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  • Bang 4 D Buck!!

    I must tell all of you, I purchased the Xtreme Signal HD8200 XL all-channel TV antenna at

    When I first put it up about 2 months ago, I was very disappointed at its performance. I thought it was either a bad antenna, or, I assembled it incorrectly. I was ready to return the thing.

    Enter the Channel Master CM7777 preamp!

    It must have been my old CM preamp that was the issue. I figure that the weather took its toll on it; I had it about 8.5 years. That, or I didn't take good care of it.

    Anyway I purchased a new one from the same site, as they have been good to me as far as customer service.

    Once attached and everything put up---with apologies to John Madden, BOOM came the DX!!! Channels have come in that I had never seen before (analog AND digital). I will note that RF 5 & 6 are vastly improved from before, and outperform my FM rig on 5/6.

    Even though it's late July and the Es season might be coming to a close soon, Es has still come almost daily.

    Altogether the two items combined run under $200.... for the DXer with the tight pocketbook strings.

    I have been very busy at the YouTube:

    I highly recommend this combo!


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    Christopher, when I read your first couple sentences, I was about ready to post a reply about how I strongly disagree with you. I have the 8200. I think it's the 8200U and not the XL. I'm not sure exactly what the difference is, but the Winegard 8200 is a strong performer here and has captured Es and Tr with better signal strengths than my previous setup.


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      Here is how it looks at home, at 22 feet. This photo was with the older CM7777, which has been replaced.

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