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    I managed to fry the outside unit on my CM 7777 preamp, but the house unit is still good of course, now I have 3 house units that are running fine but missing working outside units...The CM cost me over 120$ does anyone know if it`s possible to get a replacement for just the outside unit and if so, who`d you recommend? The dealer I bought it from I will not go back to, very bad service and very pricey...
    I`m actually wondering if I should just use no preamp at all, would a better antenna/receiver be better than a higher-noise inducing preamp?
    Thanks for the suggestions I always appreciate...

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    Lightning blew up my last 2 CM 7477As so I went to the CM 7777. I bought it from Solid Signal... ... a couple of years ago as they (at that time) had the best price. I don't think (I could be wrong) you can buy the pre-amp separate from the power supply.

    If you have a short feedline, or a longer run of VERY low loss feedline, you may want to skip the pre-amp. I think the main reason for pre-amps is to overcome the loss in feedlines since we use co-ax more often now instead of 300 ohm twinlead. For instance...a 100 ft run of RG-59, foam type, co-ax has about 10 DB loss at 700 MC.

    73, Ed NN2E
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