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New Crank Up Tower/Antenna Setup

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  • New Crank Up Tower/Antenna Setup

    Thanks a bunch to Greg B. for all his hard work in
    finishing up the installation of his former crank up
    tower at my house. Things are hooked up and seem to
    be working quite well. Now we need some tropo to
    really check it out.

    The tower's height when all the way down is 21 feet.
    The mast out of the top of the tower is 9 feet, so
    when it's down the Triax Unix 100 stacked antennas on
    the top are at 30 feet. When fully extended it will
    go to approximately 42-43 feet. The Funke 1922 VHF hi
    antenna is about four feet below the Triax antennas.
    I bought a new CM 7777 for the UHF and a new Winegard
    HDP-269 (12 dB gain) for the VHF. I'm using a Yaesu
    G-800DXA rotor (from Greg).

    The tower setup includes two winches, one for raising
    and lowering the tower, and another one for laying the
    tower over. Hook up a variable speed electric drill,
    and up or down she goes!

    I've attached some pics that were taken Sunday,
    including a pic of Greg making some final adjustments
    to the extra support bars he attached between the top
    of the wood posts (about 9.5 ft.) and the tower legs. The top
    antennas are at 40 feet AGL in these pics.

    So far, reception of local UHF analog LPs has improved
    quite a bit. From what I've been able to tell so far,
    the Funke 1922 has more gain and is a little more
    directional than the Antennacraft high band I was
    using. Although I'm 3-5 miles from most of the Indy
    TV towers, I'm getting very few overload issues.


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    Good deal on the new tower, Steve!
    I have GOT to get my antennas up higher, too. VHF is only at 16 ft and UHF is around 20 ft. The VHF looks right through my metal roof from northwest through northeast. The UHF is just barely high enough to see over the roof but it still looks through several trees in various directions. Hope to reslove this problem ASAP. Plan on moving them to a 40 ft free-standing tower and using 3/4 hardline as feedline.
    Enjoy your new tower!
    73, Ed NN2E
    Owner / Operator - Murphy's Law Test Site & Thunderstorm Proving Grounds
    BTW... saw a few of your locals this morning...DTVs 16, 25, 46 as well as DTV 48 from Bloomington.
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