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Low priced *outdoor* all-channel TV antenna, not necessarily for DX?

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  • Low priced *outdoor* all-channel TV antenna, not necessarily for DX?

    Hi…. I know someone who lives in ZIP Code 24149 in VA, who has one heck of a time seeing WBRA 3/15 there.

    He has told me that one the computer(s) start up at home, off goes his “15”.

    Simply put, what would you recommend in a reasonable price range, that would satisfy his need for WBRA? I will add that he currently cannot see WSET/ABC either.


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    I have one of these in our attic: . Seems to work well for our three VHF physical channels. (5, 7, 10) Admittedly channel 5 is only about 15 miles away and the other two are closer -- it looks like he's more like 25 miles from the towers? -- but I think if mounted outdoors & away from the computers it would do the trick.

    While searching for this link I was pleasantly surprised to find three new listings for traditional-design antennas that at least support high VHF. In a sea of crap antennas that are designed to look nice, it's a breath of fresh air to see some that are designed to actually receive TV signals.
    Doug Smith W9WI
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      Sounds good. The ball is in his court now.



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