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Recommendations for amplified speaker using batteries?

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  • Recommendations for amplified speaker using batteries?

    Hello---as you know, I travel for much DX, if I cannot record any at home (usually due to my locals being so close).

    Although it isn't the most sensitive receiver in the world, the Éton 550 does have a plus: selectivity. Trouble is, the volume on it leaves a LOT to be desired.

    Since it's mainly for travel, can anyone recommend a decent-yet-inexpensive speaker that can (1) increase volume & (2) run on either alkaline batteries OR a charge at home?

    EDIT: oh yeah, (3) has a 1/8" stereo plug for my receivers?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    It appears you could do this different ways. Many of the portable speakers are now *bluetooth* enabled (for cell phone use). You actually have to search "external speaker for portable radio" to locate the right type of product. So my curiosity would be - one speaker or two? Does it need to be powered by a battery? IF its an external speaker and plugged into the Éton 550, the radio's volume control could be adequate IF the external speaker is considerably larger than the Éton's speaker - a larger magnet on the external speaker should deliver more volume and might be something like 3 to 5 watts output. Think of it like this. When you use the earbuds/headphones, it only takes a fraction of the power to drive those tiny speakers. IF you push the volume much, you feel like its blowing your ears off of your head. THEN, you take the ear buds/headphones off with volume unchanged and you can't even hear the sound in the earbuds/headphones. Now IF you want the speaker(s) to perform like a boom box, then additional power would probably be required, either from rechargeable batteries or with a powered cable from the cars cigarette lighter port.

    I guess you need to know which way is most practical for your dxing situation.

    Here is a page to read about impedance matching, which is important to consider when using an external speaker. The linked page is mostly about connecting external speakers to a PC, but even headphone jacks on portable radios need to be balanced to deliver the volume correctly.
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    Jim Thomas
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      Well, Jim, the purpose would be for YouTube almost exclusively. In my case, the issue is getting some volume, to combat the noise of the cars passing by. I enjoy showing the scenery around the setup---it proves that it was DX. One speaker will do.

      The Éton has a line-out jack in addition to a headphone one. I can always transfer the sound to an mp3 recorder/PC/etc. via Line-out, and the cars are not an issue. However for YouTube, that's no fun! You kinda have to have the ambience as well, but the volume has to be loud enough. The GE Superadio II that I use has a speaker that surely doesn't need an amp.

      There are also some extremely quiet areas to where I wouldn't need such a speaker.

      I will need to look into that site. BTW, Bluetooth & car cigarette lighter input are out of the question; the latter because my car drains battery pretty good, and then I need jump start.

      Thank you.



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        I have two Bluetooth speakers -- both of which also have 1/8" audio inputs that would be suitable for your application.

        I don't know if *all* Bluetooth speakers have 1/8" inputs but I think it's worth checking.
        Doug Smith W9WI
        Pleasant View, TN EM66


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