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  • False PI codes

    While on my SDR i was using W9WIs PI decoder and found that many stations aren't using anything close to there actual call sign, WZEE is using a PI of "1718" that decodes to KCRW, WIBA is using PI "19E2" and that decodes to KDTI. Also does any else have this problem with SDRs, if i up the gain then these little peaks pop up but if the gain is down then i cant get hardly anything.


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    Clear Channel stations use non standard PI codes that begin with 1. The last 3 characters will match if you look up the PI code for the call letters. Make sure Correct IQ is checked, that may help with the spiking. Other than that, these units overload pretty easily especially if you have a strong local nearby. Also electronics can give off all sorts of random RF noise that you may have not noticed before since you couldn't see it.
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      As Spunker says, Clear Channel stations change the first byte of their PI to a 1. Try all other combinations with the same last three bytes -- 2718, 3718, 4718, 5718, ..., until you get one that makes sense. In this case, 9718 comes back to WZEE. Likewise, 69E2 comes back to WIBA.
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        And, for some of the other bogus PI codes that aren't simple Clear Channel modifications (mainly non-US stations)

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