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  • Comet or Terk?

    Hello all, I just moved into a subdivision that (Thank GOD) doesn't have the devils children a/k/a HOA with the new secret CDD fees but the county has code enforcement officers, the rule book is rather ambiguous about anything non satellite & nothing is even mentioned about Congress mandated availability of OTA analog TV system antennas if one elects not to go Cable or Satellite. I already have cable but this is for the hobby. I have my eye on the Comet CD-95Y FM Yagi which has a fairly small footprint of 45" in length but the width of the longest element is a whopping 71" & that's noticeable, even if I mount it right on the roof peak vent plate with a rotor you cant miss that so now I'm eying the Terk FM50 which is 57" wide which I believe I could pull off, only problem is it's bidirectional which would render it useless for DX but what if I attached a metal plate on one side wouldn't that give it directional characteristics like the Navy carrier radars that have the transmitting elements attached to big metal plates? I know, try it & see, I just threw this out there in case anybody is familiar with these two antennas or have had HOA issues & how have they been circumvented, thanks in advance. Everybody please have a safe & pleasant weekend.

    BTW: The attic is out because the roof insulation is aluminized & I added custom aluminum laminated flooring to the attic because all my SDR's will be run via USB cable from the PC's to the attic to eliminate the AC hash from the house.

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    I can tell you this. The way American law is written is the opposite of European law. In Europe the laws are written to tell you what you CAN do. American law is written to tell you what you CANNOT do. Thus, unless some county regulation specifically prohibiting the erection of a TV antenna or mast or small tower on private property is mentioned or height restrictions for said masts or towers, then you should not have a legal problem installing a antenna. Not familiar with the antennas and can't help with that.


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      Hello AMFMDxer in Jacksonville. Hey this sounds like Ann Landers! Sorry, don't know your name.

      Familiarize yourself with this page...

      As long as you abide by the FCC regulations on reasonable size of antenna, an HOA or local government cannot say anything about installation of a TV antenna on property YOU own (condo, town home or house). Even if you are using a reasonable sized FM antenna, it can qualify as a *TV* antenna. You don't have to tell them its an FM antenna.
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        Thanks for the advice gents, Jim it's Hal, sorry about that, usually if I subscribe to a forum I try to create a username that reflects the hobby or what aspect of a hobby I'm into anyway it all worked out, the County said it's a go, just apply for a permit if you're going to erect a tower that's tall enough if in the event it collapsed or fell over & could possibly hit anything other then the flat ground causing damage on any property including mine so I'm good to go, I'm just starting out so it's going to be a roof job for now but I have a Rohn tower in mind but that's for another time.


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