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MAJOR classic TV antenna find? Early 1980's Channel Master!

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  • MAJOR classic TV antenna find? Early 1980's Channel Master!

    Hello everyone! In case you don't remember me I'm Steve from Rogersville MO. I joined the Facebook TV FM DX'ing group and posted before in the forums long ago. Thankfully my "crisis" is now over, I'm back and ready for some DX action! Thanks to Jim Thomas I also now have a Silicon Dust HDHR and am on the Rabbit Ears live bandscan as Rogersville MO/Linden TWP MWDXRC. I also joined WTFDA!

    A couple days ago I was carousing about on Facebook Marketplace locally when I ran across this ad: Channel Master 3 and 4 antennas, new never used, one still in the box, one is for channel 3 and one is for channel 4, they do not pick up KYTV (price). In fact the seller made it a point to let me know in messaging the same. I told her it was no problem I'm not using them for local TV. We set up a time to meet, I got there today and what did I see? Two huge antennas looking back at me!

    The original plan was to chop them up and use them for parts...that is until....

    It turns out the first antenna (not in the box) is a Channel Master 5000 series extra heavy duty professional MATV 75ohm VHF Yagi and might be for low VHF, cut unknown. While there was no box, all of the original hardware is present and its all absolutely pristine! There's no doubt this antenna has never been up! The boom is over 11ft long!

    At that point a person might say "AWESOME SAUCE" and throw a party...until I opened up the one in the box and found a Channel Master 1500 series Challenger 10-element high band
    professional MATV Yagi with the original literature and hardware inside! I slid the booms together and this thing is 164 1/8 inches long with two angular braces for the boom! The driven element is 78 5/16" wide end to end.

    These things are HUGE, and so is my appreciation for James Thomas who helped me ident these monsters!

    I've looked all over the internet and all I find are these antennas in a 1990 Channel Master catalog someone posted and a mention in a 1971 issue of Popular Science, comparing them to the Finco Y-10 series, the Jerrold J series and the Winegard SCY series. I can't find any technical information anywhere.

    So how about it CM fans, do any of you have any info on these, or know where I can find a gain chart (or anything for that matter)?

    Thanks everyone!

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    Well I assembled the Challenger 1500 series, put it up on the pole and under no circumstances is this thing a VHF-HI antenna. My info came from the CM 1990 catalog and they showed a "Challenger" antenna but for VHF-HI only. According to my RabbitEars feed it looks to be VHF-LO and might be the channel 3 antenna. That's a guess, simply based on the fact it has the longer boom of the two.

    If this is the channel 3 antenna it's right in the middle of the VHF-LO band so I left it on the pole with a length of coax on it for E-Skip season! It only takes 15min to put up.

    I'm still hoping someone knows more than I do about what these are for sure......because I don't know much, but I'd sure love to!


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      So after some rough calculations (5616/length of active element) it appears the antenna shown pictured upon the garage floor is the channel 3 antenna and may be a ChannelMaster 5530.

      The antenna pictured upon the table is still unidentified but with the same calculations lands just short of the ch4 audio carrier.

      When I bought these I made it up in my mind that whichever one is cut to channel 3 lives, and the other one gets re-purposed. With that said:

      Who's going to get sore at me if I chop this thing up and turn it in to a VHF-HI signal mining machine?


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        I believe the antenna pictured upon the table may be a Channel Master 1126.


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