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  • Pirate on 101.9

    It plays all 80s pop songs and usualy just mixes from song to song but I heard "most music in southern wisconsin 101.9 WRFJ" the audio goes out sometimes and it sounds really compressed and has some over sampleing/distortion and it's in stereo

    There TOH said WRFJ - Janesville.... the only WRFJ I see is in South Carolina

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    Its pretty easy to get FM transmitters from China on eBay. I grabbed a 0.1/0.5W one from there a couple years ago to check it out, and its actually a pretty decent transmitter if you have the volume levels correct. It gets about 1 mile range on 0.5W with the stock antenna using my car radio, which is well over the limit set by the FCC for unlicensed operation. For around the house use I switched it to low power mode (0.1W) and added an attenuator before the antenna.

    But now you can get even more powerful transmitters for pretty cheap prices. Here's a 7W for $50 and a 15W for $75. Add your own 12V power supply and a BNC antenna and you have your very own pirate radio station for under $100. I wonder if people know how much trouble they can get in for using one of these if they get reported.
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      I have thought that a range of up to one mile would not be too much for the FCC limits.

      Where I live, the house is spaced a few hundred feet between my neighbors' houses,
      as what could be opposed to houses where there are streets nearby.
      In my case, I would have no danger if interfering -- at least significantly.

      I have an FM transmitter that can be received up to a mile away (when it begins to fade completely).
      I have an unofficial (unlicensed) callsign for it -- "KEGN-FM." The callsign is based on my name, obviously.

      If I moved to a location where there are callsigns beginning with "W", I might change my call to
      "WKEG", or "WKGN" whichever isn't already taken.

      For a brief time, the callsign I began using in 2009 was "KEGA", but afterward, I changed it to "KEGN",
      after I did a search for the callsign, and found it was already used by a station in Salt Lake City, Utah, since 2003.
      KEGA-FM 101.5. "101.5 The Eagle" (at least when I last checked).

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        Huh, I was going to get that exact 7w transmitter once and I found there website it's czhfmtrasmitter or something similar but anyways my friend that lives to my NE by about 3/4mi was getting it near static free on an average cd/fm/am radio with analog tuning
        And they were on last night from about 8-11pm last night playing 80s pop music then today from 6-8 playing some program about WNYW and a SW station called WRUL but I wasn't really listening to it much then some more 80s pop songs then he went off air I would go try and find it but I have practice until 5:30 so it's dark by then


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          Update: the guy had some thing a couple weeks ago where he put out an email address after it said the 101.9 WRFJ thing and I emailed it basically saying that I could here his station and asked how many watts were being used, and ever scince I haven't heard it on the air again and I got no reply...

          He could of googled 101.9 WRFJ Janesville and would of found this.