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  • Channel 2 Stack

    This baby spots eskip long before the VHF antenna on top, and is my only hope for Europe.

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    Channel 3 Stack!

    Hmm, looks familiar, but with a "twist".
    I can't see the stacking bars in the picture. How did you hook the two antennas together and get proper phasing?
    Here's my ch.3 stack; it's only up for a few weeks in the summer and then I take it down for the winter. The bottom antenna is only about 7 or 8 feet up. I got a nice aluminum box from work. I'll store them in there when they are down.
    Guy in Lockport, NY


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      No stacking bars

      We used coax and I put them as far apart as possible, which was 10 feet thanks to the pole.


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        Matching it up.

        Did I forget to tell you how nice stacked antennas look to MY eyes?

        Attached is the installation sheet from the cut-for ch.3 Channel Master yagis I have up. The manufacturer is very specific about how to do a vertical stack and relocate the matching bars for proper phasing and matching. I understand that your stack is a horizontal stack with vertical polarization, which is not addressed on the sheet I have, and that some manufacturers didn't even put the "Z match" impedance bars on. However, it would make sense to me that if you install matching bars (remove one matching transformer and the splitter or tee in the coax) and go to just one matching transformer your systems overall gain should increase by several db's. Right now you are losing almost 3.5 db's in the splitter alone so just getting rid of that should, in itself, give the system a bit of a kick, and if you take out the other matching transformer it will only get better. Of course, the spacing should then be about the length of the driven element as shown in the sheet below.
        Just wondering out loud.
        Beautiful setup, by the way.
        Guy in Lockport, NY


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