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Before I buy this antenna...

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  • Before I buy this antenna...

    I'd like to hear some of your thoughts on it.
    Antennacraft FM6 6 Element FM Antenna (FM6)

    I am a bit strapped on cash at the moment, so if I can get through the Es season with a decent antenna, that would be great. I'll save the bigger antennas for later.

    Solid signal has it listed as $20.93, with 16 dollars shipping.

    To be honest, I've been searching every pawn shop in SLC for at least a TV antenna, and none of them have one.

    Radioshack doesn't have this antenna either, I asked. They only showed me TV antennas, and I already have one that performs weaker than a dipole, so no need for that.

    Jim (from Colorado) recommends this, what do you guys think?
    Justin W. - Coon Rapids, Minnesota (EN35)
    Most used radios in order: Sony XDR-F1HD, 2015 Nissan Rogue Stock Radio, Grundig G8, or Grundig S350.
    DTV dx: Insignia Tuner that everyone else has.
    DTV dx2: Vizio 24" DTV built in 2011 (hooked to Insignia).
    DTV dx3: Emerson 40" DTV built in August of 2015.
    FM Antenna: 4 Element Beam similar to the FM-6 just missing two elements.
    TV Antenna: RCA Suburban VHF-HI/UHF

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    Go for it. According to Danny, it is the same antenna that R Shack USED to sell. I snapped one up just before they stopped carrying it.

    As far as bang-for-the-buck, you can't go wrong. Lightweight too.

    My FM catches AT HOME are with that antenna.



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      Justin, although its performance is nothing to get excited about, the FM6 is a great value. But you can add a single element to somewhat improve its gain and dramatically improve its pattern. See



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        Before I buy this antenna...

        I have one of these antennas, I put it up, to replace, my Turnstill FM ant. I am Not inpressed with antenna. If it were me, I'd save up, and get a Winegard HD 6055 for $80.99 or for about $27.00 you can their HD 6000!

        Gary H.


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