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Startling discovery---re Xtreme Signal antenna or Channel Master Preamp

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  • Startling discovery---re Xtreme Signal antenna or Channel Master Preamp

    Hey...I will try to explain this, but it won't be easy.

    I was totally frustrated since April 13, 2019, that since WSVN vacated RF 7 for 9, that all this time, WFLA decoded just once, for less than 2 seconds!

    Enter early morning May 29. Tampa signals (aside from WFLA) were strong. Even the newly vacated-locally RF 46 had subdecode, likely WCTV which landed on the 25th.

    I tuned to 7 once more, and again just a subdecode.

    On a whim, I decided to switch cables, and used the FM antenna. BAM!! Not only a WFLA decode; but up to about 66% at that!!

    I was thinking just before this, that WFLA was on AUX power, or started as directional. might say that the antenna isn't cut out for hi-V. Not true. RF 8 landed me WOFT LD Orlando the night before with the Xtreme. On top of that, with the FM this morning, 8 showed decode using the Xtreme, while the FM antenna had nothing. Also on the nearby WX band, signals jumped out better on the Xtreme.

    Is there some kind of "nulling mechanism" on 174-180 MHz on either the Xtreme OR the Channel Master preamp, that could explain this?

    And oh BTW when Jacksonville tropo was monstrous about 5 weeks ago, WJCT 7 was no problem on the Xtreme (not to mention seeing a weak Cuban 7); of course I never thought to try the FM antenna for comparison.

    Any theories?


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    FM mixing products QRM. That's why my VHF side is bare bones - no preamp. (I do have a distribution amp that prevents loss from splitting up the signal). I have a 100' feedline and have still managed 600+ mile tropo on VHF-Hi TV.


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      Sounds good, WRH. Because Tampa has WTVT on 12, I also noticed that the Xtreme had WPTV just fine (Xtreme aimed at Tampa) but Antennacraft FM reception hit the wall at 40% or so. Eventually it just turned into WPTV.

      I know that I had some humdinger hi-V reception before I installed the amp. However, I just can't switch from amp to regular coax line! BTW doesn't the FM Trap in the amp do anything to solve my issue?

      I implied that 8 had a decode did not...just a subdecode.



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