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Channel Master 4251 Horizontally Stacked

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  • Channel Master 4251 Horizontally Stacked

    Mike G and I recently conducted a brief test with two Channel Master 4251s horizontally stacked as part of our ongoing project for the Milford, IL remote site. The test was with the center of the antennas @ 10 ft. AGL. We tested two area DTV stations, one @ 56 miles and one @ 77 miles. Phasing was correct between the two antennas. We used an A/B switch to test signal strength from only one antenna at a time via Mike's signal meter. While the signal varied quite a bit at this height around noon local time, both antennas were very similar in signal strength. Then when the two antenna signals were combined, the strength increased on average by 2.5 dB, which was anticipated. The next step in this project is to lower the 100 ft. tower at Milford and take measurements for making a rotor plate and a top tower plate for the mast since we will be removing the top section of the current tower. More to come.

    4251 stack test 1 Aug 2019.jpg4251 stack test 2 Aug 2019.jpg4251 stack test 3 Aug 2019.jpg
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