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My Shoestring Budget DIY FM Antenna For My Sherwood RX-4109

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  • My Shoestring Budget DIY FM Antenna For My Sherwood RX-4109

    Basically it's a horizontal dipole mounted under the soffit above the window of my home office, total length 25' from end to end, each leg is 12.6' of 14 gauge stranded wire soldered to the clips of the 75/300 ohm matching transformer. 25' of 75 ohm white coax attached to a screw on female F to slide on male F adapter to the Sherwood. Everything is cable tied to adhesive mounting pads. The antenna is facing in a North/South direction but is mounted on the North side of the house which is concrete facing another concrete house 20' away.

    I scoured Sprint/Radio Shack, Home Depot, Lowes & Wally Mart.

    Total investment including soldering iron: $32.00

    When I first fired up the Sherwood last month with a VHF high band mag mount antenna sitting on the AC Condenser outside my window, total FM stations received: 8

    Just fired it up & total FM stations now received: 49, All but 9 full quieting.

    Gonna risk domestic violence on my body tomorrow by shopping for stuff to DIY an AM Loop antenna. Wish me luck.

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    That sounds great! Good luck!
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      Thnx DX Grrl, didn't quite work out too well after it rained for 3 days, I kinda forgot to seal all the connections, just put up a more durable "HEAVILY" sealed version today, I'll keep you posted.


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