist.

                95.1, strong dead air at 2012, still at 2028 UT, trace of Wichita or
                Shawnee underneath. Apparently somecar`s unfed feeder elsewhere in the
                Walmart parking lot, as it quickly fades when I drive away. Far too
                far from the Pheasant Run Xmas sound & lite show, a mile or two, to be
                that 95.1 Part 15 transmitter not turned off.

                100.9, no sign yet of K265FL, translator of talker KGWA 960 Enid, tho
                in WTFDA DB as if on the air. Anyhow, that supplants the CP for a
                community LPFM.

                101.5, new local-quality signal! Strong enough to ACI KS on 101.7.
                2017 UT Jan 31 tune-in to tropical music; dumps off the air for a few
                seconds and back on several times. Song is `Alza tus Ojos`, lyrix
                about ``mi querida Venezuela``, mentioning most other Latin American
                countries, apparently promoting political support for the opposition.
                Alzar means raise or lift up. Automated timecheck at 2020 for ``Las 14
                horas, 20 minutos``, so in UT-6 zone.

                Promo for program `Tiempo de Alabanza` elsewhen. I am wondering if
                this be a local pirate? Especially when I hear it ID as ``Radio
                Salvación, 93.9 FM``; then promo FB something like radiosalvacionokc;

                But at 2032 UT it`s ``Salvación Radio Nétwork, ciento uno punto cinco,
                transmitiendo vía tus sentidos``, a rather strange claim. I hear the
                same canned ID a few more times before 2100 UT. 2042 UT song again
                ``Alza tus Ojos``, but this time it`s a praise hymn with non-
                Venezuelan lyrix.

                Finally at 2100 UT at home I hear a too-fast legal ID for something
                with a W on 93.9 and KOCD 101.5 Okeene OK; into Torah lesson --- I
                guess they are Messianic, certainly not Jewish Orthodox.

                WTFDA DB info draws no connexion between these (93.9 not heard here):

                KOCD 101.5 Okeene OK runs 14 kW horizontal only from 88 meters HAAT,
                at 36-07-11 N, 98-15-45 W Spanish ``LIBERTAD EN CRISTO MINISTRIES``

                KWDW-LP 93.9 OKLAHOMA CITY, 100 watts H only, 28 meters, 35-21-40 N,
                97-34-55 W ``SPANISH RELIGIOUS``

                Okeene is about 30 miles SW of Enid, best known for its annual
                Rattlesnake Roundup. Search for it on FB finds

                Home church is an Assembly of God at SW 42 & Agnew, but most of the FB
                stuff is from 2012-2015. So the original LP pipsqueak gets a relay by
                a moderate-power non-LP. Yet the LP reaches a far larger market.

                104.9, Jan 31 at 2022, lofi RCatholic advice talkshow, phone 833-388-
                EWTN. So the new station in Ringwood OK, a few miles west of Enid,
                with one grocery store and a cemetery, is now on air. WTFDA DB shows:

                KEUC 104.9 RINGWOOD, 100 watts H&V, 21 meters H&V [sic] at 36-23-12 N,
                Further into central Enid I am already losing the signal (Glenn
                Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


                • #9
                  OETA vs OETA Foundation; end of OKLA channel

                  ** OKLAHOMA. The Oklahoma Educational Television Authority had a big
                  surprise in store for us. Ever since the digital transition, the
                  second of four OETA channels has been called OKLA --- a mixture of
                  repeats of PBS and OETA main-channel programs, kidvid, and shall we
                  say, second-tier PTV shows.

                  On Monday January 7, OKLA was suddenly gone, replaced by PBS World,
                  apparently a sub-service of PBS which has already been available
                  elsewhere. Break-ins with some OETA repeats remain on the new 13-2,
                  but overall it provides a much more diversified schedule.

                  For example, BBC World News America had been airing at 2200 UT on
                  OKLA, and again at 2300 weekdays on OETA-HD (main channel). Now on 13
                  -2 instead, we have NHK World news at 2200, and DW News at 2230. NHK
                  had been absent from any OETA service for more than a year. Now we can
                  get three major foreign TV news sources in a row for a sesquihour.

                  I have mixed feelings about the change, since there was already more
                  worthwhile programming on OETA than I had time to watch! Full
                  schedules of all four OETAs are available here:

                  I can get OETA off the air, sometimes, depending on slight tropo
                  enhancement, but often marginal with breakup, or not at all. I
                  strongly suspect that the problem is not a weak signal, but QRM from
                  the second harmonic of local KNID 107.1 on 214.2 MHz, right in the
                  middle of the RF channel 13, 210-216 MHz spectrum.

                  13-1 and 13-2 are also on Suddenlink cable, 13 & 145, but maddeningly
                  have been only with flat mono sound, which I had to endure even during
                  the recent holiday music specials, and lots of PBS programs, notably
                  Nature have excellent stereo music background soundtrax.

                  After prodding OETA repeatedly to get this fixed, instead I finally
                  reached someone at Enid Suddenlink to investigate. It turns out that
                  their main source for OKC channels including OETA is a fibre-optic
                  feed from competing cable company Cox, which owns the OKC market.

                  He switched to Suddenlink`s backup, an off-air pickup in Seminole OK
                  (the other side of OKC, rather indirect!), and voilà, I hear stereo
                  again (on headphones, so there is no ambiguity). Thus we again have
                  $tereo on OETA via cable as long as they keep getting it via Seminole.
                  If I want to see something on OETA Create, their third channel, I
                  still have to get it off the air or not at all.

                  I have been unable to find any PR on the OETA website about the change
                  from OKLA to PBS WORLD, but here`s something of far more import,
                  behind-the-scenes problems we never would know about from watching TV:

                  ``OETA Acts to Protect Donor Funds
                  Last Updated by Aaron Morvan on Jan 09, 2019 at 4:34 pm


                  The Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA) Board of
                  Directors voted unanimously today to terminate its relationship with
                  OETA Foundation. In taking this action the Board is protecting donor
                  funds and the investment of Oklahoma’s taxpayers as well as the
                  integrity of OETA. OETA intends to fully comply with the intent of the
                  state law 1982 Okla. Sess. Laws 607, SB 454 to “encourage
                  contributions by private individuals, companies, foundations,
                  corporations and others in the private and public sectors” and will
                  immediately take steps to form a “public, nonprofit foundation which
                  will operate for the exclusive purpose of receiving, investing and
                  expending privately donated nonstate appropriated funds related to the
                  support, promotion, development and growth of educational and public
                  broadcasting in Oklahoma.”

                  In 1982 OETA collaborated with a diverse group of philanthropic
                  Oklahomans to create the OETA Foundation, Inc. The OETA Foundation and
                  OETA worked together for just over three decades with a shared goal to
                  bring Oklahomans quality, accessible, non-commercial programming
                  intended to entertain and enlighten.

                  OETA holds the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) license for
                  public television in Oklahoma and as the licensee, OETA is closely
                  regulated by the FCC with sole responsibility for programming,
                  management, and content.

                  The once-cooperative and courteous relationship between OETA and the
                  OETA Foundation, Inc. has deteriorated dramatically. Recognizing this
                  serious situation, the OETA Board of Directors led intensive efforts
                  over a multi-year period to negotiate a modernized and reformed
                  operating agreement with the OETA Foundation, but unfortunately were
                  rebuffed by the OETA Foundation. As a result, multiple long-time OETA
                  Foundation Trustees resigned in 2018 in protest of this continued
                  irresponsible and harmful behavior towards OETA and the State of

                  In December of 2018, OETA Foundation filed suit against OETA to assert
                  control of the operations of OETA and to prevent donor funding from
                  reaching OETA. In response, OETA filed a petition asking the judge to
                  affirm OETA’s authority to select a more prudent and responsible
                  steward of OETA’s donor dollars and charitable gifts.

                  “After trying in good faith for over two years to reach an amicable
                  resolution we now find ourselves in the unfortunate position of being
                  forced to terminate our relationship with the OETA Foundation, Inc.,”
                  commented Garrett King of Weatherford, Chair of the OETA Board of
                  Directors. “The OETA Foundation has precipitated this unfortunate
                  situation, but the OETA Board of Directors will uphold its
                  responsibilities to the public and to OETA’s generous donors. We will
                  protect and preserve OETA and its ability to execute the mission given
                  it by the Oklahoma Legislature.”

                  The OETA Board of Directors voted today in favor of a resolution which
                  provides the Chair of the Board the authority to proceed with
                  terminating the agreement with the OETA Foundation. As a result, OETA
                  intends to notify the OETA Foundation in writing directly of its

                  “We took this action today pursuant to all applicable law and policy,
                  but we took no joy in being forced to do so by the OETA Foundation’s
                  reckless and damaging behavior,” King said. “It is what we must do. We
                  have also taken the first crucial steps towards rebuilding OETA’s
                  capacity to fully cooperate with a new supporting charity as was
                  envisioned by the Legislature in 1982 and as was the reality for so
                  many positive, productive years. Private support has been and will be
                  crucial to OETA’s continued success and role as a positive force in
                  the lives of Oklahomans.”

                  King expressed his appreciation to the full OETA Board of Directors
                  for its engaged, resolute support of OETA’s employees and mission. He
                  also commended public media veteran Polly Anderson, the Executive
                  Director of OETA named by the Board in late 2017, for her
                  steadfastness in steering the organization through challenging times``

                  The root cause of this schism is totally unclear. Is it all about
                  money, or programming philosophy, or a personality power struggle?? (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) A follow-up:

                  FAQs about OETA and the OETA Foundation
                  Posted by Aaron Morvan on Jan 11, 2019 at 11:06 pm
                  (via gh, DXLD)

                  ** OKLAHOMA. Had not been getting any decodable DTV signals off the air from KETA-13, OETA, but resumes Jan 14. Website checked Jan 13


                  OETA will be conducting mandatory maintenance work on our Oklahoma
                  City tower. Because of this, we are required to reduce power
                  significantly between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. beginning 8 a.m.,
                  Jan. 10 to 4 p.m., Jan. 11. This will result in a loss of signal to
                  viewers watching OETA via antenna.

                  Weather permitting, power will be restored Jan. 12 and 13. Work will
                  resume at 8 a.m., Tuesday, Jan. 15 and is scheduled to be completed at
                  4 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 17. We’d like to thank everyone viewing OETA
                  via antenna for their patience while we make the necessary repairs and
                  upgrades that will ensure your favorite shows continue uninterrupted
                  in the future.``

                  Also an update on the Foundation situation:


                  ``FAQs about OETA and the OETA Foundation
                  Posted by Aaron Morvan on Jan 11, 2019 at 11:06 pm

                  Q. What’s going on?

                  A. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees authorized a lawsuit to be filed
                  against OETA. The Foundation has failed to provide proper oversight
                  over their organization and allowed it to ignite this controversy by
                  denying access to parts of the shared facility, changing the locks,
                  hacking into OETA’s system, withholding funds, and ultimately suing us
                  in a blatant power grab.

                  In response, OETA’s governing Board has terminated OETA’s agreement
                  with the Foundation in order to protect donor funds, information, and
                  OETA’s integrity. OETA employees and governing Board members are
                  focused on continued delivery of quality, life-enriching public media
                  to Oklahomans. We are proud to carry on the six decades of work that
                  have made OETA the most-watched PBS station in America. Programming
                  and operations are ongoing and not presently impacted by OETA’s
                  termination of its agreement with the Foundation.

                  Q. What happened to the relationship between OETA and its foundation?

                  A. This is an interesting story.

                  More than 30 years ago the state legislature passed a law that allowed
                  OETA to set up a charitable foundation to support OETA.

                  For most of those 30 years the relationship between OETA and the
                  Foundation worked well.

                  Within the last five years dissention arose between the two and the
                  Foundation began repeatedly attempting to interfere with OETA
                  operations and to unduly influence OETA’s state governing Board. OETA
                  tried to correct the problems through repeated meetings but the
                  problems only grew worse.

                  The Foundation today refuses to give OETA access to our donor funds
                  and how they have been used. The Foundation has locked OETA employees
                  out of multiple areas within the OETA building. OETA is the Federal
                  Communications Commission (FCC) licensee and responsible for its
                  operations, programming and donor finances. The Foundation is a
                  fundraising auxiliary and should not be attempting to also function as
                  public television station.

                  Last month the Foundation sued OETA to try and seize even more
                  control. OETA countered the suit in the courts asking the judge to
                  drop the frivolous claims made in the Foundation lawsuit.

                  As a last resort, the OETA Board, accountable to the State of Oklahoma
                  and charged with ensuring OETA’s viability and compliance with laws
                  and regulations, officially terminated the agreement with the
                  Foundation and began the process of identifying a new charitable
                  organization to responsibly oversee donor funds and to retrieve the
                  donor money already raised, putting it to proper use as required by
                  the FCC and Corporation for Public Broadcasting and, most importantly,
                  as intended by our donors.

                  Q. Is the money I’ve already given to OETA safe?

                  A. OETA has advised the Foundation that we consider all funds, assets,
                  property, and information they possess to be held solely and
                  exclusively for the benefit of OETA. The Foundation has affirmed this
                  on multiple occasions. We are confident, once the Foundation’s lawsuit
                  is resolved, those generous gifts will be honored as the donors
                  intended and used to support OETA.

                  Q. Can I still give money to OETA?

                  A. OETA has temporarily suspended accepting new donations as we
                  finalize negotiating a relationship with the Friends of OETA, Inc.
                  charitable organization. We are moving as quickly as possible to
                  resume donations and fundraising but we take seriously the charge to
                  shepherd funds given and funds that will be given in a manner that is
                  transparent and ethical.

                  Q. Is a state agency (OETA) trying to take over the Foundation?

                  A. No. The Foundation was originally created by a diverse group of
                  philanthropic Oklahomans to serve OETA and unfortunately has since
                  become a rogue organization. They have refused to provide basic
                  information crucial to the operation of OETA. Donor funds, given in
                  good faith, have been misappropriated for unauthorized programming and
                  unsolicited content creation and production. Donors have been lied to
                  about the collection and use of their well-intended donations. OETA, a
                  state agency, is simply choosing to select a new, more responsible
                  charity to cooperate with in order to protect its donors and their

                  Q. Who is leading OETA and how did they get there?

                  Dr. Richard Beck, Provost Rogers State University
                  Terri Cornett, Civic Volunteer
                  Dr. Cheryl Evans, President Northern Oklahoma College
                  Mr. James Gallogly, OU President
                  Mr. Burns Hargis, OSU President
                  Ms. Joy Hofmeister, Oklahoma Superintendent
                  Mr. Reese "Cody" Inman, Civic Volunteer
                  Dr. Glen D. Johnson, Chancellor Oklahoma State Regents
                  Mr. Garrett King - Board Chair
                  Ms. Suzanne Lair, Principal Jenks Public Schools
                  Dr. Larry Rice, President Rogers State University
                  Mr. Clarke Stroud, Director OU Football Operations

                  Public media veteran Polly Anderson’s leadership as Executive
                  Director has been an outstanding asset to OETA since her hiring just
                  over one year ago. She continues to have the full support of the OETA
                  Board of Directors.

                  Q. Has OETA really refused a legislative meeting with the Foundation?

                  A. OETA has met with state legislative and executive officials
                  regarding our ongoing efforts over a multi-year period, including as
                  recently as Monday, January 7, 2019. At Monday’s meeting, OETA
                  clearly outlined the reasons it believes that, short of decisive
                  action by the few remaining members of the Foundation’s Board of
                  Trustees, termination of the relationship is the only remaining option
                  to protect public television in Oklahoma. Additionally, OETA leaders
                  met repeatedly with the Foundation to resolve these issues outside of
                  the courts. The Foundation staff continued to overstep the authority
                  granted to them by state law and continued to willfully mislead
                  donors, withholding funds and duplicating the functions of the state
                  agency—they even went so far as to defy the direct orders of the
                  Foundation’s governing board, leading to multiple resignations from
                  that body in 2018 of longtime OETA supporters.

                  Q. Why did OETA evict the Foundation from the building they formally

                  A. The Foundation has used the OETA facility as a guest of OETA.
                  Recently, the Foundation staff restricted access to OETA personnel
                  within the OETA headquarters, changed the locks on the building,
                  hacked OETA’s state computer network, and recently reported to OETA
                  that they installed an unauthorized video surveillance system. The
                  responsible action on the part of OETA as a state agency to protect
                  state employees and state assets was clear.

                  The Foundation had become a totally unaccountable organization –
                  operating outside its intended statutory and fiscal boundaries and
                  acting in defiance of its earlier earlier governing board members,
                  leading to the resignation of several longtime Foundation Trustees and
                  OETA supporters. Despite over two years of negotiations and good
                  faith efforts on the part of OETA to bring our Foundation back to its
                  intended role, the Foundation recklessly and maliciously resisted all
                  civil efforts and refused to negotiate multiple proposed reforms.
                  Therefore, it is necessary and prudent to clearly separate our
                  operational functions at this time and to prevent the Foundation from
                  further undermining of the state agency it was established to serve.

                  Q. Why won’t OETA cash checks amounting to over $1.2 million provided
                  by the Foundation?

                  A. OETA conducts the stewardship of all funds with the utmost caution
                  and integrity. OETA is working with our federal and state regulators,
                  including the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Oklahoma
                  Attorney General’s office, to ensure proper accounting and handling of
                  these funds.

                  Q. How does OETA fit into PBS/Corporation for Public Broadcasting?

                  A. OETA is a PBS member station and a CPB grantee. Although the
                  Foundation has repeatedly attempted to misrepresent OETA to our
                  federal regulators and partners, the Foundation has no relationship
                  with PBS or the CPB outside of OETA. OETA has a very positive
                  relationship with both PBS and CPB and has kept both entities advised
                  of the ongoing issues with the Foundation.

                  Q. Where does OETA go from here?

                  A. OETA is working through this complex situation in consultation with
                  state legislative and executive officials and our federal regulators.
                  We are committed to the outstanding programming that has made it the
                  most-watched PBS-station in America. We are diligently working to
                  secure all past and present donor funds with a new and responsible
                  charitable foundation that will be governed by an independent board of
                  philanthropic and ethical individuals who can cooperate with OETA’s
                  governing board in a mutually-beneficial relationship.``

                  I then wrote to OETA:

                  ``I am sure everyone is concentrating on the terrible Foundation
                  situation, and thanks for explaining that on website. I don`t see any
                  names of individuals at the F who must be responsible for this. Is it
                  a few people in a power struggle?

                  But a couple of things:

                  How about some explanation of the reason for abruptly disposing of
                  OKLA and replacing it with World?? Interesting stuff, I am not
                  necessarily objecting. Is this in any way related to the Foundation

                  However some programming seems to have got lost in the shuffle; surely
                  you could still find some places for it on one channel or another:

                  PBS Newshour SUNDAY
                  Ray Stevens
                  Bluegrass Underground
                  (maybe the last two have run their course; we can`t know)

                  I am glad to see Amanpour out of 10 pm to a more convenient time, 11
                  am, as I had requested some time ago. Thanks and good luck!``


                  ``We hope that you are enjoying OETA World! Our programming department
                  has been working on this for some time and it debuted this past
                  Monday, January 7th. I believe that they promoted it on the OETA
                  channels for a while beforehand thruout the day before World
                  premiered. Nothing whatsoever tied to the Foundation matters was a
                  part of debuting World, as OETA World can be found in over 150 some
                  odd television markets out of the 160 some odd markets across the
                  country. Our viewers were asking for new programs and this is what
                  OETA World does – it allows us to re-air our local content on Saturday
                  evenings and on Sunday mornings early until noon we re-air our British
                  dramas, including Masterpiece Theater. And beyond that, thru the week
                  there are many new programs to discover plus all of the shows you are
                  familiar with like Frontline, Independent Lens, POV, Nature, NOVA,

                  Well, with any type of lawsuit or even police investigations -
                  information has to be limited due to the nature of it all until it has
                  concluded. Hopefully what has been provided does help our viewers at
                  this time and when we can update information for them it will be
                  provided I'm sure. In the meantime, enjoy all of the good viewing on
                  OETA and have a great day. Respectfully, Kristi Wren, Receptionist``

                  Follow up: ``We will air BLUEGRASS UNDERGROUND sometime on HD (13-1)
                  but RAY STEVENS doesn’t have a date at this time. As soon as I know
                  even more info I’ll advise or it may even be promoted on air between
                  current programming. Respectfully, Kristi Wren, Receptionist``

                  I am also having to re-convince OETA that there is a totally separate
                  and new PBS NEWSHOUR WEEKEND edition on Sundays, after Saturdays
                  (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WORLD OF RADIO 1965, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


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                    Multiple 3ABN channels on K17JN-D Enid

                    Tonight I am getting extremely strange stuff in Enid on RF ch 17, which I assume is just the local 3ABN transmitter K17JN-D (altho there are signs of tropo on some other, open channels).

                    First tuned around 0400 UT Aug 29, re-surveyed after 0500. Around 0430 I snapped a number of photos. EVERYTHING is totally broken up. There is too much of it to capture for my DTV Pixillated Video Art Gallery!

                    On the STB PSIP display, DTV 59-1 thru 59-7, similar lineup to what has for the Amarillo ch 17, including some audio only channels such as 59.7 Radio 74 which we also get on 89.3 KIEL Loyal.
                    59!!! we have never had an original 59 around here and has only two stations on it elsewhere.

                    On my SANYO DTV these display as 17- whatever and keep going to 8, 10, 11, 13, 61, 71, 75, 111, 122, 133, 201 and finally 202, as I keep changing channel upward, none of these having been programmed in. Some are labeled AUDIO ONLY, which I think I have never seen before on OTA DTV. Some are UNSUPPORTED AUDIO CODEC. 17-8 has glimpses of Russian text, NADEZHDA bug. All are breaking up video and/or audio, even tho the STB signal meter is strong, not steady but fluxuating, still well into the Good range.

                    Here is the lineup as best I can determine:

                    59-1 thru 59-7 display as such only on the STB, none higher like on the Sanyo as 17-1 thru 202

                    UAC = unsupported audio codec error message

                    STB SANYO DTV
                    59-1 3ABN-EN 17-1 3ABN bug LR [main channel]
                    59-2 3ABN-PR 17-2 will not tune, skips to 4
                    59-3 black and silent 17-3 will not tune, skips to 4
                    59-4 black and silent --- 17-4 audio only
                    59-5 3ABN-RD 17-5 THE WORD UAC
                    59-6 3ABN-RL audio only 17-6 will not tune, skips to 8
                    59-7 Radio 74 audio only 17-7 will not tune, skips to 8

                    SANYO DTV
                    17-8 Russian UAC Nadezhda bug
                    17-10 SMART LIFE STYLE TELEVISION
                    17-11 HIS WORD - LLBN TV
                    17-13 HIS LIGHT - LLBN; was organ music earlier
                    17-61 UAC AID (?) bug
                    17-71 UAC ?? no bug visible
                    17-75 illegible bug, English?
                    17-111 audio only, language? The break-ins are so brief it`s hard to recognize the language
                    17-122 audio only language?
                    17-133 audio only Spanish? No, I don`t think so
                    17-201 Hope Channel bug UR, program earlier Real Family Talk
                    17-202 UAC Spanish, Lugar de Paz visible; bug UR Esperanza TV [Hope]

                    Recheck around 1500 UT, same things.

                    WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

                    Thanks, (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK)


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                      You also posted this on the WTFDA email list and I posted this same information there.

                      The info you refer to (channel lineup) is from the Galaxy 19 Ku satellite (transponder 11842 H). See attached jpeg. The 3ABN feeds are on the same satellite...

                      (Scroll down to 11842 H and you will see the list)

                      So this has to be coming from one of your local LD's or DTV repeater stations that are sending out that satellite MUX. IF they are not suppose to be doing that, then someone obviously changed something in their satellite receiver from what you have been familiar seeing.
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                      Antennas - Antennacraft MXU59 UHF antenna & home-brew version of Antennacraft VHF Y-10-7-13 antenna @ 25'. Both antennas fed through a Channel Master 7777 30dB pre-amp.
                      Tuners - Zenith DTT901 converter box; AirSpy HF+ sdr; Silicon Dust HD Homerun Dual ATSC tuner, using Rabbitears autologger support.


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                        FAKE IDs from translator - Nexstar takes over KFOR & KAUT

                        I tried to post this on the WTFDA gg but no show? Apparently still down

                        ** OKLAHOMA. RF 17, Oct 2 and always, the latest reboot a few weeks
                        ago of K17JN-D Enid has kept it on the air with no further tech
                        problems, except it is permanently IDing falsely: ``DTV 41-1
                        KCYH-LD``! As explained before, that is its parent station in Ardmore,
                        on the other side of OK, whose software must have been imported here,
                        overwriting any reference to its true call K17JN-D which always
                        appeared before on the PSIP. Still 3ABN with a bunch of extra video
                        channels as 41-3 silent: (``unsupported audio codec``), 41-5, 41-6, and
                        ``audio only`` as 41-7, 41-8 and 41-9.

                        Are such false IDs a fineable offense? Has anyone seen anything like
                        this anywhere else? If any DXer picked this up she would surely assume
                        it was transmitted from Ardmore, not Enid, depriving this city of its
                        only local TV signal, despite some others licensed here such as RF9,
                        but really in OKC if on the air at all. There were/are others really
                        in Tulsa or even Kansas (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

                        ** OKLAHOMA. RF 28. KFOR-TV OKC has been plugging Nexstar as if it is
                        now part of that. It is; I found this notice at

                        ``Nexstar Media Group and Tribune Media Closing Webcast
                        September 20, 2019

                        Nexstar Media Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: NXST) (?Nexstar?) completed its
                        previously announced acquisition of Tribune Media Company (NYSE: TRCO)
                        (?Tribune Media?) in an accretive transaction, creating the nation?s
                        largest local broadcaster. Nexstar is hosting conference call and
                        webcast at 10:00 a.m. ET on Friday, September 20 to review the
                        transaction and host a question and answer session.

                        To access the conference call, interested parties may dial
                        334/777-6978 (domestic and international callers). The Conference ID
                        Number is 2037601. Please call five minutes in advance to ensure that
                        you are connected. Questions and answers will be taken only from
                        participants on the conference call.

                        Participants may also listen to a live webcast of the call (link
                        below). For the webcast, please allow 15 minutes to register, download
                        and install any necessary software. A webcast replay will be available
                        for 90 days following the live event at
                        Click here for the webcast
                        Nexstar Tribune Closing Investor Presentation``

                        Isn`t this entirely too much media ownership concentration? I hope
                        Nexstar politix are not as anti-American as Sinclair`s.

                        ``Nexstar owns, operates, programs or provides sales and other
                        services to 197 television stations (including partner stations) in
                        115 markets or approximately 63% of all U.S. television households
                        including 142 local web sites and 316 local news and weather mobile

                        Here`s their station roster and a map including KFOR in OKC as market
                        rank 45 ( has had it at only 50).
                        How can such smaller cities as Harrisburg PA, Spartanburg SC, outrank
                        OKC??? Hagerstown MD is #6??? One of the largest cities, San Diego CA
                        is #29??

                        ``(1) Market rank refers to ranking the size of the Designated Market
                        Area (?DMA?) in which the station is located in relation to other
                        DMA?s. Source: Investing in Television Market Report 2008 4th Edition,
                        as published by BIA Financial Network, Inc.``

                        It shows all the subchannels with each station --- not quite, not yet
                        CBS` Dabl on KFOR`s #4. At least KFOR is Nexstar`s only property in OK
                        so far, along with sibling RF-19 KAUT ``43``. This ensures that RF 25,
                        KWTV ``9`` may still continue its self-promotion as OKC`s only
                        locally-owned station (Glenn Hauser, OK, October 1, DX LISTENING


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                          ** OKLAHOMA. RF 17, Oct 2 and always, the latest reboot a few weeks
                          ago of K17JN-D Enid has kept it on the air with no further tech
                          problems, except it is permanently IDing falsely: ``DTV 41-1
                          Are such false IDs a fineable offense?
                          Certainly a false ID is a potentially fineable offense BUT...

                          - The FCC doesn't really care what call letters you transmit during the hour, as long as you transmit the right ones at least once. (for a LPTV station that isn't rebroadcasting something else, the city is also required - so "KCYH-LD" is not a legal ID even for KCYH-LD..)
                          - For TV stations, the legal ID may be either aural or visual. If the Enid station is announcing "K17JN-D Enid" aurally at least once an hour, they're legal even if the only call letters that ever show up on the screen are KCYH-LD.
                          - There's nothing in the rules about the call letters in the PSIP metadata. As you may have noticed, most Ion stations just say "Ion", but they also superimpose their call letters over the video. That is of course perfectly legal.
                          - LPTV stations may be identified in Morse Code in a way that's not audible or visible on an ordinary TV. I am not 100% certain that method works for digital stations -- but it might.*
                          - You have to do something pretty egregious to get fined these days. If you have a license, and your EAS gear and tower lights work, and you don't lie to the Commission about being on the air, you're probably not going to get fined.

                          So it's very possible K17JN is totally legal. And even if it isn't, they probably don't have anything to worry about.

                          * I'm certain it would work to identify the station. I am not certain it wouldn't cause TV sets to "lose lock" for the duration of the ID. Although the ID would take less than five seconds and maybe operators would be willing to accept the loss of lock?
                          Doug Smith W9WI
                          Pleasant View, TN EM66


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                            Originally posted by Glen Hauser View Post
                            Isn`t this entirely too much media ownership concentration?
                            The regulation is generally no more than two stations in a market, of which one must not be among the four most highly-viewed stations. (generally, you can own a major-network affiliate and an independent)
                            That's been slightly relaxed, in that it's now possible in certain circumstances to own two of the four most highly-viewed stations. The ABC and NBC stations in Sioux Falls, South Dakota are now co-owned.
                            Note that the airing of more than one major network on subchannels of the same station is unquestionably permissible.

                            There are no limits for multiple ownership across the country. If you can afford to buy a TV station in every market, the FCC will let you do it.

                            I don't mean to argue that regulation is, or is not, a good idea, but that's what the regulation is.

                            Here`s their station roster and a map including KFOR in OKC as market
                            rank 45 ( has had it at only 50).
                            How can such smaller cities as Harrisburg PA, Spartanburg SC, outrank
                            OKC??? Hagerstown MD is #6??? One of the largest cities, San Diego CA
                            is #29??
                            RabbitEars uses its own method to designate market areas. Nielsen's DMA system is copyrighted and other entities (not RabbitEars) have been asked to cease and desist in usign them.
                            Since the RabbitEars algorithm is different, it yields different results -- and more areas.

                            Note that on the Nexstar page, both Hagerstown and Washington show up as DMA #6. Hagerstown is part of the Washington DMA.
                            Harrisburg... may be the central city of the market, but the market also includes Lebanon, Lancaster, York, and a bunch of smaller cities. Similarly, Spartanburg also includes Greenville, Anderson, and Asheville NC.
                            San Diego "suffers" from being "hemmed in" by the ocean, the desert, Mexico (DMAs only include viewers in the U.S.), and Camp Pendleton. (imagine what your drill instructor would do if you tried to watch TV while on duty ) San Diego itself may be the 8th largest city in the U.S., but there aren't as many significant suburbs & satellite cities as in places like Minneapolis, Denver, and Cleveland.
                            Doug Smith W9WI
                            Pleasant View, TN EM66