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  • Korner 9.2 review

    For the couple years I have had the Korner 9.2, I am beginning to realize that the antenna is better than I thought. Sure, it works better than the FM6. the F/B is much better, but I figured it was really lacking in forward gain. The antenna even at 82 inches, it more directional than I thought and unless it is pointing correctly, I can easily miss a station. A good example is where I live on the Northern Oregon Coast. If I point the antenna North, I do get Victoria/Vancouver BC, but it I carefully point it more NNE, a hair off North, I can peak it more on Vancouver BC. It I move a bit more to the North, Victoria is peaked and Vancouver's signals are a bit less. Then when Trops are decent, moving it a bit more NNW towards the West Coast of Vancouver Island, I get Tofino and a couple others at times. We are only talking about a few degrees. I had missed hearing some weaker signals as I did not realize how picky the antenna is. Then getting a good null off Portland 103.3 I am getting fading up and down, Oak Harbor, North of Seattle in SS. It is the same with F/B. If I am picky I can null locals 12 miles away leaving them in a garbled mess. If the 9.2 is this critical I wonder how aw a 15.2 or 19.3 would be? You must be able to split hairs with those. The only down on using the 9.2, with the tightness of the lobe, it is easy to miss signals. Where as even the FM6 would get a signal being a wider lobe, and the 9.2 would miss it. I may put up a second pole on the other side of the shed and install one of the FM6's and compare. It would be interesting.

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    If you do mount an FM6, it would be an interesting comparison to read about.


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      I first have get a piece of coax out there. However, I do have two extra pieces (RG6) from the den to the shed where my antenna is mounted.I have get one piece pulled down from the floor and get it moved to the DX room flooring. That will take a bit of figuring, unless I want to crawl under the house, which also is not an easy feat. But I think I can do it. Once I have that done, it will be easy just to mount the FM6 to a mast. They are light and easy to handle. Much easier than the Korner 9.2. Plus with that, the mast has a piece of conduit on the outside to protect the pole from getting bent in heavy storms That pole is heavy as heck, to take down. But I have three FM'6 and one I have modified. The one thing I am interested in, that the FM6 is not near as sharp (directional) as the Korner 9.2, so I wonder if I miss some signal with the Korner, as it is picky? I can easily switch back and forth and see the difference. They will be separated by about 10 feet and the same height at about 15 feet.
      I will post the results. Thanks.



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