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What kind of antenna do I need?

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  • What kind of antenna do I need?

    I've been DXing with portable radios for a few years now, but I'm looking at getting a RSPdx SDR. What kind of antenna do I need to get for it? I've got one of those tecsun active loops, but that won't really be enough, will it? My main focus is on the AM band.

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    For an SDR you'll need a broadband antenna. That means that any kind of a tuned or tuneable loop won't work, since the SDR isn't focused on tuning a single specific frequency. You can use a longwire, or a vertical, or an untuned loop. You should be able to search online for how to build one.
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      If you're going to use the SDR mainly for AM DXing, a long wire, loop, etc would work fine, like Russ said. For my Elad I have an outdoor flag, with the posts 15 feet tall and separated by 45 feet. This is the only antenna I can use here because of noise. It's a very quiet antenna. Build a smaller loop, like a 10x20 or even a 10' square loop and use a ferrite ring where you connect your lead to the antenna itself. That alone will drive down the noise level greatly.
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