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Antenna connector question

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  • Antenna connector question

    What is this particular antenna connection called... and is there a coax adapter available?!

    This unit is potentially available to me but I'm obviously going with a coax based outdoor antenna.

    Marantz ST6000
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    The FM antenna B socket is called the Pal connector(also known as the Belling-Lee connector) widely used in Europe and elsewhere for terrestrial TV antenna connection(F type used for satellite though).

    You could just hook your antenna up to the F connector socket of antenna A. If you want to use B get a pal connector adaptor, F socket to pal connector plug.. Put into amazon, ebay etc search and it will appear.


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      Is this the one?
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        Screenshot_20210806_171441.jpg You want the reverse of that, F socket to Pal connector plug as attached image .Also called IEC antenna connector, forgot that, earlier


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          I have an Oklyo T450RDS in the basement that only has one connector and I need to use the F -->PAL attached. Screw your F connector into one end and plug the PAL side into your tuner. Look on eBay or Amazon. You'll find them.
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