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My Antennas in Portugal

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  • My Antennas in Portugal

    Attached a picture of my antennas in Portugal.

    The wideband Uhf one is at around 39Feet,it's a DAT75 made by Televes in Spain.There's a Uhf preamp just below it

    Below this is my lowband antenna going from 47-68 MHz (European

    The 11 element highband antenna is on the side of the mast(I can't point it
    north but there's nothing of interest in that direction).Made by Televes,
    originally 8 element but I added 3 elements

    At the bottom is a 3 element 40-46MHz I made which is currently
    used to receive the GB3RAL beacon on 40.05MHz via Sporadic E

    If the 405 line TV transmissions start from Alexandra Palace London on ch B1
    45MHz video and 41.5MHz audio (the group is making progress!!) I'll
    turn it vertical if that's the polarisation (probably will be,the same as
    original transmissions).


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    Wow! Mr. Hoover. Can we stretch a coax across the Atlantic so I can share in your bounty??? The Alexandria Palace broadcasts? I read about this about three years ago when visiting some vintage TV website and I thought it was a joke. Are you saying that someone or some group is going to legally broadcast over the old channel and for how long? Hopefully long enough for us to be able to grab it here in North America at the peak of the next sunspot!!!


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      All the information on Alexandra Palace is here

      They're in the process of restoring an old BBC reserve transmitter
      from the 1950's last used in 1985



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        Well, as they say in Venezuela, Puerto Rico & other countries/areas which you have received: Muy muy bien! Que rico!!



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