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Question for Sony HD owners.

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  • Question for Sony HD owners.

    That probably means at least a few of you can help me with this .

    Does an open (blank) frequency ever experience an electrical interference type noise when the antenna is pointed certain directions?

    What I've noticed is, whenever I point the antenna to the southeast, the noise floor dramatically increases, and I can hear a sort of electrical popping noise. This takes place on 92.3, the freq I always use and have received Es on in the past few days. It is present throughout the dial on the other blank frequencies as well.

    I live in a neighborhood with lots of power lines, including a transformer box in that particular direction (within about 50 feet of the antenna), so I'm wondering if that has something to do with it.

    The rotor the FM-6 sits on is powered up a separate cable, but even with the rotor turned off, the noise is still persistent in one direction.

    Any ideas? Thanks guys.
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    On some channels I get random increases in the noise floor but I think that's due to the DSP system trying to resolve audio with no signals. As soon as signals appear on the channel it stabilises.

    I think this is a common feature with this tuner.


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