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Getting a new Sony XDR HD Radio!

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  • Getting a new Sony XDR HD Radio!

    I bought a Sony XDR-S10HDiP on eBay for $80 on Saturday, I'm really exited to get it, it comes with most of the things it oiginally comes with, the two FM antenns, AM antenna, docks, manual, and box.
    I can tell that this model does have a better RDS display (two lines rather than one on the F1-HD) does not have the cooling issue that the F1-HD has, and performs the same. One MAJOR draw back is that there is no headphone or audio out jack! I'd like to add one somehow. I also might have problems with it because my antenna is outside and if I want to seriously DX I have to do so outside... I can't have anything permanent. Still I'm really exited to get this.


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    Its a great radio, just as good as the XDR-F1HD's tuner but with speakers and cooling. Mine didn't come with a remote but the XDR-F1HD remote works fine on it, except it doesn't have volume controls. I did a mod on mine to add an audio output jack and a toggle switch so that the speakers can be turned off while the headphone jack is still active. I did a write up about it here The only downside with this mod is you have to have to volume pretty low otherwise the headphones are too loud. Other than that I don't have any complaints.
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      I really like it, top notch selectivity, the speakers are what really blew me away, I knew it would be a great tuner but the audio quality is amazing, I also would have liked a bit of better RDS sensitivity, today was pretty much baseline conditions and with my old homemade folded dipole inside my room, I can get a lot of stations that would usually be very weak.

      spunker, I would like to add that to my radio too, but I really have no experience with doing something like this, how hard is it? I would hate to damage the radio.
      I use an app on my phone but the app only has a support for the F1HD, so no volume controls.


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