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Antenna conversion.

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  • Antenna conversion.

    I have an Archer 15-82-- VHF antenna, V configuration. This came in a box with two parts. To convert this to Channel 13 specs how long should the elements be? Should the connection rods be kept or removed?

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    If you have a VHF antenna "in a V configuration", it already covers channel 13. The preferred term for your antenna is a "V type log periodic".

    If you want an antenna just for peak performance at channel 13, it will be better to start from scratch. Go to any of the online antenna design tools on the web and enter 214 MHz where you enter the frequency.

    A yagi for channel 13 will be quite compact and will have one major lobe (an all-channel VHF log will have annoying sidelobes at about 60° CCW and CW from the main).

    You may also explore other designs, like quagis, bowtie arrays, or a "king-size Hoverman" for the VHF highband
    Comparing Sporadic-E skip to skip on the AM and shortwave bands is like comparing apples and oranges.

    Comparing tropo to skip is like comparing apples and bacon cheeseburgers.


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      Thanks, Robert.

      Good DXing!



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