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    Ed, as for the quad stack, I've thought about that since I first saw the CM instruction sheet when I was in high school around 1970. I did get to install a 4250 (6 ft. parabolic) at my parents' house back then, but never got to stack two or four. Thanks to Chad, I do have enough of them to make a quad stack, but I'm not sure we'll ever try that. I like the idea, but at the same time, I cringe at the thought if anything were to go wrong while getting them up in the air or if a storm, etc. took them out, I would be next to tears. It was tough enough losing the Finco P-7, along with CS-1100 & tower sections a few months ago.

    BTW, I've attached a pic of the replacement 30 ft. tower with another Antennacraft CS-1100 @ 30 ft. and a CM 4228HD @ 34 ft. If you decide to split your antennas between two towers, it does allow more flexibility in aiming them in different directions, especially during Es openings.

    Too bad about the nearby cell towers. Those can really mess with DXing. I've discovered some issues at the Payson, IL remote location with a nearby cell tower. It completely knocks out channels 39 & 40. Well, those channels will be long gone very soon for DTV.

    Good luck with your project, too, should you decide to go that route. I do know you are wanting to get the P-7 back in the air, one way or another. But completely understand delaying that until you know more about how the new tower signals will or will not affect your DTV DX.

    Milford 30 ft tower June 2019.jpg


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      I wonder what the survival record is for one of those '4-stacks'... Probably, not very long... It would have to be made 'bomb-proof' if it was going to last very long in KY... I shudder just thinking about the ice storms we've had, let alone, the 100 mph thunderstorm winds...

      See here what a 100 mph wind does to just one P-7...

      ...Now imagine 4 of them stacked together.

      In reality, a wide spaced 4-stack array of 91XG's would probably work nearly as well as the 4251's and would most certainly last longer in the foul wx.

      I've come up with a way to make new insulators for the CS-1100 should you ever need to replace any. (I've replaced 5 of them on mine)... I've also made some electrical / mechanical improvements (things that "AntennaCrap" should've done in the first place) so, if you ever decide to do a re-build, contact me and I'll show / tell you what I've done.

      73, Ed NN2E
      Owner / Operator - Murphy's Law Test Site & Thunderstorm Proving Grounds
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        As I mentioned earlier, I would be so fearful of putting up a quad stack due to weather and other considerations, mostly due to the fact that the 4251 has been out of production so long and it's very tough finding good used ones. They were made to stand up to rough weather, much better than the Finco P-7. A number of 4251 parabolics have been up for over 40 years and still working.

        Ed, thanks for the info and offer on new insulators for the Antennacraft CS-1100. That might come in handy down the road since it is now very difficult to locate decent VHF-only antennas.


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          Mike G. and I recently conducted a brief test of the two 4251s horizontally stacked with the new mounting frame that Mike designed and constructed. Test pics and results at the antenna section.


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