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    The great thing about the Rabbit Ears implementation of RDS Auto logging is that it calculates the "I-Heart Radio" variation for you. And it "error checks" by comparing your decodes to the frequency of reception. If they don't match, it doesn't report the reception. Virtually eliminates false decodes. There is a version of this for both SDR Sharp (#SDR) and SDR Console that will auto-scan. See the top of this thread for details.


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      Why should you consider adding an automated RDS auto-logger from Rabbit Ears to your shack? I can think of a few good reasons. The photo below is from not even a month's worth of having the system running. Many of these receptions came when I was at work, out of town, or doing family activities--a lot of new ones in my logbook thanks to Russ.

      Les Rayburn, N1LF
      Maylene, AL 35114
      AirSpy HF+ Discovery is being fed by a Korner 9.2 Yagi at 15 feet.
      Screen Shot 2021-07-24 at 10.13.58 PM.png


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        Just logged my 2nd ever Cayman Islands station, thanks to Rabbit Ears RDS Autologger. ZFKX-FM 107.1 in George Town. Double checked with the RDS Spy logs...sure enough, "X107.1" decoded with a PI of 4F29. 1,021 miles for Cayman #2. ZFKX 107 1 in George Town.png


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