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Any recommendations on a good indoor HDTV antenna?

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  • Any recommendations on a good indoor HDTV antenna?

    Hi there. I'm an FM DXer with almost 2 years under my belt, and now I want to broaden my horizons into TV. But there's one problem: I'm having trouble finding recommendations a good indoor TV antenna for DXing. Please let me know what you guys think would be a good DXing antenna.

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    It kinda depends on what you've got room for... I've heard of a few DXers using the old (no longer available) 7ft parabolic UHF antennas in their attics. (!) I've also seen a few, large, VHF antennas mounted inside of attics and garages.

    I use an old office chair base (wheel assembly) with a 5 ft piece of PVC pipe attached to it. This makes a 'mobile' indoor mount for any antenna I decide to put on it. I can roll it around the house and aim the antenna (currently, a 91-XG UHF antenna) out any of the windows.

    73, Ed NN2E
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      What Ed is saying is true - the best antenna for DXing indoors is an outdoor antenna. If your space is limited, try using a Channel Master 4-bay antenna. It'll mostly work on UHF and high VHF, so the likelihood of E-skip will be low with this antenna. But a proper low VHF antenna may be space-prohibitive.



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        What your house is made of should be taken into account.

        If your walls are brick, concrete, stucco or aluminum siding, your best bet would be a two-bay bowtie and preamplifier. You'll "rotate" by moving from room to room and placing the antenna backed off from a window. If you're in a west-facing window, target a station from the northwest by holding the antenna southeast of the window - northeast of the window to target a station from the southwest (you'll get the idea for what to do behind the other three walls).

        If your house is sided with wood or vinyl, you can probably do okay staying in one place.

        Even better would be to take a battery power TV and a yagi to a lake shore on a hot day.

        Some DTV converter boxes use a power supply that plugs directly into the wall socket and is connected to the converter box by a coaxial power plug. You can build a portable battery pack to power the converter anywhere.
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