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Yagi issues with Sony XDR.

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  • Yagi issues with Sony XDR.

    I had very high hopes for the sony, and I know it is an amazing radio, I've gotten lots of new logs just with an indoor wire antenna hooked up to it but I know the true potential of it is to hook it up to a yagi, so I just hooked up my sony to my yagi but I have worse performance with the yagi than with the indoor wire! If I go and hold the co-ax signals go up a bit but I should be getting some of these in HD, stations are 94.5 WKTI Milwaukee @65mi, 101.1 WKQX Chicago and usually WIXX Green Bay, 95.5 is a translator 35mi away, 94.9 WOLX is a local @60mi that I can get in HD with the wire and WDKB is heard in their null. The yagi worked perfectly with my portable radio. Any help is appreciated.

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    Using a balun (matching transformer) on the antenna? Getting the antenna as high as possible should help, but you ought to be getting better reception just the way the antenna is.


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      JVL Dxer, you have a bad connector on your coax cable. That shouldn't be happening at all. If the signals change just by moving the cable, that tells me something's wrong with one or both of the cable connectors. One of the connectors probably doesn't have a secure fit to the grounding shield and that can really kill the incoming signal. You need to try a different cable connection from the yagi. IF you don't have another cable to swap out as a test, then you probably need to change the connector at the radio connection to a compression fitting connector. You might have a bad connector on the balun end at the antenna also. Stay away from screw on and crimp-on connectors, they almost always fail.
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        I fixed it from replacing the cable, though now I'm using the same cord for almost all applications, so that's a bit of a pain.


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