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  • Automated FM band scan reporter and web site

    I'm the author of the live TV band scan on I'm happy to announce that I've written a version for FM radio stations that broadcast RBDS and am looking for other people to participate. It is at

    You will need a software defined radio compatible with sdrsharp (also called sdr#) software, the 'FM DX RDS Data Logger' plugin for sdrsharp, and some software I wrote that parses the log files that plugin creates. The plugin doesn't start automatically so there is a limitation that you have to configure and start it each time you start sdr#

    I also have something running for GQRX on linux, but it is not ready for prime time. If you are familiar with compiling software, installing packages, etc under linux I can give you some basic instructions. It works on an old laptop I have, and sort of works on a Raspberry Pi 4 (AM and FM-OIRT demodulation is broken, but the band scan part works OK).

    If you're interested in participating, contact me at Substitute XXXX with my ham radio call sign KB8U

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    Very interesting. I supposed there are some DXers who use SDR# but those of us who have RSPDuos for the phasing must use Uno software and then I know there are those who love Console (I like it very much also). I have an Airspy Mini but use console for that one. Too bad you can't log stations that don't use RDS but I understand why. There still are thousands of stations who don't.

    Interesting about GQRX. I have it on my laptop (I use Mint 20.1 on my HP laptop) and GQRX is okay and I know the developer has put in plenty of time on it, but the PTYs are for Europe and they can't be switched to US. I'd use it for FM DXing but only if I had no other alternative, which is why I dual boot.

    But good luck with your project.
    Mike B.
    Enfield, CT
    -72° 30' W/41° 59' N

    Online since 1999 and still going at

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      I just happened to discover this last night and quickly got it up and running today! I use both the RSPDuo/SDRPlay and Airspy with either SDR Console or SDR# so it was easy to give it a try. I'd imagine I won't have it running when I'm actively DXing an opening but this could come in very handy just leaving on overnight or while at work.
      Jeff Lehmann - N1ZZN
      Hanson, MA FN42NB


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