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  • Replacing Car Radio

    If I was going (well i kinda have to due to the stock radio going out)

    What brand/model of radio should I be looking at? I dont need some crazy beat boxing stereo, I was looking what would be the best for car Dx'ing?

    As if ANY brand really gives a darn. But before I bought the stock unit I was going to look around and see. Id like the have the best radio for Dx'ing on AM and FM if its at all possible.

    Thanks if anyone could help.
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    I had the Sony Explode receiver that I had installed last May at Best Buy.After all was said and done it was just a little over a $100 to get. I have picked up Florida and Texas with it this year alone! Its a nice receiver. My two cents.

    Palmyra, PA


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      I wonder if anybody here has used the Xplod car stereo with shortwave in it.....

      I bought one from a store in Canada, and am interested in installing it, but not until I get a new car.....the fact that my SUV still runs, I may be happy either way.



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        I found this in the tvfmdx archives:

        If you can find a used Blaupunkt Bremen MP74 or San Francisco CD72, they
        work very well. I have both and they are very sensitive, yet overload
        resistant. They have two DSP type receivers and antenna inputs. On FM they
        phase one antenna against the other to improve reception. They also have
        RDS. One DIN height to install. The Bremen plays normal CDs and MP3 disks.
        The San Francisco only plays normal CDs. I think both are discontinued, so
        you wouldn't easily find a new one.

        AM is good, probably as good an auto type radio as I've seen. Includes 9KHz
        tuning option, long wave and the 6MHz shortwave band.

        Two Aux inputs with RCA connectors. I use one for the XM radio, the other
        for the Palstar in the truck. Works fine.

        Also JVC HD radios get good reviews for selectivity, etc. If you can find one anywhere.
        Mike B.
        Enfield, CT
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          I'll sell you my old Subaru car stereo ... I modified it with 110khz ceramic IF filters and it's a hot DXer! (although the left audio channel is out :duh



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            Well I bought a new one ( on a side note I temp fixed the stock cd player) but in case I ever trade in the car I an put the stereo back in.

            I went with Kenwood KDC-MP538U, I dont know what made me do it because every kenwood I have owned had great sound but just plain out SUCKED when it came to FM Reception BUT this stereo proved me wrong the seperation is incredable I just DXed 3 stations I hadnt head before in my car. I drive a Dodge Neon it has very nice preformance, compared right next to my wifes dads F350(which plain out sucks on FM, I would of thought it would be the other way around due to the grounf plane but who knows)

            Also the AM is nice to, what I really like about this one is on strong stations sometimes I dont hear the scratchy SSSSS when people talk, like on talk radio or the news.

            It also comes with USB port so I can plugin jump drive or HD, which can be nice cuz I can download podcast for Radio Taiwan, CRI, and the sorts.

            Operation is a little hard to get used to but the preformance make up for it.

            Sorry if this isnt topic accetable but I though it might help some. Take Care


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              Kenwood used to make some good home component stereo equipment. I don't know about anything recent but I used to buy Kenwood tuners cheap on eBay and rip out the stock IF filters and replace them with narrow filters. They had great sound and selectivity.

              Pioneer had a great line of car Super Tuners which were really hot for DXing and sounded great. Do they still make Super tuners?

              I have two Toyotas and l think the stock radios in both of them are good for DXing but I have so much IBOC on FM here that the selectivity is wasted at this location.

              As far as being off-topic, no, you're not off topic.

              Hope the Kenwood works out for you.
              Mike B.
              Enfield, CT
              -72° 30' W/41° 59' N

              Online since 1999 and still going at



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                I've got the Kenwood KTC-HR200 HD tuner on my KDC-X692. The selectivity on the tuner is outstanding, and the RDS pickup is very fast. The way it displays is a little strange, since it doesn't show the typical PS display, where usually the station name, or sometimes song titles are. It does show the decoded PI codes, which show the call letters of the station, except for Clear Channel stations, which transmit the wrong code. It also shows the radio text.
                Jeff Lehmann - N1ZZN
                Hanson, MA FN42NB


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