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June 16th 2021 - 2x Es - MA to Puerto Rico

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  • June 16th 2021 - 2x Es - MA to Puerto Rico

    Things have come full circle as my second lifetime 2x Es catch is the exact inverse path of my first one (first 2x Es is pinned on the forum, from Puerto Rico to Canadian Maritimes, however that opening started with a sports signal on 96.3 that I believe was WEII-FM, one of my current locals).

    I noticed on DXMaps a good amount of Es from MA and ME to Puerto Rico... without a lot of other activity I swung south and rolled SDR IQ recordings from 88-95 MHz hoping maybe I'd catch a fadeup. Sure enough, I loaded the IQ back up about an hour later and found a 2 minute fadeup with 3 signals; 88.1, 89.7 and 90.5.
    • 88.1 programming was Spanish Christian music, "Vamos A Salir a la Calle" by Alay Music ft. Gilberto Daza. RDS did trigger for this one, a bogus code of FFFF. I suspect this was WCRP-FM Guayama, PR. This is not noted in the WTFDA DB, and while I was in Puerto Rico in 2020, this station was running a different bogus PI code.
    • 89.7 was my positive ID. Jazz programming, a nice signal over a weak WGBH off the back of my antenna. No audio ID, but RDS including PI and PS information came through strong with WRTU's data, consistent with what I saw last year while in PR.
    • 90.5 was a weaker signal, also with Spanish Christian music, "Se Mueven Las Aguas" by Luis Santiago. No RDS decoded here and the signal was weaker. I assume this was WIDA licensed to Carolina, PR. WIDA shares a tower location with 88.1 WCRP.

    It is certainly possible that this was a single hop + tropo situation. But based on some other paths on DX Maps, and the distance, I am presuming 2x. Earlier this week I also logged 88.1 Primera in Dominican Republic, and 96.7 CMBD-16 in Cuba. So I'm on a roll in the Carribean! Looking forward to more... this is definitely the most interesting direction for long haul rare DX here.


    Bryce Foster
    Mashpee, MA FN41sp
    Bryce Foster - K4NBF (formerly KG6VSW)
    Hermitage, TN EM66

    Elad FDM-S2 SDR
    Sony XDR-F1HD

    Innovanntenna 10 Element FM beam (primary) @35 ft
    Winegard HD-6065 (phase) @25 ft with Bolin Phase Box
    Tennadyne T2 V/UHF log periodic @ 30 ft

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    Nice work. Love Cape Cod.

    NOTE: Not knowing how strong the signals from PR were there, keep in mind that there is at least an LD on RF 4* which I caught back on May 27 (WVDO). Be on the lookout. Imagine a double hop LD.... WCRP landed an RDS “Inspira” with three bars on my Sony. I also had assumed WTOK 102.5 with “HOT 102” RDS.

    *There is also at least RF 5 W05DA OR W05DB—but ID’d think WGBH TV to be too strong.



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      Wow! That's great! Over here in HD land, all of those frequencies are blocked. All season so far my antenna has been aimed south at WLNG 92.1. Wish I was on the Cape!!
      Mike B.
      Enfield, CT
      -72° 30' W/41° 59' N

      Online since 1999 and still going at


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        Bryce, I just remembered that way back before DTV when WKAQ was on channel 2, Roy Barstow in Teaticket saw them via Es. I saw the video. The distances from Yarmouth and Mashpee to PR can't be too far apart so if TV Es happens, FM Es should also.
        Mike B.
        Enfield, CT
        -72° 30' W/41° 59' N

        Online since 1999 and still going at


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          Impressive Bryce. Congratulations. I remember when you were on vacation to Puerto Rico and heard double-hop into the Maritimes. As if it was waiting for you to move to MA to do it again to you :-)
          FM/AM/SW DXer of Yakima, WA! God Bless America!


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            Nice! Maybe 2021 summer will be the year of Double Hop E Skip.
            Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17


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