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  • Hello from Cheshire UK

    Hello all,
    My name is Tim Bucknall, dxing since 1991, focusing on FM since 1998, i had the pleasure of getting to know some of you back in the yahoo groups/topica days.
    My current set up is Elad FDM-S2 . Denon TU-800L and Modified Denon TU-580 Tuners
    Aerial is a custom designed HS publications 6 element 76-94Mhz - affectionately known by my colleagues in the Skywaves dx group as the BOB blaster (bottom of band blaster).
    For portable listening i have the obligatory TEF 6866

    I’ve had a low grade Transatlantic dx fever since I heard Quebec TV sound on 87.75 on 24th June 2004.
    This year the highlight of an otherwise poor E season was hearing Greenland on 96.25 which made the TA fever spike again.
    I was following the saga of your FrankenFMs on that magic 87.75 frequency I’m very pleased that the FCC allowed existing stations to remain.
    If I’m not sitting at the dials I can be found on discogs collecting vinyl - Hendrix, Bowie, The Who, Punk Rock, Early Fusion, Quadraphonic pressings.
    I have a few radio transcription discs from AFRTS, BBC and others.
    When chronic health conditions allow I volunteer for and with the Polish and Ukrainian communities in the UK

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    Hi Tim. Nice to hear from you again. I still have a list on this computer you sent me years ago of lowband FM DX targets in Europe. I use SDRs now; my Onkyo T450 sits on the shelf. Does HF Pub make or sell FM antennas? The last time I received a catalog from them is at least two years ago. I was wondering if they are still around. The season was poor for me also. Most openings were just a bit too far west for me. The only reception that saved the season for me was Azores on 87.7 (or .8?) on a Saturday morning around 10am for roughly 90 minutes. It seems that the first last week of June and the first week of July are prime time for TAs. Anyway, welcome!
    Enfield, CT USA
    Visit Mike's DX at or go here.

    On the web since 1999! (that's 23 years!)
    See what else I have over there


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      Thank you Mike, Good to see you.
      Congratulations on the Azores, one day we'll both get it at the same time and we'll have the multi-hop link up to end to end them all!
      Yes HS Publications are going strong albeit struggling to source some components.