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Panasonic RF-1006MD (MC instead of MHz)

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  • Panasonic RF-1006MD (MC instead of MHz)

    Hey, I did'nt know where else to post this...
    Today at a thrift store I bought this medium-sized 10-transistor 8-diode FM/AM radio with MB (?) And instead of having MHz and KHz on the dial it shows MC and KC What the heck is MB? Whatever MB stands for it shows on the dial as being from1.6 to 4.5MC. So it is clearly the lowest short-wave bands. This radio works- even the dial light but I can;t find any info on this radio or from what year it is from.

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    Marine Band, I think. I think there used to be ship to shore transmissions there long ago.
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      Correct, Mike. My Hammarlund HR-10 ( analog ) multiband portable dating from the late 1960's still has that. Ship-to-shore, ship-to-ship, marine operators and not a few land-based emergency services all operated there in the 1950's & 60's, and perhaps later.
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        2182 kHz is still the international marine distress frequency, I believe.


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