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    Am finally ready for DX (sort of); have a 91-XG for UHF and a Winegard HD5030 (PR5030) for VHF. Located in Pasco Co. FL just north of Tampa, the array is aimed NE towards Orlando. Yesterday there was activity in the late AM into the afternoon on CH. 2, 3 and 4. I too received the Buffalo NY station on 2 mentioned in the TV DX forum, alternating with Daytona's Ch. 2 popping in and out. Our ch. 3 was overridden a times by several stations, none id'd. Also activity on 4 but nothing discernable. Don't have a rotor yet so am keeping the antenna aimed NE so locals are diminshed somewhat on analog. Am satisfied with the antenna combo so far. Orlando channels at 80+ miles come in quite well here on both VHF and UHF.

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    Be sure to get a rotor ASAP, or use the good ol' "Armstrong Rotor" which I use, ha ha. Just don't turn it during thunderstorms.

    I try to keep mine due south, as I prefer to see foreign TV. Once I recognize the logo bug, then I will turn it.



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      Armstrong vs. Rotor

      Yes, now it's good ole "armstrong" method but I have to go on the roof to turn the antenna since it's on a telescoping mast and connected to a gable ned of the house. Today there is some ES going on on 2 thru 6 and stations seem to be in the North Carolina area. Our local channel 3 is pretty much obliterated today by the DX activity.


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