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My Dish is bigger than your Dish...

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  • My Dish is bigger than your Dish...

    .....yeah, but can it really get dx???

    Okay, so its not REALLY a dx antenna. But it kinda, sorta is. It looks up at Space and *maps* the stars and stuff like that. This all happened at the end of September. They say it's already picked up data from Space, so is that like receiving dx? Lookout Milford IL DTV dx site, your dx numbers might be threatened. Hmm, I wonder if they use DTV on Mars?

    Story at 11. Well actually, the story is here...
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    Jim Thomas
    Springfield, MO EM37

    "Let's just plop them in front of the TV. I was raised in front of the TV and I turned out TV." - Homer Simpson

    Fall & Winter 2019 dx equipment
    Antennas - Antennacraft MXU59 UHF antenna & home-brew version of Antennacraft VHF Y-10-7-13 antenna @ 25'. Both antennas fed through a Channel Master 7777 30dB pre-amp.
    Tuners - Zenith DTT901 converter box; AirSpy HF+ sdr; Silicon Dust HD Homerun Dual ATSC tuner, using Rabbitears autologger support.

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    ......and they're only $'s how to order!


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