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Antenna Direct PA-18?

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  • Antenna Direct PA-18?

    I am still looking around at preamps to use on the Sony- Korner 9.2 combo. I found another that has modest gain and a fairly low noise figure, The Antenna Direct PR-18. It says 15.5 DB and a noise figure on 1.8 DB. Even lower noise figure than the CM 7777, and lower gain too. I would rather have something in the 10-12 DB range, but nothing much is available I can find, but at least it is not 30 DB which may cause overload. The Windgard I tried is in the 12-15 DB range, at 1 DB noise but it has an FM trap, I cannot get to, other than cutting the plastic box apart to cut the foil. The preamp works great on the lower part of the band. The Antenna Direct preamp claims to have no FM trap. I wonder if anyone uses one, or knows how good they are? They are about $50. I know their 91XG antenna is a good yagi as I use one.

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    I don't know anything about the PA-18 but I know that Walmart has had a RCA preamp, with 10 db gain for about $12-13.00!
    Have no idea about the noise figure, but for that money, its worth a try.

    Gary H.


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      I will check on it. Thanks.


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        I read that the 1.8 DB noise figure is not that accurate. Some tests claim 3-3.5 DB of noise figure. I still may try to get that LNA200 board out of the box to try and cut the foil to get rid of the FM trap. In testing the amp, it worked well on the bottom of the FM band.


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          I would look at the Antennas Direct - Juice. It is a superior pre-amplifier.


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