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Seminole Wire & Cable - Jersey Speciality Company (JSC) Brand

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  • Seminole Wire & Cable - Jersey Speciality Company (JSC) Brand

    There is a new American family owned wire and cable manufacturer located in Pennsauken, New Jersey as of 2015 called Seminole Wire & Cable.

    The company primary industry is in mining field. That should tell you that their products meet high quality control specifications using advanced
    manufacturing capabilities.

    They brand their cables under Jersey Specialty Company (JSC).

    Their website link is here:

    You can explore their coaxial cable products by three choices:
    a. Signal Type- Radio
    b. Industry & Application - Broadcasting
    c. Wire Type - Coaxial

    Any way you choose above, a pdf document will be shown. Open the file with you browser.

    Then scroll down more than half way to 'Coaxial' (page 3 of 4) to see the specifications for 50 ohm coaxial. This is for the electronics and
    electrical engineering nerds. (lol)

    Here I noticed an advanced RG-8/U type coax, part number 3810 that is constructed from a solid #10 gauge copper-clad aluminum 0.109" for
    the center conductor, 50 ohm impedance, 24.2pF capacitance per foot, 84% velocity of propagation factor, dual shielding - bonded 100% foil,
    91% tinned copper braid. The dielectric insulation is 0.285" outer diameter foam polyethylene, outer jacket constructed of black polyvinyl
    chloride with an outer diameter of 0.405".

    The chart shows a 1.5dB nominal attenuation loss at 150 MHz with the coax length at 100 feet. This coax can be used in wet environments,
    thus a direct burial cable.

    If you continue down the page (4 of 4), there are other types; RG-59/U, RG-6/U, RG-11/U for 75 ohm impedance.

    If you need a vendor to purchase their products contact:

    Altex Computer & Electronics
    7502 N Loop 1604 W
    San Antonio, TX 78249
    Phone (210) 877-1470
    Fax: (210) 877-2158

    Price is $0.99 per foot.

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