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    I have been looking to build a better antenna than my Korer. A great antenna with fantastic F/B, but I want something with more forward gain. So I have been looking at building the Home Depot yagi that Brian describes. I am wondering if I could just drill holes in the elements to attach them to the PVC pipe with bolts and nuts, rather that dealing with screws and straps. In our wind area, I feel this would be an issue. Using the thinner wall copper pipe would lighten the weight too. I could also insert another piece of PVC pipe inside the 1/2 in one to protect against sagging, or put a PVC support under it, much like the metal support I had on the 6065. The specs look great if I can build it. I have never built an FM antenna that large. Not that experienced, but the price is right. The forward gain is even better than my old 6065 I had years ago, which i still wish I had. I have a friend who is willing to sell me one of his AMP13's when he can, but getting it here might be a challenge. I have to figure that out when he is ready. With the Home Depot yagi, building the loop may be a bit challenging too, but again the price is right and I have a Home dept 3 miles away.
    Thanks. Patrick

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    Unfortunately, Brian can't help you with this. He left the forums back in 2015 and never returned. I think the chances of him ever returning here are pretty close to zero, if not zero.
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      Thanks for the info. I guess it will be trial and error. Even if the F/B gets messed up a bit by a few changes, it still should work better than the Korer. Sorry to hear Brian is no longer here. He is a wealth of information that few people have, or are willing to share. Some of his stuff is a bit over my head, but I still learned a lot from him.


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